September 2016: Festivals, Croatia, Montenegro // Where Next?

Ooo my September 2016 has been a good one, that’s for sure. It’s been busy, but lots of fun. I’ve been reading Bridget Jones this month and so I was kind of tempted to write this diary update in the style of her, but no, I’ll stay true to me.

VickyFlipFlop round up

If you haven’t read Bridget Jones Mad About the Boy, I’d absolutely, definitely recommend it. It actually had me real life LOLLING, much to the annoyance of my friend Jen in Croatia who was reading a depressing book at the time and I kept taking her out of it by chuckling away.

And the film! Don’t get me started.

Anyway, here’s what’s been going on at VickyFlipFlop HQ this month…


Festival No 6



The month started super strong with Festival No 6. I had such a good time, thanks a lot to my friend George who is an awesome festival partner. Takes a lot of strength of character to put up with me, camping, sleeping in a tent, rough weather, wine and mud. It was brilliant and it’s definitely on the agenda for next year.

Here are just a few reasons why I loved Festival No 6 so much.



Medsailors trip

And then, in total opposite from the mud and rain on Wales (what else did I expect?) I went to the perfect tanning weather of Croatia. My friend Jen, from, and I went on a Medsailors trip from Split to Dubrovnik. It took me a while to get used to the sleeping situation, I’ll admit, but once I worked out a good G+T would get me through that, I coped.

September round up

The week was spent reading books, listening to music, jumping in the Med from the boat and generally just chilling. It was brilliant. I’d definitely be well up for doing another one, maybe in Greece or Turkey?

MedSailors Split to Dubrovnik Tour: Everything You Need to Know

Split and Dubrovnik

September round up

September round up

We had 24 hours in Split and then Dubrovnik at the start and end of our trip. I really liked them both, but they were so busy, Dubrovnik especially. I think it was because it was the first week after school holidays. Also, Croatia definitely wasn’t as cheap as we thought it was going to be. I’d definitely still recommend visiting both though, perhaps for a weekend break, a week in one might be too much.

Montenegro Road Trip

September round up

We decided to hire a soft top and venture down into Montenegro, seeing as it was so close. The border is just 30 minutes from Dubrovnik. We went to Kotor, Petrovac, Budva and Liminajl.

Our hotel host in Limanjl was brilliant. She didn’t speak much English, and I knew no Montengeran, but she seemed to find it hilarious that we had a ‘cabriolet’ and that my name was Victoria. I think she thought we were super posh.

Anyway, she seemed to want to make it her mission to get me drunk on rakiya within ten minutes of arriving. I managed five before I had to tell her no more and actually cover my glass so she couldn’t put any more in. It was brilliant.

September round up

The scenery over and from the valleys was incredible in Montenegro – makes me wish I was a better photographer. Must work on the skillls.

Catching up with friends and family

September round up

And then I had a week in England.

I hung out with Jayne from in London. We had a few drinks at the newly developed Granary Square near Kings Cross (so cool round there now) went to see the awesome Bridget Jones film at The Everyman, with Prosecco, and then went and scoffed Pizza Express.

On that note, you know if you go to a chain like that you can usually do a quick search online for a voucher? In the 5 minutes it took us to walk there I found a voucher for a starter and main for £9.95, saving us each about £6. Glorious.

Then I went to stay with my lifelong friend Kayte in Sheffield for the night, my favourite old housemate and fellow summer camp counsellor Kellie in Manchester (with her three brilliant kids, all under three) the next and then Monica from in Chester. I met her little boy George, who is so cute. And we ate fish and chips at the pub over the road. Brilliant weekend.

They’ve all got their own houses and seemed all grown up compared to me. I want one now :).

Blog On conference in Manchester

Monica and I went to the Blog On conference in Manchester, at the Museum of Science and Industry. It was really good. Interesting day, which was weirdly Christmas themed so we had bacon wrapped sausages for lunch.

Learnt stuff about YouTube and Instagram that I’ll try to work on, but to be fair have so much travel in October I probably won’t have the chance. One day.

Caravanning in the New Forest

And I’m ending the month in a caravan in the New Forest at the Hoburne Holiday Park in Bashley. I’ve actually been wanting to go to the New Forest for a long time and since the opportunity came up to invite some friends to stay in one of their Platinum caravans, I took it.

The caravans have recently all been revamped and so Michelle, Katie and Fiona are on our way there now, with Bucks Fizz.


This month was the release of Blogosphere Magazine number 10 and I’m the Travel Editor. I got to feature five of my favourite travel bloggers – Jayne, Kara, Emily, Candice and Lucy – and give a quick update of what I’ve been up to.

You can check out the video for the latest issue here..

I went to the cover reveal party in London, in a beautiful location in Southwark. This month’s cover star was Victoria McGrath from I already thought she was great, used to love her Snapchats (when I was on it), and she was equally lovely in real life. Might have been a little star struck, Jen came with me and was laughing at me.

Sometimes I find it really hard to mingle at these things. Other meet ups aren’t like the ones I’m used to with travel bloggers. Everyone was either a fashion or beauty blogger and I felt totally out of place. Think sometimes I just get a bit panicky at having to ‘represent’ and feel intimidated by other bloggers who are all fancy with their hair and clothes. Kind of felt like I’d just crawled out the jungle and everyone else knew each other.

Or maybe I just need to get a grip.

September blog posts

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– I Was Very Nearly a New York Magazine Journalist

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Staying at the Timothy Beach Resort in St Kitts

MedSailors Split to Dubrovnik Tour: Everything You Need to Know

Coming up in October

I’m off to stay with my bezza for a week – very excited. In July she moved to a proper grown up house near Portsmouth, with a spare room for me. I’m going to go and check out that part of the world and just chill before we go to Croatia, again!

We’re going to stay at the super fancy Adriatic Hotel for four days, four days, which will take in my 32nd birthday. Can’t actually believe how old I am. We’ve got access to the spa next door, wine tasting, epic dinners and all the delights of Pula, in northern Croatia, to look forward to.

Happy Birthday to meeee.

September round up

– photo from Flickr, mine coming soooon!

Then, this is super exciting, I’m off to Costa Rica!


More on that soon. It sounds like it’s going to be the best trip ever though – British Airways Business Class much? They’ve just launched direct flights from London Gatwick to San José, and thought I should try it. Who am I to argue?

Well excited.

Monthly Round up

And then when I get back my mum, dad and I are off to see my brother again in Barcelona. This time we’ve got a little apartment by the beach and we’re only there for four days. There’s so much I want to see and do still, even after eight visits, I think it is now. The first night my bro has got us tickets for The Chemical Brothers though (not for mum and dad!) so not sure how alert I’ll be for the rest of the trip…

And then it will be November, who knows what could happen!

Best thing of September

September round up

I haven’t lost a single thing this month! If you’re a regular reader you’ll know I’m a blummin nightmare when it comes to keeping a hold of my possessions. I will admit to temporarily misplacing my phone at Festival No 6 until SOMEONE HANDED IT IN. May the world bless them. (My friend had done the same the night before and hers was handed in too, loveliest festival ever).

And on the last night of Croatia I went to the windowsill, where I’d left a few pairs of knickers to dry from the wash, and realised they’d gone. Then I realised how windy it was outside. Cue me running round the hotel car park in the dark with the torch from my phone trying to locate them. Found them all!


Oh, I was also pretty happy to be featured in Business Insider this month, for a post I did ages ago on breakfasts around the world that went viral, and on Radio Derby. Fame at last!

– This time last year, September 2015 in review

What do you think?

Let me know what you think of these monthly round up posts. I started doing them as they were requested in the survey I did a while ago. Shall I carry on? Are you interested? Anything else you’d like to see featured?

Let me know below!

The Stories Behind the Photos: My MedSailors Croatia Trip
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  1. by Rebecca on September 30, 2016  10:26 am Reply

    YES PLEASE KEEP DOING THEM. Though I might follow you on every social network imaginable, you're a busy busy gal and it's great to catch up with what you've been up to.

    • by Vicky on October 2, 2016  9:58 am Reply

      Ha, thanks Rebecca! Great to meet you at Blog On – hope you had an interesting day and enjoyed the goodies :)

  2. by Jodie on September 30, 2016  9:01 pm Reply

    Yes keep doing them, Your monthly updates always give me a giggle! Also enjoy The New Forest, it is such a lovely part of the UK for walking and pubs.

    • by Vicky on October 2, 2016  9:58 am Reply

      Thanks Jodie! Yep, I'm loving it here. Oh the pubs – making me actually want to move here :)

  3. by Kerry on October 1, 2016  7:04 am Reply

    Yes keep them going. I really enjoy seeing what you've been up to :-)

    • by Vicky on October 2, 2016  9:57 am Reply

      Thanks for the feedback Kerry. Just checking someone was reading :)

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