Monthly Update: What Happened in September?

September been another absolutely brilliant month in my life. I haven’t moved around as much and actually got to chill out in Cuba and in Barcelona. I’m writing this hungover from Oktoberfest and I feel emotional when I think back to the last 30 days. My life is crazy, different every day, awesome and I love it. So thanks for reading and supporting.

Anyway, too soppy, let’s get on with it.

September calendar

  • 3-10 Cuba with my mum
  • 11-14 Isle of Wight for Bestival with my bezza Chloe
  • 15-20 Cycling round Catalonia on a press trip
  • 21-25 Barcelona with my brother, and Le Merce Festival
  • 26-30 Munich for Oktoberfest with Busabout

Me and Mum in Cuba


Getting a Premium Economy upgrade with Virgin on the flight out to Cuba for me and mum was pretty sweet! Although, mum thought they weren’t letting her on the plane so got a little upset. Her ticket beeped, the lady was stern faced and they pulled the barrier down to stop her getting out or me in. It was very odd. But a glass of Champers when we sat down in our big seats sorted us right out.

Cuba Iberostar

Lazing around the Iberostar resort for the week was brilliant. Internet is rubbish in Cuba so I only went on for two hours at the hotel computer in the whole week – so good to switch off. I won that holiday over a year ago but it was the first chance we’ve had to go. I’m very lucky to be able to take the time out to hang out with mum, one of the many reasons I love my job.

Week in Cuba

I really like Sant Antoni in Barcelona and getting to spend a week there this month was cool. It’s kind of the cool area of Barcelona but not douchebag hipster cool, just cool. I chilled in the Wi-Fi cafes getting work done and just feeling like a local, I was sad to leave. As I’ve said my brother lives there and so he took me on a special trip up into the hills where we got an amazing 360 view of the city.

Exploring Barcelona

And Oktoberfest was just awesome. Going with Busabout was great as I got instant friends and I ended up having a crazy few days in the beer tents. I’d definitely recommend you try Oktoberfest on year, if you can.

Munich Oktoberfest


When I was in Barcelona I got the news one of my university friends had died. It really knocked me. He was diagnosed with germ cell cancer two years ago, but I just didn’t quite keep up with how bad he was. In May we said we’d hang out when I was back in November, in Sheffield where he lives. It’s so crazy and sad that we won’t. He was married with two little kids and only 32. He was also one of the kindest, most fun and most lovely people I’ve ever known. I can’t think about him without getting upset and the fact that his kids don’t get to know him.

Cuba Iberostar resort

This by far overshadows anything else that may have got me down this month. When someone you love dies it just makes you realise how fragile everything you know and get used to in this life actually is. His ex-girlfriend, who’s a good friend of mine, was saying how the shock and loss made her just want to do something crazy and reckless… or, as we finally decided, to just pay his kindness and brilliance forward and to channel him through our actions.

But I am about to dye my hair purple, because I’ve wanted to do it for ages, and his family did it for his funeral. So me looking kind of ridiculous is inspired by him, he’d like that.

Life with purple hair

Blog posts

Mostly listening to…

I’m currently listening to Bailando by Enrique Iglesias, which has just been everywhere during the summer in Spain and Cuba, and followed by Beyonce Runnin. She can do no wrong and I love this song.

Keeping busy

flip flops on a beach

I’ve been working on two exciting projects with some of my old crew from my HostelBookers days. and – it’s been interesting to work on different topics, and to collaborate with people rather than just being a one man band. I really like the idea or concept for both companies so it’ll be interesting to see how well they do.

I’m also writing for The FlipFlop Shop now, about what me and my flipflops get up to every month. So I’ll let you know when my September post goes live for them.

Coming up in October

First up is the Bardolino Wine Festival near Lake Garda in Italy. I’m going to visit courtesy of Inghams and they’ve let me bring my friend along so it’ll be another boozey week, although I feel like this will be a bit more classy than the drindls and steins of Oktoberfest. We’re imagining walks by the lake, espresso macchiatos (what even are they?) from the veranda and a fancy time in Italy. Check out the hotel we’re staying at, well excited.

So Bardolino for a few days, and then we’re going to stay at Beatilla in the Mincio Nature Reserve, in Mantova. It looks brilliant, with cycle routes and healthy food in an arty environment. Might have to take the colouring book me and mum bought for Cuba along.

And then it’s my birthday! I always get emotional and nostalgic when birthday time comes around. I can pretty much guarantee I’ll cry. This last year has been absolutely incredible, I’ve seen and done so much and had so many ambitions come real. I’m really looking forward to seeing my friends in London for the weekend too.

Then, I was going to go to London for a bit, in fact I was set on it, but I couldn’t find any accommodation that was less than £35 per night. I also remembered how cold it would probably be there so I’ve decided to go and visit somewhere that I’ve been interested in for a while now, Tarifa in Spain.

Next year I’m planning on slowing down a bit and staying somewhere a few months. While I was in Berlin at the Digital Nomad Exchange conference Tarifa was somewhere that kept coming up as a fun place to live with a good scene for digital nomads so I’m going to check it out for two weeks.

Then I’ll be back in England again for the last weekend because my mum is turning 21 again, for the 39th time, so we’ve got a big house in Bakewell for the weekend. We’re having a big Halloween party with our favourite family and friends and a three-day celebration.

Fun month ahead!

Any interesting plans for you?

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  1. by Arianwen on October 5, 2015  4:48 am Reply

    You're such a busy lady! so many exciting projects on the horizon. I can't wait to read all about them. And I love the purple hair. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend though. I'm thinking of you x

    • by Vicky on October 12, 2015  11:48 am Reply

      I know, so busy! So much more I want to do too. Sadly the purple hair didn't last long – it was meant to be a semi permanent but only lasted about three washes. I'll try again another day.

  2. by Ellie on October 6, 2015  9:04 pm Reply

    What an exciting month...when exactly did you sleep?! :)


    • by Vicky on October 12, 2015  11:43 am Reply

      I know! I managed a bit in Cuba but thanks to mum snoring like a trooper every night, not much :) Always busy!

  3. by Catherine Lux on October 9, 2015  10:34 am Reply

    *hugs* So sorry to hear about your friend Vicky, it sucks when young people die. My aunty died five years ago when she was 36 from Hughes Syndrome (sticky blood), and it's still very raw, I still get upset thinking about it.

    So cool you got to go to Cuba with your mum! I'm so jealous, I'd love to take my parents to Cuba but they're just not interested in going :( is it weird that this really upsets me? Haha. I loved it so much I just want to take them and show them everything I fell in love with.

    C x | Lux Life

    • by Vicky on October 12, 2015  11:34 am Reply

      Ah thanks Catherine. I'm sorry to hear about your aunty – it's so difficult to make sense of it and work out why isn't it? I guess it just comes down to the fact that that's life, and sometimes it sucks.

      Maybe somewhere else for your parents? What about Italy? I've just come back from Lake Garda and absolutely loved it. I'd definitely recommend it as a place to explore more of :).

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