Thanks to a hot tip from Isabel we went to the annual Seville Feria today. Again, we had a real mission with the buses, but we finally made it. Seville is beautiful and the fair was amazing.

The Feria de abril de Sevilla is a ten-day festival celebrating all things Spanish. Throughout April there are fairs in every main Spanish city, but Seville’s is the original and best.  Millions of people go, and most of the women dress in their traditional Flamenco dresses and the men like matadors. Kids were also dressed up, they looked so cute in their little outfits.

The fair area is set out like a series of little tented houses, some of these are public but most are paid for by an association or a rich person and they serve traditional Spanish fare to all who’s invited. Some of them were really finely decked out, the whole festival was definitely a way for the rich to show they were rich, some houses even had bouncers. There were literally thousands of them.

All dressed up for the Feria

We managed to find one that would let us in and had some beers and a Spanish tortilla. It was great people watching from our raised platforms, and we got some cool photos. Although we’d decided not to take the DSLR camera we’d bought especially, and as you’d expect from me, my little point and shoot was running out of batteries.

There were horses everywhere and a horse and carriage seemed the standard transport. There was also one of the biggest fairgrounds I’ve ever seen, not that we could afford to go on any of the rides though.

Seville Feria

Anyway of course we’re skint so found an Almenticado and got two bottles of wine, sat in the park and finished them off. By the time we met up with Neil and his girlfriend, Aurora, we were in good spirits. We drank with them for a while checking out some more of the little houses and ate some amazing chicken. They went.

We found more houses and ended up in this one where the women were going crazy for the Flamenco dancing, it was so good to watch. I got chatting to one of them and told her she was a great dancer and so she bought me and Waiel a massive whisky and coke each, love Spain!

Seville Feria

We partied until the wee hours, going from house to house. Around 6am we decided we wanted some kip so tried to sneak our way into one of the closed houses under the tent, we both made it in feeling very happy with ourselves until a security guard chucked us out from the inside. Gutted. So we decided to sleep in a bush.

Sleeping in a Bush
Beaching it Up in Cadiz