Size 14+ Girl’s Guide to Festival Fashion

When bum-cheek revealing frayed denim shorts and cropped tshirts aren’t a comfortable option (for me), you have to think a little harder about what to wear to a festival. You’ll notice the magazines are filled with skinnies looking snappy in just about anything, but if you’re not quite the size of Alexa Cheung, Cara Delevingne and the crew this size 14+ guide to festival fashion will inspire you to excel in the fashion stakes on the next festival catwalk.

Girls chilling at a festival

Same goes for your outfit for any event; when it comes to fashion and festivals you need to identify your body’s strengths and weaknesses and dress accordingly. I hate these words but they seem to be universally recognised: apples avoid whipping out the midriff, pears avoid the shorts and hourglasses should give bulky clothes a miss. Having said this; if you’ve got the confidence, just do whatever the hell you like.

TAKEAWAY TIP: Don’t try too hard – you’ll only look and feel uncomfortable. Be daring, sure, but you might have a better time if you at least take a few clothes you love and that are not bought especially for the festival.


Festivals are all about the jewellery. Stack it up high and pile it on wide for the best effect. The chunkier and more unique the better and you can guarantee you’ll wish you took more as a simple necklace can transform an outfit.

Shop around

If the high street doesn’t have what you want, get online. You can find cool plus size clothing from Curvissa, or have a hunt around on eBay for more options. I’ve recently got into Etsy and you can find some cool stuff on there. You can pick up some great pieces if you search hard enough.

Fancy dress

Fancy dress at festivals is always a good idea whatever your age. When else do you have the opportunity to dress up like an idiot for the day after your 7th birthday? My most successful feats have been four Dalmatians at Glastonbury and mad ravers covered in body paint at EXIT festival. You can buy all kids of fancy dress nowadays – the best place to find it is on eBay.

Festivals c.Stig


These are a girls best friend when you’re a little plumper and want to keep up with the trends. They’ll suck you in and smooth you down – perfect if you do want to don some shorts to dance the night away.


Whether they’re western style, hunter wellies or other well fitting boots are scientifically proven to make your legs look thinner. As long as they’re comfy , you don’t want to be the moaning bore who has to sit down all the time, then these are the way to go.


Obviously you need to be prepared for all weathers which can be problematic. I remember donning a yellow dress for one festival with just boots and a short jacket. Between leaving the house and the temperature dipped and I was absolutely freezing. If it hand’t been for that tenner I found on the floor for a hoody I’d be six feet under right now suffering death by frostbite.  Packing a pair of tights in your bag is always a good idea.

Just be comfy

If you’re not super fashionable/can’t be bothered. I’d recommend some comfortable and flattering jeans, a cool tshirt maybe with a band on it depending on age and personal preferences, and just some comfortable boots or flip flops to suit the weather.

Have fun!

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