I felt like I’d just stepped into one of those Buzzfeed ‘Places to See Before You Die’  kind of articles. Hierve el Agua (Spanish for “the water boils”) is a set of natural rock formations in Oaxaca that have formed these incredible springs.

It’s the Hierve el Agua Waterfalls that are advertised throughout Oaxaca City, but it’s the natural springs that I couldn’t get my camera away from. Just look at them!

Postcard from Hierve el Agua Postcard from Hierve el Agua

This was one of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen. The mineral-rich water was invigorating after the hike down and the mountain side pool was like the ultimate infinity pool, while the other one was a bit warmer for lounging around in. As we looked out over the miles of views to the other mountains we wondered if there were some little people over there, swimming around in a mineral pool and waving at us too.

Postcard from Hierve el Agua Postcard from Hierve el Agua Postcard from Hierve el Agua

And here’s the Hierve el Agua Waterfall, it looks like it’s frozen but it’s the salty crystals forming in the flow that makes it look still to the untrained eye. The falls have formed over thousands of years and the water is full of minerals – causing the white residue.

Postcard from Hierve el Agua

You can get to the Hierve el Agua area using three buses from Oaxaca City yourself, or join a tour like I did. I booked through the hostel I was staying at Casa de Angel and it was only 200 pesos (£9.17) and included a trip to a Mezcal distillery, a carpet shop (of course!) and the Mitla Ruins too. Some friends made their way up there on the public buses and it was 80 pesos cheaper and you could go and leave when you wanted. Depends whether your ideal day includes more sites or more freedom, up to you!

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