The Tandem Credit Card: NO International Fees & Cashback Too!

Researching the best credit cards for travel, for you, can save a small fortune. Seriously.

A few years ago I went travelling around Asia and Central America, at relatively short notice, and didn’t bother to even look at what my credit cards and bank accounts charged for foreign transactions and ended up wasting almost £530 on fees. £530!

In a year! 

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Best Credit Card for TravelThere’s absolutely no point scrimping and saving on accommodation and transport when you’re wasting that saving on paying to take money out or use cards abroad. First step to saving money on travel is to get your hands on bank accounts and credit cards that don’t charge you to use them.

Step right up: the Tandem Credit Card

Digital challenger bank Tandem have introduced a credit card with the sole intention of helping you to “spend abroad without worry”. They won’t charge a penny for foreign transactions when you pay on your Tandem credit card and their currency conversion rates are also some of the best in the industry, at the standard Mastercard rates.

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My spending

I used the card on the cruise I’ve just been on and spent on it in:

– Tallinn, Estonia

– Stockholm, Sweden

– Copenhagen, Denmark

– Oslo, Norway

– And then I gave it one more try in Milan, Italy.

I didn’t have a problem with the fact I was moving around every day or two, it always worked, and when I look at my statement, I genuinely can’t believe they didn’t charge me anything to use it. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world Tandem won’t charge you for using the card to spend on (cash withdrawals are different).

Such a great idea for anyone who travels a lot and doesn’t want to deal with changing currency all the time.


Credit Card Tandem

Also, Tandem offer cashback to their customers. This means that as well as not being charged as much as your High Street bank, you’ll also rack up cashback awarded at the end of the month.

The Tandem credit card pays 0.5% unlimited cashback for every £1 you spend.

Real time spending alerts

Travelling with a tandem credit card

Download the Tandem app to your phone and you’ll get real time spending alerts so you can keep a track of exactly what’s going out of your account. You’ll be notified when you use your card, so you can see the conversion and check that it’s not got into the wrong hands.

Financial protection

With the Tandem credit card you get free protection on all purchases over £100. If a company go bust, or a product stops working, you could get a refund. You’re also protected against fraud when you spend on the card at home, online or abroad. Of course conditions apply in both instances but you’re way more protected than with a normal debit account, and with some credit cards too.

Tandem Credit Card

More information

– Make sure to check out all the Ts and Cs on to see if it’s a good card for your financial situation. 

Always pay your credit card off at the end of the month to avoid fees.

There are no FX fees when you travel, saving you 2.99% compared to the fees on the average UK credit or debit card.

– There are no fees for cash withdrawals, but you will pay interest from the second you take out the money.

– Be careful with credit cards. Proper management has helped me to travel over the years, and to build up my credit rating to buy a house on a travel blogger’s salary, but make sure you download the Tandem app to keep an eye on your spending.

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One more recommendation

According to the independent and trusted comparative site, the Tandem Credit Card is the ‘cheapest overseas credit card that offers cashback’.

And as long as you feel you can be trusted with a credit card, the Tandem credit card gets a yes from me too.

Save money on travel, and you can travel more!

APR for Tandem

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