The Five Biggest Myths About Yacht Charter

A yacht charter offers you a priceless experience that is guaranteed to find a special place in your holiday memories. However, most people do not consider chartering a yacht, thinking it’s not for them because it’s too expensive, posh or just dangerous. What they miss is a once in a lifetime experience that can turn them into true lovers of the sea forever.

You can watch this video to get an idea of how much fun you may be missing out on.

So, here are the 5 biggest myths about charter a yacht.

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– Post written by Lauren Almeca –

chartering a yacht

1. Only the rich can afford a yacht charter

Sure, you see all those spacious luxury yachts in Hollywood movies, and you think that only if you are super rich you can afford to rent such an expensive boat. That is why most of us don’t even bother thinking about hiring a yacht. In fact, a yacht charter in a dreamy destination is in many cases not as expensive as you might think it is.

For example, choosing a good yacht charter broker will help you find a perfect yacht that suits your budget and will not cost you a fortune. The most seasoned of them have good connections and loads of experience to help you find a boat that is value for money.

Sure, the cost of chartering a yacht is similar to booking a room in a five-star hotel, but you save a lot of money on other fronts, with a starting price as low as $900. For example, you can save a lot of money by chartering a yacht as a part of a group of renters in order to share the costs. Don’t forget that many yachts can host up to twelve or even sixteen guests, particularly large motorboats available to rent in major yachting destinations such as Miami or the French Riviera.

When it comes to buying a yacht though, you need at least a few mill!

2. You need not to be a qualified skipper to charter a yacht

Learning the basics of yachting, in other words learning the ropes, is not really a big deal. First of all, you can charter a yacht that comes with a skipper, and even a crew, to make things easier for everyone. Since the captain and the crew will be doing most of the job, all you will have to do is to sunbathe on the deck of the yacht and thoroughly enjoy the journey.

Just put on your sailing hat and shoes and you are all set to inundate your Instagram account with pictures from your holiday on a lovely yacht.

yacht charter

3. Yacht Charter is only suitable for special occasions

It is true that a yacht charter is perfect for celebrating special occasions, such as a wedding reception, a honeymoon trip or even a bachelor party, but you don’t need to wait for one of them to hire a yacht. You can simply charter a yacht for sightseeing in Europe, snorkelling, or just the sheer pleasure of enjoying a luxury yacht.

4. You can only book a yacht charter in the summer

A yacht charter can be the ideal way to have fun anytime in the year.

In Florida for example, you can charter a yacht all year round as summer never ends in the sunshine state. You also can go snorkelling in the Gulf of Mexico or Ft. Lauderdale in the winter.

Don’t forget that in places with warmer climates it’s practically always summer!

Check out this link for a guide to seasonal yacht charters in various destinations.

chartering a yacht

5. You get bored of yachting after the first day

Just another myth worth busting. No, a yacht charter is not that boring after the first day or two. On the contrary, when you taste the pure joy of sailing, it is difficult for you to get back to the ordinary experience of staying at a hotel. The endless blue of the ocean, the occasional dolphin you may spot, the sheer magic and beauty of nature around you; all that will never let you get bored. And then you can swim in the open sea anytime you want, practice your scuba diving or fishing skills, dine on the deck of your boat, read a book or just enjoy the sight of the starry sky.

And of course all that will be better when you have company, ideally friends or family, to cherish these moments with people you love.

If the above list is not enough to convince you that chartering a yacht is worth the trouble (and money), then check out any video on yachting you will find online. It may convince you that yachting is a wonderful experience that you should try at least once in your life.

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    Thank you for writing this post, Vickey. I'm also running a yacht charter company called Arabian Yachting and when I go through your post, I absolutely feel that this the customer pain points that is absolutely not true. We would like to cover much more on this topic and add it to our blog. But thanks for this info!

    • by VickyFlipFlop on October 16, 2019  11:31 am Reply

      Hello Armit, I'm not sure if you agree with my post or not but I'm glad you found it interesting. I've just checked out your company – looks amazing! Yachting in Dubai must be incredible. Thanks for stopping by and having a read.

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