Since my little announcement that I’d bought a house in Southsea I’ve had a few people ask what I’m going to be doing for work now.

And to use that classic Asian market place phrase ‘Same same but different’.

Future of VickyFlipFlop

Things have changed around here, obviously, with the new house and all. That digital nomad lifestyle I sustained for three years is over, for a few years at least, but I’m still going to be a travel blogger for as long as I love it.

Travels for the rest of 2018

I have two trips for the rest of 2017 – I’m going to MALAWI in November on a press trip (hopefully, fingers crossed, probably shouldn’t have told you before I get the tickets, ah well). I’ll be staying in some incredible lodges, and exploring the lake both under and over. VERY excited about this trip. When I was at school I did a whole project on Malawi and have wanted to go since.

And then Tenerife in December with my family for Christmas, as in, actual Christmas. Totally planning on recreating this little photographic set up here.

And for the rest of the time, the plan is to spend the other nine-ish weeks catching up on my to-do list for the blog, and to hang out with friends in the UK. Although I might be able to slip in a little British weekend away, somewhere…

Plans for the future

Future of VickyFlipFlop

More independent travel

Looking back over my travels from this year I didn’t realise how many sponsored trips I’ve done. Of course being sponsored to travel is amazing for me – I love it – but I think it’s better for you if I scale back a bit. I’ll still go on a few press trips, I can’t say no, but next year I’m going to go back to my roots of backpacking, but with private rooms and epic meal times.

2018 travels

I’m hoping to go to either Cambodia, the Philippines or Colombia with one of my bestest travel blogging friends, to kinda work, kinda just have fun.

I also want to go to Japan again, but this time in the summer, and south, with another friend. Non blogger, a real holiday.

And then, following on from Malawi, I want to see more of Africa. The more I hear the more I want to see, and seeing as Helen in Wonderlust is running her awesome Rock My Adventure tours there again next year I want to join the Malawi (yep, twice in six months!), Zambia and Zimbabwe one, with a little independent travel in Mozambique for a week before.

My brother and sister-in-law-to-be are getting married in Samos, Greece, next year, in September, so that’s already marked as the best two weeks of the year. So many of our friends and family have said they’re going and we’re booked into a stunning villa on the island. When I was island hopping in Greece this year a few people told me that Samos was the most beautiful island in Greece, so I’m very excited to call it home for two weeks, and with my sister-in-law’s family I’m going to experience the real Greek way of life.

And I just have a thing for the Azores in Portugal right now, and the Faroe Islands north of Scotland. Hopefully I’ll make those trips happen next year too.

And that’s the plans so far (none of this is booked). Now that I have my home, I’m planning on being in it more, but at the same time, I’m seriously addicted to travel. My feet are itching already. 

Make more videos

You wouldn’t really know it from the few I’ve made recently but I really enjoy making videos, not really of me, but me in destinations. I want to make more next year. It’s surprisingly confusing to try to create Instagram Stories and videos at the same time, which I think is why I haven’t done many this year. I go to look at the footage and realise I’ve missed out entire sections of the experience.

As I watch more travel videos my desire to create more grows. Just a great way to learn more about a destination aren’t they?

Being more creative

Instead of travelling all the time, I want to focus on the blogging. Whatever ‘blogging’ means now. I want to learn more about photography, making videos, becoming a better writer, making cool little pictures and just generally learning more about Adobe Creative Suite to sum it up.

For much of the last three years, of consistent travel, I’ve felt like I’m just doing the basics, enough to keep afloat. I think my blog is cool, I like it, it’s the travel blog I’d want to read, but I would like to be prouder of it. I think this lies in how creative I am, and creativity takes time.

Take it at my own pace

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the internet and the travel blogging world, and as recently as a few months ago decided I didn’t want to be in it. Of course the next week / day I remembered I loved it and all was ok again. It just happens when I start looking at figures and comparing myself, which we all know, is stupid.

I know that I lose work because I don’t have enough Instagram followers, but at the same time I don’t want to play all the games to get them. So I just ignore it.

Packing list for your beach holiday

I’m planning on going easier on myself though. I’ve already unfollowed anyone who makes me sad, and I’m staying away from situations or groups that make me feel down on myself and my achievements. I’m doing alright.

Be more open

There are a few things involved in ‘being more open’.

For starters I’m going to make it more obvious when a post is sponsored. There’s a lot of talk about this in the blogging world – I think when it comes down to it if you have a sponsored experience in blogging 99% of the time it’s going to be awesome. There’s not really going to be anything to complain about because the client wants you to be happy. But getting paid to do something does make it better – how can you argue with that?

I do my best to stay impartial but as a blog reader myself it’s always nice to have all the facts straight up so we know we can make a decision based on as much information as possible. I’m not trying to hide anything. It’ll look like this…

And then for seconders, seeing as I’m going to be travelling less, I’m going to have time for other pursuits, activities and blog posts. My favourite bloggers let me see their lives, I’m planning on more of that on here.

This will always be a travel blog but I think it’s more interesting when you get to know more about the blogger right? Give me a ‘Mental Health of a Travel Blogger‘ over a ‘31 Photos to Make You Want to Visit Tallinn’ any day.

Solo travel series

I travelled the world for over two years solo, yet apart from a little post on whether I felt lonely travelling solo, I’ve  realised I’ve never actually written anything about travelling by yourself.

Cu Chi tunnels Ho Chi Minh City

Cue my 10-part solo travel series starting as soon as I’ve uploaded it. Wrote the entire thing on my 64-hour round trip to Papua New Guinea. From two years of experience I have a lot of advice on why I think solo travel is awesome, how to do it, what makes it different and a few things for you to think about if you plan on taking to the world solo any time soon. Let’s get back to intrepid travel, none of this flouncing around in front of the camera in fancy locations.

Talk more about money

I love a bargain, especially when it comes to travelling.

I’ve paid for all my own travel over the years, well, except for the press trips of the last three years. I don’t have a rich partner or family, but somehow I’ve paid my way in over 30 countries on an average wage, and I’ve bought the house. One of the top questions I get asked as a travel blogger is how I can afford it all, so I want to share my hacks and tricks.

How about you?

As a reader of my blog what would you like me to focus on / write about / do / see next year?

The only reason I can do this, and live this life is because of you, so let me know if you have any suggestions. All constructive feedback welcomed!

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