I wrote this poem at Kirstenbosch Gardens during my trip to Cape Town. I felt inspired by the lonely duck I saw wandering through the trees.

The Lonely Duck

Now that I read it back I think you can tell I’d just done a good hour of wine tasting at Constantia Winery…

The Lonely Duck

I wondered lonely as a duck,
a duck that just don’t give a fuck.

My friends all left to become beautiful swans,
They never return my quacks of ‘Wagwan’.

Went to England, property of the queen,
I ain’t working for a monarch so mean.

Kirstenbosch Gardens, this is ma home,
I own this place where the old people roam.

Up here I’m something, Japanese take my picture,
you’ll find me here I’n a permanent fixture.

I see the mountain, I see the trees,
I see the humans, I see the bees,

Come and say ola, bonjour, hello
Might not sound it but I’m a friendly fellow

Just don’t bring any of your ugly duckling talk,
Or I’ll take a shit where I know you’ll walk.

Kirstenbosch Duck Massive 4eva

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