Switzerland is the most expensive country in the world to visit according to the World Economic Forum. I went to Interlaken just after I lost my job, and I can definitely vouch for their findings. The prices of activities there made my eyes bleed, and we pretty much just sat around eating Toblerones rather than learning to ski, which was the original plan.

Switzerland expensive

Apparently the most expensive hotel is Geneva’s Hotel President Wilson which has rooms for £52,851.36 per night – not sure why they bother with the pennies on that one but either way it’s about £52,800 out of my price range. You could buy a house in Derby for that!

I guess Derby doesn’t have quite the joie de vivre of Geneva though…


Aircharter.co.uk asked me about the most expensive place I’d ever been and I’d have to say Monaco. I was actually only there for a day, and so didn’t even see inside a hotel, but I realised as I researched that there was no way I’d be able to afford it, and so a day trip from Nice it was. Check out what I had to say about Monte Carlo in their article on expensive cities here.

Monaco one of the most expensive countries

They’ve also cited Amanpulo in the Philippines, Necker Island, French Polynesia and Calivigny Island as some of the most expensive places, although for obvious reasons I haven’t been to any of them.

I have however, been to, lived and loved, number six on the list, London.


Most expensive country in the world

During the 6 years I lived in London I kind of knew it was expensive, but just accepted it because I loved it so much. Now when I go back I can’t help but be one of those ‘how much?!’ people. It’s just so, so crazy expensive. I was planning on going back for two weeks in October, but for accommodation that wasn’t a hostel I was looking at about £35 per night, cheapest. All my friends are busting a gut trying to pay for their lives, and no one ever has any money.

Not for me.

My Favourite Places to Eat, Drink and Be in London


tokyo in Japan

I honestly didn’t think that Tokyo was that expensive. I know it often tops polls of the priciest cities but I can confidently say that you can do it on the cheap. You could get a huge platter of freshly rolled sushi for less than £5, my accommodation was around £20 per night for a hostel or capsule hotel and it was easy to eat cheaply from the Lawson stores and the stalls round the Golden Gai in Shinjuku. The Metro system was between 77p and £2.12 depending on how far you were going.

I’d say you could budget £200 for a three-night stay in Tokyo and you’d be able to eat out for every meal, stay in a cool hostel, use the metro system and do an activity a day.

5 Weeks in Japan Round Up


Exploring Oslo

Whereas Oslo is the most expensive place I’ve ever been for a weekend. I went with my friend for 4 days and we spent £400, each! Even a pint of beer was around £8. In one place they were £15. We also spent £56 on two burritos, yikes! Our hotel was £95 per night and was one of the cheapest we found. I really loved Oslo though and would definitely go back, but with more money next time!

Just How Expensive is Oslo? 

Cheap places to visit

There are definitely some expensive places to see out there, but if you don’t feel like you can splash a few grand on a trip away there are also plenty of places that are great for anyone on a budget. Try the following to get the most for your money…


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