Delhi’s Hipster Hotel: The Rose in Hauz Khas

Did you know India has hipster hotels?

When I pictured my Delhi accommodation I definitely saw myself in some back room Shantaram style, or in a hostel mixed in with travellers straight out of the ashrams and full of their ‘spiritual experiences’. Luckily Tripzuki and me found each other, and a beautiful union was formed.

Sad times: this hotel has now shut down! 

I’ll let you know if it reopens, or relocates. Gutted as it’s one of my most favourite hotels I’ve ever stayed in. 

The Rose Hotel Hauz Khas

I’m writing this sat at my French boutique style white desk in my huge room at The Rose Hotel in Hauz Khas, Delhi. The Rose is a ‘revelation in design in India’. Not my words, they’re Deepti’s from Tripzuki, the home of India hipster hotels. The Tripzuki team visit each hotel on their listings personally to make sure they’re up to standard. I’ve never known a company with such an attention to detail, and it obviously works.

I loved the The Rose Hotel as soon as I stepped in it yesterday.

The Rose Hotel Hauz Khas

First impressions of The Rose

After a long day out visiting the best of Delhi’s landmarks and spiritual buildings having had about 4 hours sleep at a terrible airport hotel the night before, I was exhausted. I actually kept doing the whole jerky head / dozing off thing in between sights in the car, not good.

When I opened the door to the view above I felt a mixture of relief, joy and happiness. And when I realised I had a hot shower, strong Wi-Fi, a comfy bed, a desk and two litre bottles of water I decided I’d definitely like to call this place home.

The Rose Hotel Hauz Khas

This room is a junior suite, prices start from $127 per night. Great value in my opinion. My bed is so comfy. I enjoyed a solid 9:30pm to 7am last night. The huge windows welcome the natural light in as I work and there’s a walk in wardrobe where I emptied the contents of my backpack as soon as I arrived and just shut the curtains so I don’t have to look at it.

I’m also enjoying the sofa / bed – do these things have a name, chaise longue? – as I can sprawl out to work and don’t have to muck the bed up.

The Rose Hotel in Hauz Khas

The Rose Hotel is true to its description on Tripzuki. With knowledgeable writers like Deepti who’ve actually visited, their listing is full of useful information from honest opinions on the food, to thoughts on the area and on managing your expectations, Tripzuki are proud to include it all.

The Rose Hotel Hauz Khas

“Tripzuki’s guiding principle is that quality has to inform everything we do, from the hotels we list to the service and booking system we provide. Quality is a baffling, maddening rarity when it comes to most things Indian, so we set out to change that and make tourists’ lives a little easier.” – Deepti from Tripzuki.

Getting to know The Rose Hotel

Downstairs there’s a light and airy lounge area, and just behind that a lovely restaurant. Breakfast is included in the room price and seeing as I have to leave too early for it tomorrow I decided to eat as much as possible today. Cue 3 slices of toast, perfectly poached eggs with coriander, a percolator of coffee for three cups, granola, yogurt and a fruit salad, all washed down with some orange juice. I chose a table next to the huge windows and watched the local kids at play outside.

The Rose Hotel Hauz Khas

There were options for extras if you still have space. Lunch and dinner in here sound pretty good too, with a combination of Indian and Western dishes to suit your mood. Just be warned about the menu in your room though – apparently that’s a sample of what you could have, if they had it. Yes, I thought it strange too. Best to just go down and ask for the day’s menu as and when.

The Rose Hotel Hauz Khas

I spent a good few hours catching up on my Wi-Fi related activity, seeing as the connection was so good, and was just thinking how I’d finish what I was doing and then go in search of some water when the smiling cleaning guys came a knocking at the door.

“Cleaning mam?”

“No thank you, it’s ok” (I’d messed it up just the way I like it).


“YES! Please.”

And so he handed them over.

Very impressed with that service, and it meant I could carry on for another hour until I found another reason to be distracted from work.

Haus Khaz Village

Outside The Rose Hotel Hauz Khas

The Rose Hotel is hidden behind a simple white door right at the back of Hauz Khas, a ridiculously cool place in Delhi you’ll be hearing more about soon. Just outside you’ll find a few street food stalls – I strongly recommend you try the momos and the kathi rolls, incredible – and there are plenty of bars, shops and restaurants just around the corner.

The Rose Hotel Hauz Khas

Compared to the other hotel I stayed at in Delhi it’s so peaceful at The Rose. It’s a great first place to go in Delhi to get a feel for life here without your senses being absolutely bombarded with the craziness you’d usually associate with the city. Rooms are quiet but for the welcome air conditioning, the call to prayer and the occasional street sound. Step outside and you can engulf yourself in the few streets of busy village life and just beyond the Hauz Khas boundaries you’ll find tuk tuk after taxi ready to show you the rest of Delhi, when you’re ready.

Just one little thing

I asked if they had a laundry service and got the ‘yes, leave it with us’ that I was expecting. I guessed it would be a few 100 rupees and didn’t think anything more of it. I’d paid just a a few pounds, if that, in all the various countries I’ve been to with the same amount in the wash bag. It was only about 20 items, with half being underwear, after all. Then I got a bill for 1740 rupees – that’s £19!

Couldn’t believe it!

I loved the hotel and felt bad arguing but really, £19 for that. I managed to get him down to 1000 rupees (£11) but I wasn’t happy and neither was he. I spoke to a friend who was in India who suggested it should be around 300 rupees for that amount. So there’s a tip for you, if you do stay here, make sure to take your laundry to someone yourself.

Staying at The Rose Hotel

The Rose Hotel Hauz Khas

I feel like my stay here has restored my energy and enthusiasm for exploring the rest of India after four months around Asia. Yesterday I was worn out but after a day here I feel rested and ready for my 3-day Golden Triangle tour tomorrow. I needed this calm introduction into my new India life, so thank you to The Rose and Tripzuki!

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  1. by Emma on March 31, 2015  10:01 pm Reply

    Ouch! I've been stung with a $25 washing bill in Bolivia, I never thought to ask the price in advance either, I just assumed it would be the dollar a kilo it is everywhere else, good on ya for bartering it down, we just accepted that we should have asked the cost in advance

    • by Vicky on April 4, 2015  4:09 am Reply

      Someone has since told me that the first rule of India is to find out the price before you do anything. Seems my attitude to washing was just too lackadaisical. Such a good word, came in my head and I had to use it. Had to Google the spelling first, obviously. Yeah glad I did barter down, it was still too expensive at 1k!

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  4. by Ken on May 23, 2015  11:15 pm Reply

    nice review you have there Vicky. I booked the hotel for next month (June 2015) but was refunded and notified by the hotel that they closed down. Such a shame as I was really looking forward to it after reading rave reviews.

    • by Vicky on May 25, 2015  1:44 pm Reply

      Ar what a shame! I've just been in touch with the guys from Tripzuki, and yes, they were having some issues. The Rose was honestly one of the coolest hotels I've stayed in so I'm gutted for the people who run it, and for any future guests. Hopefully they'll find a new place to set up. You should definitely still check out the Haus Khaz area though – it's really cool.

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