When your friend Facebook messages you to see if you’re free to go and spend someone else’s £2.7k+ living the high life in Paris, you say yes.

You say yes, please. Thank you. I’ll get my coat, in fact, I don’t need it.

Millionaire Monica

If you won £1 million on the lottery you’d get £2,739.72 every day for a year, if you look at it like that. So the National Lottery wanted to give Monica, from thetravelhack.com, the money to live life as a millionaire for a day to try it out. Together they did a poll on where she should go: Barcelona, Paris or Berlin.

(I’m a Millionaire for a Day – Mon’s site)

24 hour millionaire

Paris won

And what better way to have an authentic experience of winning the lottery than having a friend tagging along for the ride?

So, we’re off to Paris today, to experience life as a Parisian millionaire. Our adventure on the Eurostar starts at 7:30pm tonight, and ends 24 hours later.

I’m thinking the Eiffel Tower luxury style, the fanciest food, wine tasting, a super plush hotel and the chance to see Paris on a totally different budget than when I visited last year.

(How to Enjoy Paris for 4 Days on €150)

It’s down to Millionaire Monica though, what will she have in store for us hey?

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So £500 has already disappeared on the Eurostar, but what would you spend the other £2k on in Paris?

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