Top 5 Things To Do In Guyana

What do you get when you mix the chilled out vibe of the Caribbean and the untouched natural beauty of the Amazon jungles?

The answer is easy – one of the most stunning, but under visited countries of the world, Guyana.

It fits perfectly for a diverse set of travellers – adventure lovers, those crazy about nature and the wilderness, colonial history enthusiasts, serious birders, volunteers, researchers and those that want to stay with local communities in the rainforest or out on the vast savannahs. 

Here are the top things to do in the country, that just have to make it onto your Guyana itinerary.

Post in collaboration with Guyana Tourism

Travel Better in Guyana: Guyana is working hard to conserve its vibrant wildlife and ecosystems and protect its culture and heritage. We realise that it is often difficult to understand how you can support these aims and make a difference when you travel. That’s why we’ve set out to help you by creating Visitor Guidelines For Sustainable Travel. All passionate globetrotters, curious culture seekers, and bold adventurers are encouraged to do all you can to leave a positive impact on the people and places you visit in Guyana.

Kaieteur Falls

This experience involves a 9-seater Islander plane and a 741 feet high waterfall!

Fly from Georgetown in a small aircraft (tip: ask to sit in the front with the pilot) and land at the Kaieteur National Park airstrip. But before that, the pilot offers a big reveal by swerving the plane in front of one of the highest and most powerful single drop waterfall in the world. Yes, it’s higher than Niagara.

Waterfall in Guyana

Take a guided walk from the information centre to the three vantage points of the falls – Rainbow, Boy Scout and Johnson – each offers a unique view. The sight of the falls will leave you awestruck. If you’re looking for some more adventure, the Kaieteur Falls can be reached by a 5-day adventure filled overland trek as well.

Rupununi Rodeo

Is ‘swashbuckling’ still a thing?

Because it should be used to describe the vaqueros (cowboys), whose amazing skills are on display during the annual Rupununi Rodeo during the Easter weekend. The Rupununi region has historically been a ranching area; every child here, grows up with a profound love and knowledge of horses, bulls and ranches. Naturally, the Annual Rodeo Competition is a must visit.

Run by Rupununi’s pioneering women, the rodeo gets participation from various ranches and even Brazil, on the other side of the border, and the occasional tourist.

Bareback bronco, saddle bronco, bull riding, whipping, barrel races and lassoing the horses are some of the competitions during the 2-day event. Lethem, where the event is held, transforms into one big party for two whole days!

Pakaraima Safari

Mark the Pakaraima Mountains on the western edge of Guyana. Throw caution to the wind and get behind the wheel of a 4×4 Land Rover and join one of the most exciting 8-day safaris in the world. You’ll traverse steep forested mountains and valleys, cross gushing rivers and meet friendly native people in the villages along the way. Don’t forget to pack your hammock, so you can fall asleep under the stars!

Wildlife trails of the Iwokrama Forest

Guyana’s tall and dense tract of rainforest is its most beautiful asset. Visit the Iwokrama Protected Area in the heart of the country, for a quick lesson in tropical wildlife, birding and flora. These jungles are home of the Giants and a visit never disappoints.

Experiencing Guyana

Tapirs, Caimans, Anacondas, Otters, Capybaras and if you’re lucky, the elusive Jaguar can be spotted here.

Experience the forest on foot or by river, to see the best that Guyana has to offer. Hop between the various jungle eco-lodges, Karanambu, Atta Lodge, Surama and Iwokrama to get a taste of Guyanese true community hospitality.

Fishing in the Burro Burro River

If the words ‘line’, ‘lures’ and ‘terminal tackle’ get you excited, then head to Guyana. Fishing is a large part of Guyanese culture.

The country is crisscrossed by a maze of rivers and is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. But of all the spots, Burro Burro spells ‘adventure and fun’. Spend a day fishing for piranhas with your local guide.

The river winds alongside the Surama Eco Lodge, Guyana’s first community run lodge, which makes it the perfect base for your fishing expeditions. More intrepid travellers can camp along the river and wait for the catch of their life – the giant arapaima! There’s always wildlife and birds around to keep you company too.

Guyana is untamed and undiscovered

Travelling Guyana

A visit to this small but surprising English speaking country on the edge of South America is truly immersive and a whole lot of learning. Start planning soon.

Here’s a perfect 2 week itinerary if you’re planning to head to Guyana and here’s everything you need to know to plan your trip.

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