Throw Back to My July 2018

Not really doing much for the last 36 hours of July 2018, so thought I’d ease into Monday with a little recap of a relaxing and chilled month in my life.

Fat Buddha Yoga Retreat in Antigua

The month started at Gatwick Airport, and I was Antigua bound. Ages ago I’d said a definite yes to a collaboration with Elite Island Resorts and Fat Buddha Yoga to join their first retreat at Galley Bay Resort.

Fat Buddha Yoga Retreat
Fat Buddha Yoga Retreat

Gawd it was lush. We flew premium economy with BA, had flash transfers to everywhere we needed to go and I had this entire room to myself. We did yoga twice a day, in different spots around the resort, and had long breakfasts to recuperate, days out on catamarans and free reign of the drinks and facilities in resort.

I was on the trip with some of the UK’s top fitness experts so it was kinda intimidating, but I had a great time and enjoyed feeling fit and healthy and making new friends with some of my fellow yogis. Obviously I’ll be writing more about this, and showing off some pics, but they don’t want it till October so it’ll have to wait.

New Forest Weekend

Weekend in the New Forest

It’s been so hot in England this month. I think we had a 32-day heat wave and it’s only yesterday that it eased off. Pretty sure everyone was happy about the rains coming in. Everything is parched, the lush green fields are brown and dry and apparently the shops are selling out of fans.

Yeah, we can’t cope.

New Forest Wedding

It’s been the perfect opportunity to explore more of the UK though, so I chose a great month to be home. Ben and I took our bikes out to the New Forest and cycled round all day, stopping for fish and chips and a cider at this cute pub. Such a good day. Ended by us cycling all the way back to Southampton and chilling at his with a film. Think we did about 25 miles in all. Not bad.

Traverse party

‘Traverse’ is like this collective of travel bloggers. From all the meet ups and press trips I’ve done and been to I have a lot of travel blogger friends, who I rarely get to see because we’re all travelling, or blogging. So I thought I’d make the effort and get my butt to London to the Traverse party at Smithfield.

I remembered that most of my favourite people are total bad influences – I was totally just gonna stay for a drink or two and then I got chatting to some of my favourite bloggers and ended up being one of the last people in there. Oops. Rushed off to catch my train and then found it was cancelled, livid.

The trains in England have driven me crazy this month. Seriously.

Meal at Scarlett Green

The night before I’d gone for this epic meal at Scarlett Green, in Soho, which we’d unintentionally booked on the night of the World Cup semi finals. I was so convinced it was coming home, even though I know nothing about football. I felt like if we wanted it enough it’d happen.

It didn’t.

Scarlett Green

Anyway the food was great and it was fun to meet up with one of my longest serving friends, from playschool, Mel. I went back to see her flat she’d just bought, in Gospel Oak, which was a one bed twice and a half times the price of my three bed. Yikes. Really nice place though, I was impressed. Nice that I now have a place to stay in the centre-ish of London too.

Cheers Mel.

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Fiona’s wedding

July 2018

Oh and then one of my favourite events of the year: my lovely friend Fiona got married to Tom. Brilliant day. Such a lovely wedding at the fancy Hampton Court House. There was a great group of us that first met from our first journalism jobs in London. We used to work for this terrible company with no morals, and spend every lunch time moaning about them and weekends going out. We bonded. And now, TEN years later, we’re all still friends.

Had such a good time.

Mum and dad came to stay

July 2018

With one house mate in Spain and the other in Weymouth for the week, I had a free house. And what do you do with a free house at my age? Invite your mum and dad to stay. Yay, rock n roll. We had four days of doing little jobs round the house, exploring Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard, going to see Mamma Mia and relaxing on the beach, or in my garden.

Loving life at Mamma Mia

Loved it and missed them when they were gone. And again, I’m reminded of how nice it is to have a home, and be in it.

Warriorfest: Staggeringly Good Brewery

Loving Warriorfest

And then this weekend just gone I went to Warriorfest in Portsmouth. Right by my house we have the Staggeringly Good Brewery – a dinosaur themed craft beer makers. Every year they put on a beer festival on a boat, where people dress up as dinosaurs and pirates and try the tens of beers on offer. I’m not really a beer drinker, and there were definitely some rank ones but I found my favourite, stuck to that, and it was a really fun night.

Love an independent little festival in among all the beasts.

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So, August? What’s happening?

August IS festivals for me.

2-5th NeverWorld Festival, Kent

9-12th FloVibe Yoga Festival, Hampshire

20-23rd Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland

24-26th Victorious Festival, Hampshire

Along with a few planned days in London, it’s aaaall about the UK this month.

And then 31st August, I fly to Samos in Greece for two weeks for my brother’s wedding, yay!

And that’s me. Over and out.

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