Throwback to My August 2018

The less I travel the more I understand the people who used to look at my old digital nomad life and repeatedly state ‘I just don’t know how you do it?’.

When you travel long term hanging around airports, taking transfers and non-stop packing and unpacking becomes the norm. I honestly didn’t even used to notice it. I’d be by myself, any delays I’d open my laptop, and I enjoyed the journey as I’d be on my way to my next adventure.


In this new life I’ve created for myself, where I just fly off every few weeks and come back again, I’ve started to notice the airport even more. That six-hour delay back from Milan, the unhealthy food, the stagnant air, the generally grim toilets and the people. I’ve started to see the airport like a holidaymaker, rather than just another office for me, complete with dodgy Wi-Fi.

And so, this month I wrote a guide to beating the airport anxiety. I have it, I see people with much worse cases, and I’m sure we all have some sort of little niggling panic, airport related.

Having said all that, the only flight I took this month was from Southampton to Edinburgh. Southampton Airport is absolute dreams I have to say. SO. EASY.

Edinburgh Fringe

VickyFlipFlop Edinburgh Tattoo

I went to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo – they were both awesome. Really amazing spectacles I hope you all get to see in life. Unfortunately I didn’t get to try all the Best Cocktails in Edinburgh I sampled last time I was there – but at least I have this list for next time I go.

Yes, planning Edinburgh Fringe 2019 already. 

August blog posts

Enjoyed a little flashback to the Philippines this month. I still have so much I want to write about this beautiful country, but for starters…

How to Spend Two Weeks in the Philippines,
and 25 Travel Tips for the Philippines

Also in AugustI stayed at a capsule hotel in London Bridge, I went to Neverworld Festival and I met up with the Southampton Bloggers for dinner at Cabana.

VickyFlipFlop Festivals

I also went and did yoga in the rain at FloVibe Festival, and partied all weekend at Victorious – just a mile from my house. I went to my lovely friends Paul and Karen’s wedding and even had a little photo shoot while I was in London. It’s been a fun, festivally month, with friends.

Me photographing food

I’ve loved being in England, for the most of it, in Southsea. I think I’ll only go away from October to May from now on.


Plans for September 2018

Off to Samos in Greece tonight to start the celebrations for my brother’s wedding – yay!

Meeting them at Athens airport at 3am to start the party.

They have so many family and friends flying out and of course, seeing as my new sister-in-law is from Samos – the island in Greece we’re going to – all her friends and family will be there too.

This is going to be an authentic big fat Greek wedding and I couldn’t be more excited. In fact, right now the excitement is brimming over to feeling anxious AF.

“Have I got everything? Are all my clients going to be ok without me for two weeks? Will my house be ok? Will my housemates lock the doors and shut the windows? Will the cat poo on my doorstep again? Have I got all of Ben’s things (sharing a suitcase)? Will next door’s new conservatory erection fall on mine? IS EVERYTHING GOING TO BE OK?”

Y’know, that kinda thing.


I’m flying overnight as I’m not entirely sure what I was thinking when I booked my times (money, obvs), but done now. I’m flying from Heathrow and the Airport have sorted me a luxury experience while I’m there. Not entirely sure what it’s going to be, but I’m up for the adventure – as always.

I’ll be making a video about it and covering it all on my social, of course.

And then for two whole weeks I’ll be sleeping in the same bed in my villa. This hasn’t happened forEVER. Very excited to not have to pack up and go anywhere. I’ll probably be offline for those two weeks, or at least, some kinda poor effort on the social front.

This is a HOLIDAY.

The, I fly back to England for four nights, and then I fly to ZIMBABWE!

I’m going to Africa

Oh. eM. Gee.

I’m going to meet Helen, one of my favourite bloggers, who runs the Rock My Adventure Tours all over Africa. We’re going to start in Zimbabwe, go to Victoria Falls, and then go to Zambia to explore, and on to Malawi.

We’ll be there for about two and a half weeks.

Loving life in Lisbon

– Me and Helen living it up in Lisbon

I’m gonna confess, we don’t really have many plans, and I don’t know too much about Zimbabwe or Zambia either but with Helen, it’ll definitely be fun (and safe). In Malawi we’re gonna go to the Lake of Stars Festival, round the Lake, with some of the biggest musical stars in Africa AND, I found out yesterday,. Major Laser. Got the glitter ready!

So yeah, I’m looking forward to an awesome September of love, family, travel and adventure. Gonna be gooooood. 

Right, final packing and I need to go.


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