I’m going to see Asgeir tonight! So excited!

Getting tickets for Liquid Room in Tokyo outside of Japan is ridiculously complicated. I desperately wanted tickets to Asgeir – one of my favourite acts of 2014 – and he was playing two dates in Tokyo while I was there that would happily coincide with my plans. I needed them in my life.

I tried online about 5 times, each one with fresh enthusiasm before being presented with page after page of badly translated Japanese and resigning myself to the fact that it just wasn’t happening. I needed an address, a national number, all sorts of things. I even enlisted the help of my school friend’s Japanese wifey, no luck.

How to Get Tickets for Liquid Room in Tokyo

When I actually got to Tokyo I even went down to Liquid Room in Ebisu to buy them there. Seemed like the obvious thing to do – I could see online there were still tickets left, so they must have them at the venue? Apparently not.

I was assigned a super cool Tokyo hipster man to help me. After some mixed Japanese / English which after the third time of saying ‘pardon’ and ‘I don’t understand’ I was reluctant to say it again I had no clue what to do. I took a photo of the Asgeir poster he bought out in the hope I could work it out.

How to buy tickets for Liquid Room

He’d said something about ‘Lawson’. It’s a chain of shops in Tokyo kind of like Londis. Surely not there?

With confusion and trepidation I ventured into the next Lawson I saw, just in case. And after explaining my needs to pretty much all the staff in there, I’d managed to find an Asgeir ticket angel.

How to buy tickets for Liquid Room

How to buy tickets to Liquid Room in Lawson

How to buy tickets for Liquid Room1. Locate a machine that looks like the above.
2. Have a play and find the tickets you want – useful if you know your gig code (see the 72583 on the poster?).
3. Type your name in Japanese (there’s possibly an English option?).
4. And your phone number.
5. And anything else they might ask you.
6. Take the receipt to the counter who will then issue a legit ticket.
8. That’s it. Easy when you know how!

This is also how you can get tickets to things like the Ghibli Museum, theme parks, festivals and other concerts and sports events you’d find on the likes of Ticketmaster in England and the USA.

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