It’s Time to Road Trip Louisiana (Without My Luggage)!

Yay, Cailin arrived in New Orleans on Saturday. I got myself a fwend!

After spending the weekend exploring New Orleans mainly via food and drink, and having lots of fun, we’re leaving to go on a road trip round Louisiana to see what the rest of the state has for us.

Here’s the plan…

Road Tripping Louisiana

– We’ve been recommended this brewery for starters

New Orleans > Lafayette > Avery Island (Tabasco Sauce land!) > Grand Isle (beach) > Oak Alley Plantation (sugarcane) > Baton Rouge > New Orleans

And if you’ve never even heard of any of those places, like I hadn’t, then all the more reason to follow us!

There’s a lot more to Louisiana than New Orleans, as proven by my recent super interesting trip to Lake Charles. New Orleans is its own world, one that doesn’t reflect the average Louisians life. It’s like just going to London and saying you’ve ‘done’ England. Na-ah.

What we’re doing

Road trip Louisiana

– So many beignets in New Orleans!

So just a few of the activities we have planned include:

  • Swamp tour
  • Visit the jungle gardens
  • Explore the Chauvin Sculpture Garden
  • Possible fishing trip
  • Epic crawfish boil in Grand Isle
  • Eating everything in Baton Rouge
  • Afternoon Tea, American style
  • Brewery tours
  • Kayaking the bayous
  • Exploring the Jean Lafitte National Park
  • Aaaaallll the food, everywhere.

I’m pretty excited, as Louisians that I’ve told our plans to have pointed out, this isn’t a normal trip for tourists. It’s usually into New Orleans and back out again. Who knows what we’ll discover?!

#MSMLostLuggage Challenge


The above will take us five days, and I’m not allowed my luggage for any of it!

Around a quarter of all travel insurance claims are made because luggage has either gone missing or is delayed. To help serve their customers better has challenged me to go on a trip without my luggage and report back to them, and you, on any problems and issues I have along the way. Or maybe, travelling with just my camera, phone, charger, money and clothes I stand in will be the way forward?

All of our to do list needs different clothes, shoes and essentials – but I won’t have any of it. I’m thinking a shopping spree could be in order. 

You can follow the #MSMLostLuggage hashtag on Twitter to keep up!


This last week I’ve become pretty much obsessed with Snapchat. So follow me on there (at VickyFlipFlop)  if you’re not already – you missed me riding a bull on Bourbon Street last week, I mean if that’s not worth following me for, what is?

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  1. by Danielle on April 13, 2016  4:40 pm Reply

    New Orleans is amazing! I stayed with some friends that have lived there for the past 10 years after leaving the UK, so I did see some of the less touristy areas, you'll have a great time! God I wish I could travel without luggage! I wouldn't have been able to do that on my trip to New orleans in the middle of summer, my British body isn't used to that level of humidity. Those clothes weren't safe to wear on a second day! Hahaha TMI!

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  3. by Vicky on April 18, 2016  3:16 am Reply

    I know, it's been hard! Actually hasn't been that hot though, had more trouble with the rain. My feet got filthy today because I didn't want to wear my new Nikes and so wore old flip flops in the mud. Looked a right mess! A girl needs her things!

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  5. by Daniel on February 9, 2019  9:41 am Reply

    NOLA is amazing. So different from the rest of the US, you have to visit to see it for yourself! The most amazing seafood, music and friendliest people I've met! Dreaming of coming back and paying another visit to the French Quarter.

    • by VickyFlipFlop on February 20, 2019  11:24 am Reply

      I LOVED Nola. Ended up spending two weeks there!

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