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5 Top Travel Magazines for Your Holidays in 2023

Looking for some top travel magazines for your holiday to while away those hours at the beach? Here are my top picks from the Readly app for some serious travel inspiration.

Top Travel Magazines

I used to be obsessed with magazines, ob-sessed.

At the height of my addiction I’d read at least 5 a week. I even studied an NCTJ course in Magazine Journalism at Harlow College, and had a ‘glittering’ career in magazines for six years. I worked on BBC Good Food, X Factor Mag, Top Sante, Zoo and Zest, among others.

And then I, and the kinda stuff I wanted to read, went online.

I hadn’t realised how much I missed them, until I signed up to Readly.

Download the Readly App, sign up and you’ll have access to over 6000 magazines whenever and wherever you want them – kinda like a ‘Spotify for magazines’. Use your Readly subscription to sign up the best travel magazines and you’ll have them delivered straight to your phone / tablet as soon as they’re published.

Also, you don’t need to take up precious luggage space with heavy magazines and newspapers, instead, for just the weight of your tablet or even just your phone, you can have all these publications at your fingertips.

Download to your device and you can access all the publications in whatever language you desire, wherever you are.

Stung by airport queues?

Stuck on the tarmac?

Held up by train strikes?

Queueing for a ferry crossing?

Then just load up your Readly app and you can be entertained for hours. Scroll through the titles to find the one for you – from interiors, to celebs, to tech and gardening. Readly have so many magazines covering so many topics, I can guarantee there’ll be one for you.

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Of course, I’m naturally drawn to the top travel magazines, so I’ve made my way through them to find the most interesting travel magazines for your holidays to keep your mind just busy enough for when your body is just lying on a lounger.

Top Travel Magazines for Your Holidays

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1. Wanderlust Magazine

Wanderlust is my favourite travel magazine, always has been. I love the collection of interesting stories, beautiful photography and interesting articles that come together to create such an inspiring travel mag. Read Wanderlust and you’ll find great travel competitions, food stories from around the world and find out who wins in their annual travel awards too.

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2. Mindful Travel Magazine

Mindful Travel is one of the newest travel magazines to be released. Mindful Travel Magazine encourages us to travel slower, more mindfully, and to really take in what we’re experiencing around us. Featuring stories of wellness around the world, with a special emphasis on Great Britain, there’s plenty of travel inspiration for how to eat well around the world, the best yoga retreats, and the most relaxing places to visit worldwide.

great travel magazine

3. British Travel Journal Magazine

From travel news to luxury breaks to festivals and spas, The British Travel Journal covers a lot of the best things to do in Great Britain. Read The British Travel Journal to learn more about the newest hotel openings, and places to stay. You’ll also learn about the country’s best restaurants, walking tours and retreats. A true bible for the Great Britain enthusiast!

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4. Ultimate Travel Bucket List Magazine

For the most iconic travel experiences around the world, Ultimate Travel Bucket List magazine is the publication you need. With road trips, daredevil adventures and incredible hikes, this magazine features the ultimate tick list for travel. There are so many cool adventures featured, from the Trans Siberian Railway to Route 66 to some of the most amazing world festivals.

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5. Travel + Leisure Magazine

If you like your travel magazines inspirational and aspirational, then Travel + Leisure is the travel magazine for you. Filled with beautifully shot images from around the luxury world Travel + Leisure will make you want to sell your house and fund an Instagram lifestyle in Costa Rica, or similar. This month they’re celebrating their Reader’s Awards, so you can be inspired by the absolute best of the best in luxury. I’m seeing the list of the Top 25 Islands around the world as a to do list to be honest.

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Reasons to sign up to Readly

– It’s only £9.99 per month.

– You can register to read on up to 5 devices per account.

– If you currently buy 2+ magazines a month you’ll save money by using Readly.

– You can easily read the magazines on your phone, tablet or computer with the app.

– Over 6000 magazines are included, including their back issues. 

– As well as newspapers like The Independent, Evening Standard and The Times.

– You can download articles, recipes, and magazines to read offline. 

– It’s easy to cancel at any time.

– No paper, no waste!

Sign up to Readly – 6,000 magazines and newspapers at your fingertips!
Use this link for 1 month free (£9.99 a month after).

You can scan read and flick the pages, or zoom in for a closer look. It’s the perfect way to combine our newish way of reading on our phones with the old style magazine reading.

You can save your bookmarks for later, and of course, screenshot any interesting bits for later. Perfect to keep a record on your phone rather than losing scraps of paper.

Your Readly membership

Readly is the perfect travel companion for trains, airports, flights, long summer nights and lazy summer days – and it’s only £9.99 per month!