During my recent trip to Oslo I realised how amazing and brilliant Instagram is. I know I’m late to the game, but after signing up for a Statigram account so I can view my images online, I’m literally in love with it.

I did a quick search to find other travel bloggers on Instagram and it turns out there are quite a few. I decided to be nice and share my discoveries below – along with some of my favourite pics.

It’s in alphabetical order (can’t tell you how many times I had to run through my ABCs) and I’ve used their Instagram names and linked to their accounts on Statigram.

Have fun, and make sure you follow me at vickyflipflop!


Travel bloggers on Instagram

Abi King | insidetravellab | insidethetravellab.com

Adam | travelsofadam | travelsofadam.com

Annabel Candy | annabelcandy | getinthehotspot.com

Ayngelina Brogan | ayngelina | baconismagic.ca


Bev | packyourpassportpack-your-passport.com

Bianca Bauza | nomadbiba | nomadbiba.com

Bjorn Troch | thesocialtraveler | thesocialtraveler.net

Travel bloggers on Instagram


Candice Walsh | candicewalshcandicedoestheworld.com

Caz and Craig | ytravelblogyTravelBlog.com

Chris Richardson | theaussienomad | theaussienomad.com

Chris Stevens | backpackerbanter | backpackerbanter.com

Christine Amorose | cestchristinecestchristine.com

Chrystal McKaychrystalclear_ | chrystal-clear.com


Travel Bloggers on Instagram

Daniel Noll | uncornered_market | UncorneredMarket.com

Dave Lee | rtwdave | gobackpacking.com/Blog/

Dave and Deb | theplanetdtheplanetd.com

Dylan Lowe | travelingeditor | thetravellingeditor.com


Edna | ednacz | expatedna.com

Emma | scottishemma123 | emmastraveltales.co.uk

The best travel bloggers on Instagram

Erica Kuschel | overyonderlustoveryonderlust.com


Frankie | bushbirdie | asthebirdfliesblog.com


Ian Mallorymalloryontravel | malloryontravel.com

Iclo | icloiphoneographyoz.blogspot.co.uk

Isabelle | isabellestravel | isabellestravelguide.com

Travel Bloggers on Instagram


James Clark | nomadicnotes | nomadicnotes.com

Jayne Gorman | jayneytravels40before30.com

JD Andrews | earthxplorer | earthxplorer.com

Jeannie Mark | nomadicchick | nomadicchick.com

Jessie Voigts | wanderingeducators | wanderingeducators.com

Jody Ettenberg | legalnomads | legalnomads.com

John O’Nolan | johnonolan | john.onolan.org

Cool museum in Oslo

Juno Kim | runawayjunorunawayjuno.com

Justin Morris | justimorris | 48houradventure.com


Kate McCulley | adventurouskateadventurouskate.com

Katie Stewart | katyabroardstarryeyedtravels.com

Keith Jenkins | velvetescape | velvetescape.com

Travel bloggers on Instagram

Kirsten Alana | kirstenalana | aviatorsandacamera.com


Lainie | ilainie | raisingmiro.com

Lauren DiMarco | loladimarco | lolastravels.com

Lezaan Roos | lezaan | lezaanroos.com


Matt Preston | travelwithamate | travelwithamate.com

Melvin Bocher | traveldudes | traveldudes.org

The best travel bloggers on Instagram

Michael Hodson | michaelhodson | GoSeeWrite.com

Monica Stott | thetravelhack | thetravelhack.com

Michelle Brideau | bluenose_girl | bluenosegirl.com


Neil Barnes | packsandbunks | backpacksandbunkbeds.co.uk

Nellie Huang | wildjunketwildjunket.com

Travel bloggers on Instagram Nicole Smith | nicoletravelbug | bittenbythetravelbug.com

Nisa Maier | cookiesound | cookiesound.com

Pp – Tt

Paul Dow | travmonkey | travmonkey.com

Rebecca Enright | backpackerbecki | backpackerbecki.com

Simon Falvo | 1step2theleftwild-about-travel.com

Tom | journeytom | journeytom.com

Tom Bourlet | Tom Bourlet | spaghettitraveller.com

Vigeland Sculpture Park Oslo Uu – Zz

Ulrike Schulz | thelondonjob | londonicious.tumblr.com

Victoria Brewood | pommietravels | pommietravels.com

Victoria Philpottvickyflipflop | vickyflipfloptravels.com

Will Peach | willpeach | willpeach.com

Yvonne Zagermann | justtravelousjusttravelous.com

Zoe Dawes | quirkytraveller | thequirkytraveller.com

Since I compiled this list in May 2012, pretty much every travel blogger is on Instagram. If you’re a travel blogger looking for friends check out this thread on travel bloggers on Instagram in the Global Bloggers Network on Facebook, if you’re not, just check for the links on your favourite blogs.


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