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During my recent trip to Oslo I realised how amazing and brilliant Instagram is. I know I’m late to the game, but after signing up for a Statigram account so I can view my images online, I’m literally in love with it.

I did a quick search to find other travel bloggers on Instagram and it turns out there are quite a few. I decided to be nice and share my discoveries below – along with some of my favourite pics.

It’s in alphabetical order (can’t tell you how many times I had to run through my ABCs) and I’ve used their Instagram names and linked to their accounts on Statigram.

Have fun, and make sure you follow me at vickyflipflop!


Travel bloggers on Instagram

Abi King | insidetravellab |

Adam | travelsofadam |

Annabel Candy | annabelcandy |

Ayngelina Brogan | ayngelina |


Bev |

Bianca Bauza | nomadbiba |

Bjorn Troch | thesocialtraveler |

Travel bloggers on Instagram


Candice Walsh |

Caz and Craig |

Chris Richardson | theaussienomad |

Chris Stevens | backpackerbanter |

Christine Amorose |

Chrystal McKaychrystalclear_ |


Travel Bloggers on Instagram

Daniel Noll | uncornered_market |

Dave Lee | rtwdave |

Dave and Deb |

Dylan Lowe | travelingeditor |


Edna | ednacz |

Emma | scottishemma123 |

The best travel bloggers on Instagram

Erica Kuschel |


Frankie | bushbirdie |


Ian Mallorymalloryontravel |

Iclo |

Isabelle | isabellestravel |

Travel Bloggers on Instagram


James Clark | nomadicnotes |

Jayne Gorman |

JD Andrews | earthxplorer |

Jeannie Mark | nomadicchick |

Jessie Voigts | wanderingeducators |

Jody Ettenberg | legalnomads |

John O’Nolan | johnonolan |

Cool museum in Oslo

Juno Kim |

Justin Morris | justimorris |


Kate McCulley |

Katie Stewart |

Keith Jenkins | velvetescape |

Travel bloggers on Instagram

Kirsten Alana | kirstenalana |


Lainie | ilainie |

Lauren DiMarco | loladimarco |

Lezaan Roos | lezaan |


Matt Preston | travelwithamate |

Melvin Bocher | traveldudes |

The best travel bloggers on Instagram

Michael Hodson | michaelhodson |

Monica Stott | thetravelhack |

Michelle Brideau | bluenose_girl |


Neil Barnes | packsandbunks |

Nellie Huang |

Travel bloggers on Instagram Nicole Smith | nicoletravelbug |

Nisa Maier | cookiesound |

Pp – Tt

Paul Dow | travmonkey |

Rebecca Enright | backpackerbecki |

Simon Falvo |

Tom | journeytom |

Tom Bourlet | Tom Bourlet |

Vigeland Sculpture Park Oslo Uu – Zz

Ulrike Schulz | thelondonjob |

Victoria Brewood | pommietravels |

Victoria Philpottvickyflipflop |

Will Peach | willpeach |

Yvonne Zagermann |

Zoe Dawes | quirkytraveller |

Since I compiled this list in May 2012, pretty much every travel blogger is on Instagram. If you’re a travel blogger looking for friends check out this thread on travel bloggers on Instagram in the Global Bloggers Network on Facebook, if you’re not, just check for the links on your favourite blogs.


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  1. by Ayngelina on May 10, 2012  7:20 pm Reply

    Thanks so much for including me. I have a Statigram account but wasn't using it, seems handier on a laptop.

    • by Vicky on May 10, 2012  7:42 pm Reply

      Yeah, I really like Statigram. It makes it much easier to view photos and have a snoop!

  2. by Chris on May 10, 2012  7:57 pm Reply

    Cheers for the mention mate. I've never even heard of staticgram before so will have to check it out.

  3. by Justin Morris on May 10, 2012  8:56 pm Reply

    Cheers for including me Vicky, I loves teh instagram.

  4. by Nicole on May 10, 2012  9:19 pm Reply

    Thanks for including me!

    I didn't actually know about Statigram so going to have to check it out now :)

    • by Vicky on May 10, 2012  9:55 pm Reply

      No problem guys. I'm happy to introduce you to the joy of Statigram – makes life easier and if you go on you can make THE coolest cover photo for your facebook page.

  5. by Dylan on May 10, 2012  9:53 pm Reply

    Wow, quite a hall of fame here. Thanks so much for the inclusion Ms Flipflop, honour to be amongst such great instagrammers!

  6. by Will Peach on May 10, 2012  11:29 pm Reply

    Thanks for including me. I guarantee you'll get more filth and fun than any of the others on this list combined!

    • by Vicky on May 11, 2012  11:09 am Reply

      Haha, I'm sure we will!

  7. by Arianwen on May 10, 2012  11:31 pm Reply

    When I get back from travelling, and I save up, and then I become one of the last people on earth to buy an iPhone, perhaps you could add me to the list?!

    • by Vicky on May 11, 2012  11:08 am Reply

      Of course Ari :) You should do a Facebook call out to your friends see if anyone's got one to sell. I did and got one for £60 - it's got a few cracks, but works fine. I love it and would be so good when you're travelling for maps etc.

  8. by Simon on May 11, 2012  12:20 am Reply

    Thanks so much for including me! I love Instagram too... :-)

  9. by Adam on May 11, 2012  12:32 am Reply

    Nice list :) I've definitely found Statigram to be semi-useful - at least for finding my Instagram photos...

  10. by Nomadic Chick on May 11, 2012  9:28 am Reply

    Nice to be included with some buddies! Cheers. ;)

  11. by Holly on May 11, 2012  12:55 pm Reply

    Thanks so much for this! I needed some new people to follow and also, I'd never even heard of Statigram...!

  12. by iclo on May 11, 2012  2:58 pm Reply

    Thanks for including me! To all the people who hadn't heard about statigram before, you'll love it!

  13. by Frair on May 18, 2012  2:28 am Reply

    Very nice design and excellent articles , nothing at all else we want : D.

  14. by Nisha on May 21, 2012  5:43 pm Reply

    Wondering why my name isn't in this list.....

    Time to be active there? :)

    • by Vicky on May 21, 2012  10:01 pm Reply

      Hey Nisha,
      Let me know your account name and I'll be happy to add you. Instagram is the best!

  15. by Neil on May 24, 2012  7:54 am Reply

    Statigram is new to me also, will check it out. Thanks for the add Vicki.

  16. by Edna on June 13, 2012  11:00 am Reply

    Cheers for the heads-up on Statigram! I've been using webstagram but this is a way better viewer. Could I get my handle added? I'm @ednacz. I'd also recommend Christine Amorose of @cestchristine!

    • by Vicky on June 14, 2012  11:48 am Reply

      Yeah definitely! I'll add them both in - thanks for the recommendation :).

  17. by Monica on July 24, 2012  10:38 am Reply

    Ooo how did I miss this? Great list, good work on putting it together. I always wonder if I'm missing someone to follow!

    • by Vicky on July 24, 2012  9:15 pm Reply

      Just let me know if you're following anyone good that I haven't included :)

  18. by Michael Hodson on July 24, 2012  11:04 am Reply

    Thanks for the list. Added another dozen folks from it. Thanks for the inclusion also!

    • by Vicky on July 24, 2012  9:13 pm Reply

      No problem Michael. I'm enjoying your photos :)

  19. by Nisa on August 14, 2012  8:26 am Reply

    Sweet, thanks so much for including me :)

    • by Vicky on August 15, 2012  8:19 pm Reply

      No problem Nisa – loving your photos!

  20. by Andrea on August 14, 2012  11:14 am Reply

    Thanks for putting together this list! I'm destinationeu on Instagram. :)

    • by Vicky on August 15, 2012  8:19 pm Reply

      Thanks Andrea, I'll add you in :)

  21. by Annabel Candy, Get In the Hot Spot on August 14, 2012  12:33 pm Reply

    Hi Vicky,

    This is super useful and very clever of you. I'm following you and will be working my way through them all.

    I got my first mobile phone (iPhone) a few months ago JUST so I could play with instagram so great to connect with more travel bloggers that way.

    I'd love to be added to the list if you have a mo. I'm:

    Annabel Candy I Instagram handle: annabelcandy I Get In the Hot Spot

    Thank you so much, off to tweet and share now:)

    • by Vicky on August 15, 2012  8:18 pm Reply

      Thanks Annabel :) I really love Instagram, it's amazing how much it lets you cheat and be a brilliant photographer! I think there are loads of travel bloggers on Instagram now – probably all of them to be honest – but I'm glad you still found this list helpful. I'll definitely add you in!

  22. by Bianca on September 27, 2012  11:11 am Reply

    Thanks for including me, Vicky! Also, it's a great resource to make sure I'm following others with similar interests in Instagram. See you in London!

    • by Vicky on September 28, 2012  1:38 pm Reply

      No problem! See you at WTM soon :)

  23. by Chrystal McKay on September 30, 2012  4:04 am Reply

    Ohhhh I am SO addicted to Instagram. I bought an Itouch JUST so I could have it. Pathetic I know. Add me to the list? @chrystalclear_


    • by Vicky on October 7, 2012  7:38 pm Reply

      Just added you!

  24. by Gerard ~ GQ trippin on November 4, 2012  4:15 am Reply

    We're on Instagram too. We used to use it on the iPad, but so glad it came on Android. Our tag is @GQtrippin.
    Hope to see you on there!

    • by Vicky on November 10, 2012  5:36 pm Reply

      The new pages look so good too, love mine...

  25. by Jon on February 11, 2013  11:27 am Reply

    Hi guys,

    I'm instagram-ing for 365 days on a round the world trip. Check out @jonwcollins


  26. by NZstays on February 4, 2014  8:07 am Reply

    nice post

    travel website also so good

    Thank you

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