In short, my travels are slowing down next year. If you see me jetting off to too many places tweet me / text me / comment and tell me to calm myself the hell down. 

I’m going to become an adult. Like one of those ones that knows how to cook, knows where they’ll be next week and has some sort of home. 

My travel plans 2017

Vietnam, revisited

Before that though, and it is coming, for sure, I’m going to Vietnam. For a month. Vietnam is the most popular destination on my blog. Check out the comments on my two-week Vietnam itinerary and you’ll see I’ve helped many, many people to explore Vietnam on their own terms. One of my friends even met someone in Vietnam who was following that exact itinerary. As in a real person.  

So I’m going back to expand on the information I already have for you guys, to explore the beaches of south Vietnam and, and, and… to cycle from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. I’m doing approximately 700km / 430 miles with Intrepid Travel. Over two weeks. Yikes.  

This is going to be my last long, big, solo trip for a while. 

My homecoming

Travel Plans 2017

Then in February I’m going to move back to England. 

Obviously I’m still going to travel loads, but not nearly as much as I have done this year. In 2016 I went to 10 states in the USA and 10 different countries. Crazy. I spent 10 months abroad. 

I’m going to actually get a home, a room or flat to rent, and spend more time exploring my new appreciation for England. There are so many places I haven’t been yet and I want to spend the summer at the UK festivals.

I also have so many photos, videos and stories to tell that I want to just spend some time working on my blog. I’m planning on improving my video and photography skills, somehow, to show off the destinations I do go to in a better way. And to get together all my advice, to help you recreate the awesome trips I’ve been on.

Obviously still going to go on a few trips though…

Travel Plans 2017

So yeah, there’s a possible ski trip in March on the cards, with friends. 

In April I want to go to Amsterdam to go to VidCon. I’m getting more interested in video and I’d like to learn more. I watch YouTube way more than I watch any kind of films or TV and I want to see how it’s done.  

May brings two awesome trips with an awesome person that I don’t actually know if I’m allowed to talk about. Don’t tell anyone but Greece and a super fancy Caribbean island are calling. 

June, Glastonbury. Yes, there’s a ticket with my name on it. 

July, undecided, but lots of British festivals. 

August, same. 

And then who knows. At the end of the year I’d like to go on another big trip somewhere, but we’ll see. Might buy a house instead.  

Top of the list 

Travel Plans 2017

Argentina and Chile, I want to dance, eat steak, drink wine and hike around Patagonia. 

Peru, desperate to hang out with those alpacas and see Machu Piccu. And in my reader survey Peru came out as the top place you wanted me to visit. 

Colombia, I’ve been so close to going a few times, everyone who’s been says it’s amazing.  

Going back to the Emerald Coast, and Orlando – I loved it there, and I want to go to Disney!

Aruba, I’ve seen a few photos lately and it looks like my kind of place.

2017 blog plans

I’m going to focus more on covering the destinations you’ve already shown me you’re interested in – via the most popular posts on the blog. I have so many ideas and things I want to do on here, and in life, but seeing as I’m always travelling and planning my travels I don’t have the time to see them through. 

So yeah, after Vietnam, 2017 will be all about making my blog better, festivals, friends, and having a home. 

But before that, I need to start training for my 430-mile bike ride through Vietnam. The one bit of training I have managed, on board the cruise ship, was 7 miles in 30 minutes.

I’ve got a long way to go… literally… 

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