My Travel Plans for the Rest of 2015

Sometimes I think it’s bad to have a whole year planned out, but then I remember that when I had a desk job my work year was planned, so why not as a travel blogger?

Also, I’m a planner and I like to know what’s coming up, otherwise I spend loads of time planning the future and not enough time living the now.

I had an incredible January in Japan. If ever you get the opportunity to go out there I’d definitely recommend it. So much to see and do, whatever you’re into. Two weeks in Taiwan flew by with the Chinese New Year celebrations, meeting some cool people and chilling on the beaches in the south.

As for the rest of the year here’s a rough outline of where 2015 is going to take me.

Feb and March in the Philippines and Indonesia

Plans for February 2015

More surfing, swimming with thresher sharks and checking out the stunning beaches of Palawan while I’m here. I’ve always wanted to go to the Philippines so pretty excited at the thought that it’s actually going to happen. I’ve booked on a 5-day sailing trip round the islands, so excited.

And of course, Bali is a rite of passage for every traveller. I’m going to throw myself into the backpacker life there but also make it out to the Gili Islands and Komodo Island for some peace and quiet too. 

I haven’t planned anything in stone yet for Indonesia, so any suggestions welcome!

April in India

My plans for 2015

Finally! My friend Chloe and I have been planning on going to India for years and at last we’ve managed to commit. I’ll be going to Delhi to do the Golden Triangle tour (Taj Mahal!) by myself and then I’ll meet her and her awesome hubby Stu in Kerala for two weeks of cruising the houseboats, exploring the rainforest, partying in Goa and ending up in Mumbai. Two of my favourite people in the world and a destination I’ve heard so much about – very excited!

May in Spain

Spain Lloret del Mar

I’ve decided to go to TBEX this year which is a huge gathering of travel bloggers to have fun, chat, hang out and explore Lloret del Mar in Spain. It’s a conference, but not like the stuffy conferences you might be used to. Looking forward to meeting up with old blogger friends and making some new ones too. I’ll be exploring Girona while I’m there, and will pop into Barcelona on the way back too.

June in Toulouse, and possibly two other really exciting places

Toulouse sunset

It’s one of my best friend’s hen weekends in June, in Toulouse, France. Her parents have recently bought a really cool house so we’re going over to check it out. Last girl’s holiday before the big day at the end of the month! Don’t think there’ll be any Magaluf-style antics though – more chilling out with a bottle of the local red and soaking up the sun.

Then there are two other possible trips, which I’m really excited about, but I don’t want to jinx things! 

July and August in London

Travel plans for 2015

In among all this jetting round the world and having awesome adventures I do really miss my friends and life in London. And no matter where you go, there’s no better atmosphere than a London park in summer. So I want to go back for two months, have a taste of the old life and catch up with work and friends.

I feel like there’s so much in London I haven’t seen yet so it will be cool to be a tourist in my city. I won’t be sitting still though, obviously. I’m going to Secret Garden Party, Shambala Festival and possibly Latitude and Wilderness too. London, festivals, summer and friends – it ‘s going to be a good one!

September in Cuba and Cambodia

my travel plans 2015

Back to school with Cuba for a week! My mum and I are popping over to revisit Havana, sup some daiquiris and enjoy the beaches of the north. It’ll be mum’s first time flying long haul so it’s going to be a pretty special holiday for both of us.

Then I want to go to Cambodia for the rest of the month too.

October in Thailand

My travels in 2015

I’ve only been to Thailand once, on a press trip to Phuket. I’m definitely interested to see some more of the country, particularly all these paradise islands you hear so much about. We’ll see.

November in Iceland? And the Canary Islands

2015 travel plans

I really want to go to Iceland Airwaves Festival, but we’ll have to see where the money’s at at that point! Tickets sell out by July so I’ll decide before then. It would be a pretty expensive week – but a pretty awesome one too.

Then I’m planning to spend the rest of November in the Canary Islands, in particular Fuertaventura, Lanzarote and Tenerife. They might seem like strangely common destinations, but they’re hot in the winter, and I could be working on another exciting project…

December in… who knows?

How exciting – I could be anywhere! (skiing hopefully)

Are you around in any of the destinations when I am, let’s hang out?!

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  1. by Sam on February 24, 2015  12:53 pm Reply

    Wow, busy year planned! July/August is totally the best time to visit London! I grew up there too, and always enjoy my visits back there in August. Even despite the wailing hoards of children off school, it's such a wonderful time to be outside in the city and realise that, actually, British weather isn't that and at all!

    • by Vicky on February 26, 2015  12:14 am Reply

      Yeah, quite overwhelming really! Looking forward to chilling out in London although I feel like I already have stuff planned every weekend, so I'm not sure how productive it will be!

  2. by Jessica on February 24, 2015  3:36 pm Reply

    Wow - this sounds like an incredible year for you! You will love the rest of Thailand, especially Chiang Mai. I will be following along and can't wait to keep up with your trips!

    • by Vicky on February 26, 2015  12:13 am Reply

      Ah yeah, I always hear good things about Chiang Mai – so many bloggers go to live there. Thanks for following along!

    • by Vicky on February 26, 2015  12:11 am Reply

      Ooo ok! I've done the least partying ever, since I was about 15, in the last few months so I'll definitely be ready for some fun by then!

  3. by Cris Ramos on February 24, 2015  11:01 pm Reply

    Sounds like an exciting year! Definitely stop by Barcelona if you can. My family is from Spain and I visit every year, definitely hoping to make my way to that lovely little party town by the sea :)

    Good vibes!

    • by Vicky on February 26, 2015  12:11 am Reply

      I love Barcelona. Really love it. I've been once before and just felt like it had everything: beaches, city life, old parts, new parts, art, marine culture, food and markets. Sure there's a lot more you need, but that for starters is enough for me!

  4. by Erin El-Tawil on February 25, 2015  12:01 am Reply

    For Indonesia do NOT book a boat cruise from Gili/Bali to the Komodo Islands, It's nearly the same price to fly there and it's infinitely safer. Boat travel in Indonesia can be extremely dangerous since most of the boats hired by tourists don't have proper navigational equipment and don't follow safety guidelines. There are great articles out there about boat travel in Indonesia, do your research!

    Also Indonesia is a more conservative country outside of tourists destinations so make sure you a long skirt and cardigan if you are going to venture off the beaten path.

    Also the Gili Islands are fantastic but expensive, do your budget research. Then give yourself some extra money for a cushion because most people underestimate the cost of traveling in Indonesia. If you want to do diving or snorkeling excursions youll need to pay non "southeast asia prices." The snorkeling right off the island is great though and it only costs like $1.50 to rent a mask and fins for the day.

    I suggest Gili Hostel if you are on Gili T. Super nice Hostel right in the middle of everything for a good price.

    • by Vicky on February 26, 2015  12:10 am Reply

      Oo thanks for the tips. Yeah, I think another blogger was in a shipwreck going out to Komodo actually. Not interested in that! Sounds like I'll have to make do with the snorkelling then – my money is running out! Thanks for those tips, I haven't planned a thing yet so it's really good to hear your thoughts. And I'll definitely make sure to check out the Gili Hostel :)

  5. by Ian on February 25, 2015  1:55 pm Reply

    Some great variety there Vicky - particularly looking forward to your posts on Palawan as I'm heading there next January - and it sounds like you could be experiencing the same 5-day boat trip that I'm planning on doing - Coron to El Nido?

    • by Vicky on February 26, 2015  12:08 am Reply

      Hi Ian, I'm doing it the other way. Are you going with Tao? Looks so good. Leave in a week!

  6. by Katy on February 25, 2015  4:03 pm Reply

    Eeek what an amazing 2015 you have mapped out am tres jealous! You will freaking love India. I recommend everyone to go at least once in their lives especially ticking off the beautiful Taj Mahal. Right I need to get my calendar out pronto and start planning too...

    • by Vicky on February 26, 2015  12:07 am Reply

      Hi Katy! I'm so excited for it. I feel like I can't think about it because I still have the Philippines and Indonesia beforehand. It's going to be an incredible end to my little Asia jaunt! Hope you manage to make it to some cool places this year :)

  7. by Sarah on February 26, 2015  9:07 pm Reply

    WOW, you have an incredible year filled with top notch destinations coming up! The most important thing to remember about visiting Bali is: don't go to Kuta! :) Enjoy!

  8. by Cait on March 1, 2015  11:56 pm Reply

    Just wanted to say I'm really enjoying this blog..deadly jealous but enjoying it!! Giving me lots of inspo for my next big trip! Keep up the good work!!

  9. by Kathryn on March 20, 2015  2:12 pm Reply

    Wow! I'm so envious of your life. Wish I could just pack up and go, too. I lived in South Korea for 2 years and visited Thailand for a month, but had to get back to normality and it sucks! lol I keep trying to see as many places as possible though, between work and such. *sigh* If only I had the money to travel forever!

    Anyway, I'm newcomer to this blog, but i'll definitely be keeping an eye on it. Nice work! xoxoxo

    • by Vicky on March 26, 2015  2:38 pm Reply

      Thanks Kathryn! Yeah I can't deny that life is pretty sweet for me right now. If you could travel forever it might not mean so much so try and enjoy the journey and the saving and planning, and then the trip at the end will be all the more earned. Or become a travel blogger!

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