I’m writing this from my skanky AF airbnb in Poplar in London. It’s so expensive to get hotels here – think, starting at £80 per night for anywhere featuring water and curtain – and I’m here for two weeks, so no, travel blogging doesn’t pay that well.

Travelling the year

It’s fine though. My hovel room has a bed, a desk and a wardrobe, with no hangers and the main light doesn’t work.


No distractions though, and good Wi-Fi, that’s the main thing. I’m working on putting together all my vloggy clips from Costa Rica. From Sunday I’ll be posting a video a day from my week there on my YouTube channel at VickyFlipFlop.

I’m really enjoying going back over the fun we had, and watching it over and over to edit together. It really was a brilliant week. Made two videos out of the seven I want to do so far. I’ll get there!

I’m also getting the rest of my year sorted. Two months left of 2016. An incredible year for me – especially for travel.

And I’m not easing up.


Camden in London

So I’m here for two weeks to catch up with friends and go to World Travel Market, a huge gathering of people (think 50,000) around the world interested in the travel industry. It’s great fun, and I get to catch up with my favourite bloggers who I haven’t seen for ages.

I went to a party up at The Shard on Wednesday – to celebrate travel in England – went to a meeting at Google last night and I’m off to the Blogosphere Magazine Christmas Party tomorrow.

And then the fun of WTM begins!

California, Nevada, Arizona

On Santa Monica beach

Then on Monday 14th I’m off to LA to start a Contiki trip around the big cities and National Parks of California, Nevada, Arizona.

Anyone who I’ve spoken to who’s been on a Contiki trip has had an awesome time. I feel like I have this perception of them being full of crazy 18-year-old Australians, but not sure where I’ve got that from as no one who’s actually experienced them has said that. A few of the guys I was sailing in Croatia with had just come off one and said it was the best thing ever. So, excited for that!

This is the trip I’m doing – the LA to the Bay. Every day looks incredible, but highlights for me will be Yosemite National Park, the Mojave Desert, San Diego, the Grand Canyon and Vegas. I have been to Vegas before for a night but it was just after Coachella Festival, and I barely had the energy to walk down the street, never mind get involved with any fun.

The trip is 10 days long so I hope my group is a good one!

Caribbean Cruise

two weeks in belize

Then, at the end of November I’m going on a cruise along the Caribbean coast of Central America, yeesh!

I don’t have absolute final confirmation yet, but looks like we’ll be setting sail from Miami, to Honduras, Belize, a few spots in Mexico and then back to Miami. The ship looks amazing.

I’ve never done a cruise before. It’s another one of those trips where you hear rumours, and perhaps think, ‘oh I wouldn’t want to be on board so much’. But then, anyone I know who’s done one has said it was the best thing ever.

So, so, excited for this.


Coolest things to do in Tokyo

And then I’m not too sure what to do between the 5th and the 20th. I’m trying to persuade my friend that she needs to come to Florida and we go and do the parks in Orlando. Can you imagine the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Christmas?!

Think I managed to finally swing her last night with the promise of us walking round wearing R and H jumpers.

I’d definitely have to go to Disney too. I went to Euro Disney when I was about 10 in December and still remember it as being one of the best trips ever.

Another thought was to fly back to Mexico and hang out in the Yucatan. I could go diving at the cenotes, eat tacos and just chill in the sun.

Depends on a few things. Nice conundrum to have.


I’ll be going back to my parents for Christmas. Going to spend at least a week there to get maximum time with the Baileys and Quality Streets, and the fam of course.



And theeeen, I’m going back to Vietnam! Woohooooooo!

Vietnam is my second favourite country in Asia (after Japan) and the first one I ever visited. It’s also one of the most popular destinations on my blog so I wanted to head back ASAP and find out more for anyone who’s planning a trip there after reading about it on here.

I’m going to spend 10 days travelling the south to start, then go hiking in Sapa up north for a few days, and then I’m joining this cycling tour with Intrepid Travel. It covers the route that I spent two weeks doing on my itinerary, but this time, I’ll be cycling it all. Yikes.

And then I’ll finish in Ho Chi Minh City for the most popular festival of the year, Tet Festival.

Errhhhmagod, so exciting!

Plans for the rest of the year

And that’s me, up to February 2nd 2017. Aaaaand then I’m planning on buying a house and sitting in it to watch Netflix for 6 months to catch up on sleep and all these series people talk about.

The end.

Have you been to any of these places? Anything I need to see?

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