So, before I settle into at least six months on the south coast of England, I’ve got a ‘jaunt’ in the pipeline. 

A big, huge, massive jaunt to the most exotic destination I can think of. You know in a situation – that I can’t quite give an example of now – but when you need to think of a fancy place to prove your point? 

Well, this place is always on the tip of my tongue. 

I’m going to Barbados! 

Exploring Barbados

– Thanks to Joe Ross for the photo from Flickr

Never did I ever imagine I’d get to go to such a luxurious place. Despite my many travels it’s remained untouchable, like a paradise I couldn’t comprehend being able to afford or ever imagine going. 

Turns out flights can be about £500 if you book a month in advance, only £100 more than I paid to go to Croatia last year. And hotel rooms start at around £50 per night.

Looks like you could rack up a hefty bill in Mount Gay rum, but I don’t mind doing the research for you on that.

Skyscanner’s Hot Destination 2017 


– Thanks to Loozrboy for the photo from Flickr

I’m going courtesy of – IMHO the best flight search site – who’ve basically given me free reign to explore the island as I want. They’ve revealed Barbados as one of their top travel trends for 2017 – thanks to the recent affordability, instagrammability (word?) and the authenticity that makes it stand out from other holiday destinations. Flight searches were up 39% from 2015 to 2016 so their customers are loving the idea too. 

My plan for Barbados

Exploring Barbados

– Thanks to Ins1122 for the photo from Flickr

The plan is loose. Basically I want to see what else there is to do in Barbados beyond the beaches, although I can assure you, they’ll feature heavily too. 

I’ve bought some new Go Pro accessories so I’m looking for action and adventure to use them on. As always, I’ll also be looking for the most interesting food and drink experiences too. And let’s just see how Barbados works out as a destination for the solo traveller shall we? 

I’m going for a week, on Friday 17th, follow along at VickyFlipflop on all the social media accounts, and at Skyscanner’s Instagram too!

Have you ever been to Barbados?
Any recommendations for offbeat things to do?
Got any mates who can show me round? 

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