So I think I’ve just found one of the most useful travel apps ever, in Triposo. Let me tell you why, in short.

Using Triposo in Stockholm

I used Triposo to plan my extra day in Stockholm, the 21 hours I had between getting off the train at Central Station at 7am Friday and then getting back to the Arlanda Express airport bound at 4am on the Saturday.

Yes, I had been there for a full week before, but I was so consumed with TBEX activity (the Travel Bloggers Exchange conference I was at) that I didn’t really see much, apart from the ABBA Museum and the inside of a few clubs.

Cue Triposo.

Booking accommodation

I’d already used Triposo to book my hotel in Stockholm. Past me might’ve tried to wing it and sleep at the airport, but present day me knew I’d want somewhere to shower and chill before flying home.

Triposo found me the Best Western Kom Hotel. I could specify I wanted somewhere near all the action, relatively cheap (ended up at £48, not bad for central Stockholm) and for one person. I knew I didn’t want to stay in a hostel either. You can add all kinds of filters and tags to your search to make sure you get the right results for you, saving time first time round.

It searched all the hotels in my specified area and collated them to show me my options. Once I’d done the research on the app it redirected me to to make the transaction.

The app did a great job of finding me suitable accommodation. I loved the hotel. So cool and right in the centre of Stockholm, with a great shower, a comfy bed and a cool bar / co working area downstairs too. There was a gym and sauna, but ain’t nobody got time for that.

Walking the Gamla Stan

When you’ve chosen your destination on the app you can start to save cool spots and things you’d like to see while doing your research. Or, if you don’t have time to do the research yourself there are preloaded walks and lists of attractions on there.

I followed this one on the Gamla Stan, seeing as when I’d walked through it the week before it’d just been to find the ‘best value’ wine bar (aka cheapest).

With the help of the app I discovered the Nobel Museum, the cool steps at Marten Trotzigs Grand, Stockholm Palace and if I’d have had more time, some tasty restaurants too. One of the best functions of the app was that you could set it to alert you any time you went near one of the attractions you saved, or was on the walk. HOW USEFUL IS THAT?!

Booking attractions

Stockholm in the summer

You can also search and book most of the attractions available in cities direct on the app. The Hop on Hop off tour is awesome, I’d definitely recommend that. Simply pick a date, choose your language and you can book it direct on the app.

The top attractions are listed – from the Vasa Museum, to Fotografiska, to the ABBA Museum too (yeah, I mentioned it again, it was the highlight, ok?).

More helpful functions

If you dig deeper into the city guides on the app you’ll find information on exchange rates, on the weather, on the history, culture, things you need to know, and you can even download guides to your phone too.

Guys there’s so much information on the app, but not like TMI Wikipedia-style information – actual practical advice that you need when you’re in a new destination. And you can access it offline too.

In short, Triposo is awesome. I’m going to have a play with it this week in London Town too.


You can download Triposo at the App Store, and on Google Play here.

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