Travelling to Taipei: Unique Things to Do in Taipei

There are some brilliant and unique things to do in Taipei that the average tourist doesn’t even know about, let alone actually even try out. 

Taipei holds many incredible tourist experiences, from having a chat in a cocktail bar, to jumping out of a private helicopter. And a few more normal things in between, of course! 

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to do something unusual, this post should give you a few ideas.

– post from Amy Jones at Trip.com

The best time to travel to Taipei is at the end of the year, around November / December time. You can find some pretty attractive deals here with flights from Singapore to Taipei to break up the journey. Your trip really will be an unforgettable experience – one to tell your grandchildren about!

Here are some ideas when it comes to unique experiences that you can enjoy in Taipei:

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1. Sitting on huge lily pads

There’s a park called Shuanxi Park which has extraordinary gardens and, among others, a lake full of absolutely gigantic lily pads. The park staff often place reinforced pads that people can sit upon. Chilling in Taipei, Taiwan on a huge lily pad in the middle of the lake? Well, if that isn’t worthy of Instagram, nothing is!

2. Stay overnight an a haunted hotel

There are a lot of superstitions and old stories when it comes to the Grand Hyatt Hotel, as the land where it’s currently located was used for a former prison camp. There are rumours going around that the feelings you get there are uneasy at best. Sleep with the night light on or just see what happens!

3. Eat toffee tomatoes

You can find all kinds of brand new and quite crazy food to eat if you roam around the street food markets in Taipei. It’s one of the most fun things to do in Taipei after all.

One of the best foods there are the cherry tomatoes covered in very sweet hard sugar. Street vendors place them on a stick. These tomatoes are a delight for anyone with a sweet tooth. You can find them in Raohe Night Market.

4. See the Wanli UFO village

In the 60s a Finnish designer created Futuro Houses, lodgings that look like UFOs. If you take the 1815 bus from the Taipei Main Station, you can get to a village where you can see over 10 of these.

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They are currently abandoned and deserted. It’s also a mystery why this village exists in Taipei in the first place.

There are several theories why they exist, but no one knows for sure – all the theories are pretty creepy. Yet if you’re into UFOs and mysteries, this is a very unusual place to go to. Just soak up that creepy vibe!

5. Knife massages

They might sound terrifying but you can even find knife massages in shopping malls in Taipei. They’re a (strange) part of the culture.

The staff obviously uses blunt knifes, but it’s all about being tapped hundreds of times with them. If you’re looking for the perfect knife massage in Taipei then head to Light Project located in Ximending, or the Taipei City Mall.

For something a little different in Taipei, and to skip the usual tourist spots, these activities should keep you busy!

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