A lot has happened since my January ‘Travel Plans for 2015′ post. In fact, only about 10% of the rest of the year still stands. Here’s what I’ll be getting up to for the rest of the year, all correct at the time of publication but could change with a flutter of a butterfly’s wing.

April – Spain

On Monday I’m off to Lloret Del Mar in Spain for the TBEX conference (Travel Bloggers Expo). It’s not just some boring stuffy convention but a chance to meet some fellow bloggers to learn and have fun. I went to one in Dublin 18 months ago and had a lot of fun. When you work alone it’s good to meet people in the same industry, and Lloret Del Mar looks beaut too. 

May – Israel and Russia

I’ve been invited to visit Israel with VIBE Israel. I’ve always wanted to see Tel Aviv and the trip they’ve planned for me looks amazing. Of course I know this is a controversial destination right now but politics are off the agenda and I want to see the country first hand to make my own opinion on travelling there.

At the end of May I’m going on a cruise from Moscow to St Petersburg in Russia. I’ll be cruising the canals and rivers with a local vodka in one hand and my camera in the other. I’m so excited to see the Kremlin and experience Russia for myself – another fascinating country I want to learn more about.

June – Estonia and Latvia

From St Petersburg I’ll be taking the bus to Tallin in Estonia and then continuing on to Riga in Latvia. I’ve seen a few countries in Eastern Europe now but I’m always interested to experience the uniqueness of more. Tallin and Riga are gaining in popularity as cheap places to visit from England for a weekend so I’m keen to see what the fuss is about.

There’s also another awesome June time trip that I’m really excited for, but I’m just waiting on the confirmation before the final reveal.

July – a festival or two and Berlin

Secret Garden Party has sadly sold out, before we managed to buy tickets. Gutted. My friends and I are tempted by NOS Alive Festival in Lisbon, but seeing as we’ve just got back from India we’ll wait and see a bit.

I definitely want to go to Latitude this month though.

I’m also planning on going to Berlin at the end of the month for a conference, and for some Berghain partying afterwards too, but we’ll see. I plan to live in London in some sort of Airbnb apartment in between. There’s no place on earth like London in the summer. 

August – Berlin and London

I’ll still be in Berlin for some of August and then I’ll maybe go back to London for a bit until Shambala Festival on the Bank Holiday weekend.

September – Cuba and …

Cuba is still an absolute definite at the start of the month.

I think Thailand is looking more and more unlikely though – as you can see it’s been a crazy year of travel so far and I just think it’s all too much. At the moment I’m thinking I’d like to go to France for a few months to learn French, with a quick trip to Budapest or somewhere in Scandinavia for a short time instead. We’ll see nearer the time.

I’m a planner, I love it, but as you can tell I also like to change my mind too. I’ll let you know any updates as soon as I do!

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