Volaris Airlines Have Lost My Backpack and My Refund

If she tapped that pile of paper upright on the desk one more time I was ready to flip. She was one of those who shuffles things about and rearranges the desk to look busy.

Volaris Airlines had lost my luggage and the staff member in front of me was doing sweet FA about it.

If this post was published last night it would feature even more wrath in it. I was livid.

My rage affair with Volaris had started two weeks before. I was due to fly from Mexico City to Puerto Vallarta the next day, Tuesday, at 11am. At 9pm I got an email saying:

We care about you, and we want to let you know that your flight MEX PVR PNR C4U94M had a schedule UPDATE.

No problem I thought, initially.

I ignored how annoying it was they didn’t just tell me what the update was and forced me to log into my account, until I saw the new date. THURSDAY! At 2pm. No that’s not alright Volaris!

Vicky vs Volaris Round 1

Volaris airlines

Still, I accepted shit happens and all I wanted was an answer as to whether I’d get my money back so I could book another flight with Interjet so I could be in San Pancho to start my surf course. I phoned the number they gave and spent the next hour on hold listening to a terrible cover of Live and Let Die over and over and over. My Volaris rage was at an all time high.

In the mean time I tried to get some attention on their ‘live chat’ function on the website – no answer, but of course, I was next in line.

On Twitter I got a quick tweet back, I’ll give them that, but then radio silence when I explained the problem. Same on Facebook.

All the while I’m still listening to the stupid song waiting for them to pick up the phone. Long story short, they finally did, and I told three different people my details before someone decided they could help. Then followed ten minutes where ‘my contact’ spoke to his manager about the refund. Then I was on the phone for another 20 minutes while he processed the refund. I couldn’t believe it. No wonder the phone lines were jammed.

“All done. It will take 20 working days to reach your account.”

Twenty days! A month! Then no confirmation email, nothing. I decided to trust them, given that I didn’t have a choice.

Vicky vs Volaris Round 2

Then at 9pm on a Friday I was given 48 hours to send my passport details and a copy of the original flight reschedule email they’d sent me, to get the refund. I was ok, I saw the email, but what about the people who don’t check their emails fanatically? They timed that one well over the weekend. No notification of receipt though, and their Trip Advisor rating makes me think that refund will be lost in the Volaris wilderness.

Vicky vs Volaris Round 3

Volaris airlines

In the mean time I’d stupidly booked a flight from Guadalajara to Oaxaca with Volaris, just because it was £40 cheaper. I expected the worse, a cancellation before, maybe a reschedule for next year, but the flight went ahead after a 30-minute delay on the runway. Shame my backpack didn’t.

“It’s probably because it was a connecting flight.”

Argh! You’re an airline, how many ‘connecting flights’ do you deal with a day? Obviously I didn’t say that. Too ruddy polite. Although I did flip a bit when she said my backpack might come on Saturday (it’s Wednesday!).

The next hour at the airport was spent listing my few treasures that had made it through many tough rounds of culling to fit in a backpack. There’s nothing particularly valuable in there – bar the DSLR camera I’m trying not to think about – but they are all my favourites. I had to list everything in my bag down to the last pair of socks and she wrote it out frustratingly neatly, like a child who’s just been given their first fountain pen.

“My manager will send an email to find where your bag is.”

An email!

My mind flashed backed to the attendant in Guadalajara pressing a sticker with definite questionable stickiness on my bag saying ‘transit’, and I doubted then that it would stay but I reasoned that they knew what they were doing.

Never will I ever fly Volaris again.

I do have a number to call for a $1000 pesos (£45) voucher as a sorry – although the lady on the desk wasn’t sure how it worked and didn’t have a phone I was able to use either. Judging by the last time it’ll probably cost me the 1000 pesos to call the number.

If my backpack is found, I have to go and pick it up myself from the airport. At least a 150 pesos round trip.

All I have to wear are the clothes I stand in, and a rucksack full of electronics. The refund is nowhere to be seen, and it doesn’t look like my bag is either.

**Update 20 hours after flight landed**

I am now the proud owner of my backpack, woohoo! The 1000 pesos is credit for Volaris, which will apparently be issued as an electronic voucher. Anyone want it?

I spent an hour on the phone this morning just being passed around. And it took me two hours and 150 pesos to get to the airport and back to pick up my bag.

I’m just going to let it go and move on with my life. And hope the initial £80 they owe me appears in my bank account.

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  1. by Anna Roberts on October 23, 2014  5:54 pm Reply

    Noooo what a nightmare! Good tips though, their name is certainly implanted in my mind. I hope it all works out for you x

    • by Vicky on October 25, 2014  10:55 pm Reply

      Yeah, managed to get the backpack back, and a 1000 peso voucher for Volaris is apparently on it's way. Pfff! NO THANKS!

  2. by Hayley (Lovepuffin) on October 24, 2014  12:08 am Reply


    There's nothing worse than airlines who really don't care about their customers. Sorry to hear about your stress but thank god you got your bag back.

    As for the voucher? I'll give it a miss thanks!! X

    • by Vicky on October 25, 2014  10:57 pm Reply

      I know! They were so rude about it all. I could go on with the story above about a few more things that they did, but I won't bore you all. I've never felt so much rage at a company...

  3. by Bob on October 24, 2014  4:47 am Reply

    Does the voucher have a use by date on it. Maybe you could auction it on Ebay and donate the proceeds to favorite charity. But really what a great true life story of horror, passion and intrigue.
    Vickie you should start collecting these characters, (a.k.a. "She was one of those who shuffles things about and rearranges the desk to look busy"). Get enough of them, throw in a bit of imagination set on the world stage, and bingo, we have the great novel. I would like to reserve a first edition copy. You could send that airline a letter thanking them for their "inspiration". There has got to be something positive in there somewhere.
    Great reading, thanks for the blog!

    • by Vicky on October 25, 2014  11:00 pm Reply

      Ah thanks Bob, I love having your support! I did think about giving it away actually, I'll see what happens if they ever send it through. I think it's credited to my account though, so I have to be the one to use it, it's not a 'physical' voucher.

      I'd love to write a novel one day, and I will!

  4. by Elizabeth @ Awesome Wave on October 25, 2014  12:38 pm Reply

    Nah, I'm good thanks. I'd rather pay double for the airfare than have £40 off a dodgy airline.

    Dang! Sorry to hear that. But thanks for sharing. At least a few of us have that name scarred onto our brain as a big no-no.

    • by Vicky on October 25, 2014  10:48 pm Reply

      Same. Even if it does come through I won't be using it – Volaris is now a dirty word in my ears! It wasn't just the losing my bag, I know stuff like that happens, but it was their whole attitude and customer service. So bad. Never again!

  5. by Bethaney - Flashpacker Family on October 31, 2014  2:01 am Reply

    So glad I read this before I booked the flight I was thinking about booking from Cancun to Las Vegas!!!!

    • by Vicky on November 1, 2014  5:57 pm Reply

      Oh god, don't go near them! Still don't have my refund or any compensation!

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