A Week in the Life of This Travel Blogger: London Edition

The week before I was at my parents’ in Middle England (as I like to call it) beavering away on the laptop, and the week before that I was filming in Gran Canaria. The two extremes.

This week has been a happy medium with some time in London before I jet off to Lapland to Norway. I thought I’d keep a daily diary to show what a week in the life of a travel blogger looks like. It’s not all fun and games, but I’d say I get my fair share…

A Day in the Life of a Travel Blogger: Taipei Edition

Thursday 26th November

Got my nails shellaced in the morning. I don’t spend much money on all that beauty stuff, in fact, hardly any at all, but just recently I like my nails to have a certain je ne sais quoi. When I do my own nails, the intact colour lasts approximately three hours. Nice plummy colour, done.

Then it was Derby time, about a 15-minute drive from where my parents live, to cash in a Boots prescription sunnies voucher I was given for some work I’d done. Chose some beaut sunnies that unfortunately won’t be ready for two weeks (Wtf? Peak season I think not?). Love a good pair of sunnies, if I wasn’t shortsighted I’d own 5 trillion pairs of cheapos, but I am.

I spent the rest of the morning packing up for my upcoming trip to Norway and just doing some work until it was time for my dad’s special, salad nicoise. It was a good one. And then it was time for le train to Londres.

Floripa London

First stop was the LAN Airlines blogger party at Floripa, organised by the Traverse team. I love coming to the Big Smoke and seeing my London travel blogger mates, they’re the best. The night was really fun with lots of cocktails, silliness with too many people to mention, and they gave away six flights or something like that, crazy.

I stayed at the Dictionary Hostel nearby. Accommodation is a funny one when I come to London as friends always offer but sometimes it’s simpler to sort myself out, especially when I’m so busy. Hostels seem to be part of my life now and there are some really nice ones about. It doesn’t bother me and it’s the cheapest way to be in a good location. It was only a 10-minute walk from the party.

Friday 27th November

Today was spent recovering and working. I have a huge contract in at the moment to write a lot of content for a website and it’s killing me. As well as writing for my own blog I have around a dozen other clients who I write for on a regular basis too. It’s non stop!

After working in the hostel social area I tubed it over to Queensway to my next accommodation, the Astor Hostel who’d invited me stay to see what I thought. In short, nice place, for the full story, check out my review of the Astor Hotel here.

Quick check in and I decided to get my hair cut, because, well, I felt gross. The jolly Greek lady I’d randomly gone to, chopped a good few inches off and only took 30 minutes to do the whole thing. Shocker, normally it’s an hour minimum. Instantly felt better about life, and then got back to work.

Week in the life of a travel blogger

The light at the end of the too-much-work tunnel was the Vuelio Blog Awards at The Brewery. It was a super flash event which I didn’t feel quite dressed up enough for. That’s the trouble with living out of a backpack, I never quite have the appropriate clothes. I went by myself not really knowing anyone but it was fun, dinner was nice and I learnt about a few different niches and blogs.

Definitely ready for bed that night.

Saturday 28th November

Bottomless Brunch at Lima Floral

Managed to fit in a little more work in the morning before meeting up with my BFF Chloe. We went for a bottomless brunch at Lima Floral. Bottomless brunches started to be a huge thing in London just before I left, I’d been wanting to go for one for ages and I knew with Chloe we’d get our money’s worth in Prosecco. I loved it here so will write a review very soon.

It seemed like a great idea at the time, to down as much Prosecco as possible, not so much the next day.

Week in the life of a travel blogger

That night we decided to go out to Notting Hill with another friend Fiona. We met up with some of the girls I was in Tarifa with, doing my digital nomad thing. It was a fun night. I love spending time with Chloe and Fiona. When I’m away they’re the two who really make the effort to stay in touch and I love them for it.

Sunday 29th November

Week in the life of a travel blogger

Felt rough as hell and full of regret and the expense of yesterday, but we did what was right at the time.

We walked back to Notting Hill, had a tasty breakfast at Recipease, Jamie Oliver’s new gaff, and then wandered back to Queensway again. We had a juice at the super cool bar 40s opposite the tube station and off Chloe went, could be a long time till I see her again. Sad times.

I made my way to my next accommodation, and spent the rest of the night writing as much as possible and not talking to anyone.

Monday 30th November

Worked in Pret a Manger near Oxford Street this morning and who should come and take up the seat next to me? Lauren Laverne. Sadly I didn’t absolutely, definitely confirm it was her until I looked up to see what I knew was her business partner Sam Baker saying bye to her (they do The Pool site together). Famous.

I worked, and worked, and that was it. Oh, and confirmed a 10-day trip to Florida, starting on December 10th. Argh! CHRISTMAS at DISNEY HERE I COME!

(This means I’ll have been to Disney twice in a year.
I went for the Frozen show opening in Tokyo. Haha.)

Tuesday 1st December 

Week in the life of a travel blogger

– Not my photo, from their website

Went to The Hoxton Hotel in Holborn today to the co working space to meet up with Alysa, my Tarifa friend again. Ended up having a super productive day in a really cool environment. I liked working there, apart from that it was hot as hell and a coffee was £4. Lasted all day though. Naughty.

And then it was the awesome Trek America party. So much fun. Generally the same excellent blogger crew that was at the LAN event, plus or minus a few. A blogger won a trip to the USA, I ate some sweets, a burger, drank some beer, laughed a lot, a lot more, met awesome YouTuber Hannah Witton who I’ll be travelling Florida with, got a caricature done, and then went home at a reasonable hour to work. Then I accidentally bought an iPhone 6s to replace my 5, that I realised I’ve hardly used lately because it can’t deal with any lowlight. Can’t wait to get my hands on that! Oops about the money.

Week in the life of a travel blogger

Then I didn’t end up going to sleep until about 4:30am, again, oops.

At least I finally discovered Amy Schumer (‘discovered’ in the Columbus sense of the world, as in, everyone already knows about it but I’m here now) as I lay there waiting to drop off. I get what all the fuss is about now, and I want to watch everything she’s ever done.

Wednesday 2nd December

Week in the life of a travel blogger

Today I move to The Nadler, one of the newest hotels in Kensington Victoria  (can you believe I, a Victoria, went all the way to the one in Kensington by accident?). The hotel actually only opened on Tuesday so I’m one of the first to try it, very exciting.

The room was lush and it was the perfect retreat to work for the entire time I was allowed there (2pm till 11am the next day). I bathed (first time this year), I worked, I got some bargain prawns from M&S next door and I enjoyed the super friendly desk staff as they made me feel very welcome.

Week in the life of a travel blogger

Thursday 3rd December

Best sleep ever and couldn’t get out of bed. Little bit of work, jumped on the train to Gatwick and that’s it, I’m off to Norway for four days!

Snowmobiling, skiing, Northern Lights hunting… woohoo!

So, basically, a lot of work, enough play, a little booze and a lot of fun. Like you imagined?

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  1. by Dannielle on December 3, 2015  2:07 pm Reply

    Holy smokes, my heads spinning just reading this! Exciting times, but oh man I don't know how you do it sometimes! Have fun in Lapland :)

    • by Vicky on December 6, 2015  10:45 pm Reply

      I don't either! SO. TIRED. It was a lot of fun though :).

  2. by Lauren Meshkin @BonVoyageLauren on December 4, 2015  6:02 am Reply

    I'm exhausted just reading this ;) Love these posts. Thanks for sharing! I hope you have a blast in Norway!

    • by Vicky on December 6, 2015  10:41 pm Reply

      Hmmm, you've made me think. I *am* absolutely, completely wiped out right now. Think I need to calm down and stay in a darkened room for a few weeks. This was actually quite a chilled week. I just can't say no to things!

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