Week One of Owning a Home (Trashed the Place)

Within 24 hours of owning a home I’d…

– Blocked the toilet with all the tissue I’d used to disinfect the bathroom, as I’d tried to do it before I’d bought the proper materials.

– Stabbed a hole in the wall with a screwdriver after some over-enthusiastic ceiling tile lifting, again, because I tried to do it before I’d bought the proper materials.

– Scraped off a little more ceiling plaster than I intended, because, yes, too tight / lazy / over enthusiastic, to take the time to go and buy a wallpaper scraper.

Lesson learnt. Bought one the next day and all of a sudden life was so much easier. Some times a work man’s tools are definitely to blame.

My first week of owning a home has been fun though!

Day one in VickyFlipFlop’s house

(say that in a Big Brother voice)

Picked up my keys on Friday (ASAP) and just went and looked round, walking between the rooms eyeing up my new palace. For the last six months I’ve lived in a room in a flat share, an awesome flatshare, but still. Before that I stayed in over 250 beds around the world for three years. And before that, I lived in my ex-boyfriend’s room in his family home. So I’m just not used to having this much space. It’s awesome.

Kind of intimidating though…

So I went round and just wanted to pull a leettle, tiny bit of the wallpaper off, in what will be my office, to see the state of the walls underneath, but gawd it’s satisfying when you get a big bit isn’t it? Ten minutes later I’d totally savaged that room.

My first home

– Shut the door on that little mess and move on.

Next I decided to lift the carpets in what will be my room ­­– all four layers of carpet, and found what I hoped, glorious floorboards underneath. For the next hour I wandered around plotting and planning what I want to do, some day, to my house.

Aaand then I went back to the comfort of my flat (which I have for another week) and went out with my house mates. Had a few too many bottles of wine but hey ho.


The weekend consisted of my friend helping me to lift all the carpets in the house – needed those muscles – and scraping ceiling tiles off till our knuckles bled and we were covered in teeny tiny bits of polystyrene. It basically snowed in my house last weekend.

I wasn’t rushing things though. We made sure we had plenty of time to sit in my little conservatory and eat bacon sandwiches (first meal) and drink rum cocktails, just to see what ‘sitting in my own conservatory’ was like. I’ve already decided it’s my most favourite room in the house. Just need to clean those windows and I have a lovely view of my overgrown garden. I can sit there like an old lady with a blanket on my knees and watch the birds and plants to my heart’s content.


Owning a house

Took me at least an hour to second clean the fridge freezer. I’d given it a quick go before trusting it with my bacon and ciders but I wanted to get right in there and do it properly. I also scraped ceiling tiles by myself, and walked round the house sellotaping up ‘my vision’ on all the doors. Basically all the images I’d ripped out of magazines of what I want from each space. This is where Pinterest fails and magazines win – I wanted a visual account for my family and friends who were on their way to help.

Rang around for a plasterer to come and repair the ceilings I’ve trashed. Who knew plasterers in Portsmouth were so busy?


My 33rd birthday and a big day in my house renovation / redecoration project – THE PARENTS ARRIVED.

They’ve been brilliant in picking up things for me from charity shops near them, and from their friends who were throwing a few bits out, so we rented a van to bring it all down from Derbyshire to Portsmouth.

They’re going to be staying for a week or two to keep me on task (haha).

I was so excited when they arrived I ran out the front door, and then a gust of wind slammed it shut. I had no keys. Cue me spidermanning it over the back wall, praying that I’d left the conservatory door open. Pheewwwweeee I had. Close one.

My mum and dad are brilliant at DIY and all home decor related activity. My school friends always said mum should be an interior designer (our family home was so Pinterest, before Pinterest was even a thing). They’ve been so excited about the house so it was great to have their enthusiasm and skills on board.

I had a few quotes for the ceilings and walls today as apparently back in the day in this area they just used limestone and horsehair to plaster houses, so as you take the wallpaper off half the house comes with it. Eek. Owning a home just got even more expensive. Deep breathe.

After emptying the van they hired (FULL of stuff), going to pick up the sofa I bought on Facebook Marketplace (OMG I love it) and picking up my desk from my old flat (the rest of the stuff can wait), we got some fish and chips and got cracking on the Prosecco with a Skype call to my bro in Barcelona to celebrate birthdays and houses.

And then, we had to make their bed, as in, actually fix it all together, actually make it – cue a late bed time and all of us exhausted but unable to sleep with excitement and body aches.

Busy and exciting day!


Decorating my house

Early start to get rid of all the carpets and ceiling tiles at the rubbish tip before we had to get the van back. Those carpets were so, so heavy, but together, we did it. Quick dash back to make it in time for another plasterer quote.

Sue and Roy, Mum and Dad’s friends (and mine, obviously) came over from Brighton to help out. My kitchen was all of a sudden 5 shades of green lighter after Sue got to work on it, while Roy cleaned up my garden, among about 10 other jobs. Friends are great when you just move into your new house.

My youngest friend popped over with his mum – he’s two weeks old – and we sat and drank Prosecco, again, admiring the view from my conservatory.

And that’s my first week of owning a new home.

It’s been a steep, steep learning curve, and I’m starting to realise how much it’s all going to cost. My ideas and plans have had to be reduced significantly, but that’s fine, just need to be more realistic about life, and probably cancel my upcoming trip to Lisbon too. Gotta make those sacrifices.

Hopefully next week we’ll have decorated the lounge, although I need my electrician to come and do his thing, and as you can see from the picture, Sue is getting to work on that conservatory :).

I’ll let you know how I get on!

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Me at 13, 23… and now 33


  1. by Candice Walsh on October 13, 2017  1:47 pm Reply

    I didn't know you had bought a house! Congrats!

    • by VickyFlipFlop on November 1, 2017  9:45 am Reply

      Thanks Candice! It's been an adventure so far :)

  2. by Steph R-C on October 13, 2017  2:20 pm Reply

    This just made me howl! Remember it so well from our experience! Such good fun though! Congrats again on your home!! It's gunna be mega!! Xxx

    • by VickyFlipFlop on November 1, 2017  9:45 am Reply

      Thanks Steph! You need to come and see it! Lots of work done and lots still to do, but all good fun :) x

    • by VickyFlipFlop on November 1, 2017  8:43 am Reply

      Thanks guys! You’re invited round whenever you like ☺.

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