Being cool isn't cool 3 things totally inspired me this week.

Number one: this post from Scarlet Wonderland.

Not caring about stuff kind of makes you a dick

I’ll let you read it yourself, but basically she’s calling on everyone to stop being so passive and dismissive of everything going on in life. It’s not cool to be cool.

This is something that has been bothering me about life lately. Or maybe it’s just the stories I hear from the people I hang out with, or the people I hang out with… It’s like it’s not cool to laugh, to cry, to be excited, to be yourself – you need to just be some hipster robot with no opinion or real feelings. To be cool is to not get engulfed in the moment and go with whatever emotion or feeling you have.

It’s so sad to lose your childlike wonder.

I love people who can throw their head back and laugh, people who are genuine, they’re out there and not afraid to share or say their emotions. People who just tell it like it is – they don’t just sit there quietly judging, they’re too busy having fun, or saying it out loud. It’s  a rare quality among all the small talk, bullshit, one-upmansship and politeness we’re surrounded by. I love my friends, and friends to be, who just say it like it is and they’re not afraid to reveal how they really feel. I vow to live by this way of life when I go travelling.

I also enjoyed her break up guide, if you wanted some further reading. Great use of ‘Rumpleforeskin’.

Number two: Escape the City talk

I went to this talk by Escape the City – a movement in London set up to help people get out and ‘achieve their dreams’ – about how to escape the city through travel writing. Just seemed apt given this weeks’s little personal announcement. There was a room of 100 hanging on to the speaker’s every word. With every question I realised I had the key, I HAD THE SECRET, and I was going to use it to get out of here.

With every ‘how do you set up a blog’, ‘do I use WordPress or Blogger’, ‘how do you make money’, ‘how do you get published’, ‘what shall I write about’, I realised I knew all the answers, well, not the last one, but all the others.

I can do this

All the work I’ve put into this blog over the last 2 years and 4 months is about to come to fruition, and I know a lot of people would love to be in my position right now. I’m excited. My dedication to my writing career wasn’t to give myself to someone else who’d work me to the bone, but for me, to do it to myself.

I felt liberated leaving that London bar.

Number three: Passenger – Scare Away the Dark

I love this guy. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to Let Her Go, and his new song Golden Leaves just brings out my sentiment side (“♫ Do you remember how this started out? So full of hope, but now we’re full of doubt ♫”).

But, that’s not the song I want to show you. Check this video out…

We should run through the forest
We should swim in the streams
We should laugh, we should cry,
We should love, we should dream
We should stare at the stars and not just the screens
You should hear what I’m saying and know what it means

Did you watch it? Don’t read on if not. Just watch it to the end.

What I’ve learned

It goes back to inspiration exhibit A. To go for life balls out and feel every emotion there is to feel, and don’t be afraid. It’s scary to put yourself out there, emotionally and physically, but to be open to every adventure and actively pursue ‘life’ will be so much more rewarding. People talk about protecting their feelings and not giving them to people in case they hurt them back. Despite what’s happened to me recently I’d say that’s exactly how not to live your life, that way you’re just hurting yourself slowly, rather than someone else possibly hurting you quickly at the end. Which may not even happen anyway, so just go for it.

There’s so much we can do in our time one earth, it’s overwhelming – it distresses me to think of not even making a dent in the possibilities. Of going to the same places day in, day out, and never challenging yourself to do more.

I’m not going to bang on about how you should give up your job and ‘find yourself’, you can find millions of pages telling you to do just that in a quick Google search. Your freedom is totally different to mine. But whatever it is you want to do – however weird, uncool, far out, unrealistic, weird – use your knowledge (exhibit B), don’t underestimate yourself, and let these three points that have inspired me in the last few days spark something in you too.

However boxed in you feel, you do still have a choice. Don’t be feeling like this in a year, two years, or even worse the rest of your life. Take steps now, one every day, to get a step closer to whatever it is you want to get out of life (exhibit C). It’s taken me at least two years of blogging on top of a day job to get to the point where I can afford these travels – both financially and career wise – and the work the opportunities I have require will never stop.

It might be a small step, a tiny one in fact, but each day you’ll know you’re one step closer to wherever you want to be.

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