My dad loves Croatia, in fact we have to ban him from the C-word in our house when it comes to talking about holidays and where to go next. I think he’s been about eight times, whether mum joins him or not.

Post written in collaboration with Croatia Tourism

Plitvice National Park in Croatia is always on those ‘most epic sights to see before you die lists’, with all its lakes and waterfalls. It’s a UNESCO Natural Heritage Site too, so you can imagine how pretty it is. You can go paragliding if you like, for the best views. Next time I go to Croatia I want to see it, so I can replace this photo with one of my own.

Plitvice National Park

Also, the orange roofed houses of Dubrovnik are iconic and need to be snapped by my mad photographic skills.

Have a go at the Croatia Tourism quiz to find out what your dream holiday type is like in Croatia
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Sights to see in Croatia

Next time I go to Croatia I’d also like to check out one of the festivals – Electric Elephant, Hideout, The Garden Festival, Stop Making Sense and Dimensions, to name just a few.

Festival in Croatia

As you might’ve seen on my social media I’m a little obsessed with skiing at the moment, and apparently you can even do that in Croatia too. It sounds awesome, even writing this I’ve convinced myself that I need to go and have just looked at flights. It’s cheap! Oh, and truffle hunting in Istria? Yep, yep.

I’ve been before

I went to Zadar in 2010 on my big four-month trip round Europe. I arrived by boat in from Ancona in Italy, it was awesome. The sun was coming up as our boat was coming into port and my friend and I had slept the night through on the ferry sofas.

Ancona to Zadar Ferry

We stayed in a cute little house in the little village of Bibinje in southeast Zadar just by the water’s edge. It was a beautiful spot for a few days. We moved on to central Zadar and met some friends who’d flown out for a few days, before going on to EXIT festival in Serbia.

What the other 11,000 said

The Croatian Tourist Board surveyed 11,000 people from 11 countries (11 is my lucky number, I like this) to find out about their ideal holiday. Apparently the ‘fly and flop’ holiday just doesn’t cut it anymore and people want to have new experiences, get friendly with the locals and check out the locals museums and galleries.

Croatia Tourism

In order…

  1. A friendly welcome from local people
  2. Value for money
  3. Quality time with family/friends
  4. New and interesting experiences
  5. Good food
  6. Sunny weather
  7. Good hotel facilities
  8. Range of activities to keep everyone entertained
  9. Being understood by local people
  10. Internet access and mobile phone coverage

And apparently, 82% of people who’ve been to Croatia would give it a score of 8 out of 10 or more. Maybe I’ll have to listen to my dad a bit more.

See what kind of traveller you are

Have a go at their quiz to find out what your dream holiday type is like in Croatia and
you could win a 7-night trip there!

*2 Days Zagreb, 1 Day Plitvice, 2 Days Zadar, 2 Days Split (you need a Facebook account)

Sounds epic!

Apparently I’m an adventurer

Croatia Adventurer

I’ve never even heard of any of those places. I need to get out there and explore!

Find out more on the Croatia Tourism site here.

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