This is it; all my hopes, dreams, wishes and aspirations have come true. On Tuesday I’m going to the paradise island of St Lucia, in the Caribbean, on the search for adventure.

As a kid I always thought the Caribbean was the ultimate holiday – the place where people went on TV, not in real life. Now I’m all grown up I know quite a few people who’ve been but my childlike wonder has not waned.

I am going to put myself in the flip flops of one of those TV people and see St Lucia like a boss.

What I’ll be doing

I’ve been invited by St Lucia Tourist board to check out all the activities on the island, including…

Catamaran Tour St Lucia

I’m sure lying on the beach will play a prominent part in my week there too, but it’s all the action and adventure that I’m after.

Adventure in St Lucia

I’m staying at St James’ Club in Morgan Bay, one of the beautiful Elite Island Resorts, and cannot wait to get stuck into the waterskiing and snorkelling opportunities there, as well as the restaurants and spa treatments of course.

And I’m going Segwaying! Well excited.

I can’t stop singing ‘Woah, I’m going to St Lucia’ to the sounds of the Vengaboys Ibiza song in my head. Not my fault, I’m a true 90s child.

Follow me

Obviously I’ll be Instagramming every second of my day @VickyFlipFlop (show off? Moi?) and Tweeting @VickyFlipFlop my movements too.

Local Cuisine St Lucia

If you’re looking for your next holiday destination, or even the one after that – or you’re just looking for someone to hate, you’ll enjoy the next few days on my blog. Think about it, Christmas is coming up, surely someone will want to treat you to a week away once they’ve seen all the fun they could have?

♫ Fly away on Virgin Airways… 

Thanks to the Saint Lucia UK Facebook page for the pics – I’ll have my own very soon!

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