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It’s on its way!

Ever worry about your stuff when you leave it in your accommodation? Or when your laptop work session in a café ends in drinks and carelessnesss? Ever had anything stolen abroad?

A month ago I could say yes to all these things

…And then the Numinous 25l litre rucksack entered my life.

Numinous rucksack competition

You should see me now – leaving my bag while I go to the toilet in Wi-Fi cafes, not fretting all day while I’m out about how bustable the hostel lockers are, and gallivanting round town safe in the knowledge no one is getting into that rucksack – I’m a new woman.

And you could be just like me.

In yesterday’s post about which luggage to use where when I told you about the virtues of the Numinous.

To recap

  • Lockable
  • Unslashable
  • Hidden pockets
  • Easy access pockets
  • Comfy on your back
  • Padded laptop pocket
  • Technology
  • Love it

I’ve got the 25l, but I’ve got a 55l to give away. Meaning all your stuff will be safe as houses as you go off gallivanting in your chosen destination. Just sign up to monthly newsletter below and follow me on Facebook to enter. Done!

Enter now!

“This backpack encompasses the Numinous layered security system, which includes our Numinous Anti-Slash technology, TSA zip locks, anti-puncture zips and our Numinous Shield system which allows you to securely fix your rucksack to a dorm bed or fixed object. These features combined give you all round peace of mind and keeps travel documents and personal belongings safe at any stage of your journey.” – numinous-packs.com

**Hey guys, just want you to know that the wire on the bag is designed to stop opportunist thieves, it’s not a magic indestructible wire that stops anyone taking your bag. Someone could still cut through it with wire cutters, if they were that way inclined. It has to be removable because if you were to attach it to something in an airport, for example, they’d need to remove it rather than shut down the entire airport. If you need more info on exactly how secure it is, just let me know. I’ve looked into it!

Terms and conditions

  • Must have a UK mailing address to post to.
  • Entry method: sign up to my new monthly newsletter, and follow me on Facebook.
  • I have the right to change Ts and Cs at any time
  • Competition dates: 9 June to 23 June 4pm – now 30 June! 
  • Winner will be emailed on 23 June – now 30 June! – and has 7 days to claim, before the prize is forfeited.
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