I want to show you how easy it is to use MillionEyez and how by playing about with it, you can win the new Olympus PEN E-PL8 camera, worth £599.

– Post in collaboration with MilllionEyez

*This competition is only open to bloggers*

Why use MillionEyez?

If you like to look at good photography, are a blogger or work in an industry that always needs great photos or you want to get ideas for your own photography, MillionEyez is a great platform. It’s a new photo platform that provides slideshows, like the one above, for you to include in your blog posts.

– It’s free to use.

– Photographers actually get credited.

– It only accepts high quality photography.

– You can easily show off your photography using your smartphone.

– Bloggers can find great photography to include in their posts knowing that the photographer wants it to be used in that way.

– Anyone can embed photos or Photoboxes for free.

How to use MillionEyez

On MillionEyez, you can be a PhotoBox curator, a contributor, or both. It’s easy to set up an account by following these simple steps.

1. Think of a topic you want to curate photos on – like the ‘Having Fun at Festivals’ one above.

2. Sign up to MillionEyez and fill in your profile. Takes less than five minutes.

3. Choose ‘Create Photobox’ from the menu and set yours up.

4. Invite your friends and community to contribute, and your new MillionEyez community too. I’m just getting started on the platform but as you can see in the festivals one above, more people have contributed than just me.

How to use Millioneyez

How to win the camera

Sometimes you need a little incentive to realise what’s so good and right before your eyez right?

Well right now you can win an Olympus PEN E-PL8 with kit lens just for using MillionEyez. It’s part of a larger competition – with one camera up for grabs between my blog, and two others in the mummy blogging and fashion worlds. You’ve got a good chance.

We want to see the world #throughmyeyez – as in yours.

To enter

– Either choose one of the many existing Photoboxes on MillionEyez, or create your own. Use mine if you like!

– Embed the Photobox in a post on your blog – could be an old one, one you’ve already planned or tomorrow’s.

– Once you’ve embedded the Photobox, enter the link in the contest form here,

Do this before the 7th June and you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win the Olympus PEN E-PL8.
I’ve been using the EPL-7 for the last two years and it’s a great little camera.

For all the terms and conditions please check out the contest form.

MillionEyez, in short

If you’re a blogger it’s a great way to gather photos on subjects you don’t yet have any on, or to illustrate posts using other people’s points of view and unique photos. For photographers it’s a great way to get your photos seen and shared, with that all important accreditation.

Enter now! 

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