We’re on our Workaway assignment and it’s the first day at work today.

Me and Waiel worked to clean out this wicked little house they’d built themselves attached to the Pilates studio. It hadn’t been used for a while so it was really dusty and smelly, but good old Bob Marley helped us get through it. I broke the headboard but we managed to hide this fact ☺, so don’t tell her.

Loving the workaway placement in Conil, Spain

After this there was lots and lots of weeding to do. It was really satisfying, back breaking but brilliant to see instant results, you don’t get that working in the media. Soil in my eye, it hurt, but I liked the sunshine on my back, working hard and being with Waiely. Brilliant day.

We went to Conil centre in the afternoon and the beach was amazing. We got very lost on the way back with about 10 litres of water to carry, good job Waiely’s got muscles. Made it home after an hour of guessing directions and I made a delicious spicy chicken pasta type thing. Bed by 9.30, worn out.

Beaching it Up in Cadiz
Our First Workaway Mission in Conil, Spain