There was another epic thunderstorm last night in Vienna. You could feel it building up through the day it was so sweaty and hot. It was still hot and sticky this morning, but we made it to Vienna train station on time to get our run of four changes and six hours of trains. It was a pretty uneventful journey, we got a lot of snacks from Billa and they helped us make it through.

We arrived in Tabor in the Czech Republic and found the Bechyne Bullet train to get to our next Workaway project. We’re going to help some guy on a farm with mowing, maintenance and general handiwork. It took an hour to do about 20km on the ‘Bullet’ train, but we got to see a lot of the Czech countryside, which was great.

We arrived at the station and no one was there to pick us up. We sat out the front and kept walking in and out the station. This is when I start to get really scared about the Workaway experience – we’ve just spent a lot of money getting there and if he didn’t turn up we were screwed. We had no money and were counting on this to let us stay backpacking for longer. This is also when you start to get scared about what they’re going to be like, and the fact that you’re handing yourself over to someone who could do anything.

After only about five minutes, although it seemed longer, our new Workaway host John came round the corner in his old car with another Workawayer in the front seat with him. He apologised for being late and said they’d been at the shops where they’d been getting supplies for the night’s BBQ in our honour.

He drove us back to us along the windy Czech roads chatting all the way. He seemed really nice and he and the other Workawayer Sarah obviously got on really well, which was encouraging. You just don’t know how the hosts are going to be, and with the coldness of Isabel and the pushy overfriendliness injected with complete bitchiness of Jane we were nervous, but John seemed like a top guy.

He showed us his little house, which was a cottage within the Bechyne castle walls, and then showed us where we’d be sleeping in another house of his just up the road. Him and Sarah had been working for weeks to get the house inhabitable for us with running water and beds. It was nice, and luxurious compared to some of the hostels we’d stayed in.

That night we had a BBQ at another of his houses in Bechyne – this time it was his apartments that he rents out. He’s got a flat above where his wide Ilona lives and then there’s a large garden where he’s got a gazebo and we ate the delicious food. By the end of the barbecue we were literally best friends. You know when you meet someone and you just get on straight away, you just get each other and laugh about the same things? It was just like that. We all spent the whole night laughing, drinking wine and eating all the amazing food they’d prepared for us. I think we’re going to have a great week here…

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