The landlord drove us to the bus stop to leave Bibinje for nearby Zadar, where we were going to meet Chloe and Stu. I had a strong urge to hug her, as she’d been so nice and looked after us. I managed to refrain.

In Zadar we got off the bus at the wrong stop and called our new landlords to see if they could help come and pick us up. They told us they’d come in a black Mercedes so we were excited, then this old banger pulled up, two overweight vested men flopped out and Waiel said he hoped to God that wasn’t our ride, turned out it was. He had to lock the boot with a bit of string and as we didn’t speak a word of Croatian or German and they didn’t speak any English we had a confusing journey back to the apartment.

Our new apartment was definitely a comedown after the luxury of Bibinje. It was old and shabby but perfectly fine for us. Waiel and I went and investigated the city while we waited for them to arrive. We were about 15 minutes walk away from the main part. The old town was beautiful, some cute shops, a great central drinking area and some lovely cafes and restaurants. The city is surrounded by water so everyone was sunbathing and jumping from the walls into the sea – it was great to see families having fun together in the hot sun. We found a diving board and pool complex, and got a good idea of the city’s layout. We returned back home to wait for Chloe and Stu.

They arrived at around 10ish after a bit of a nightmare journey in the taxi by the sounds of it. We went straight into Zadar, well after some Jager tea and a beer. We found a delicious pizza restaurant for dinner and drank cocktails in the main square all evening.

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