Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 Portable Power Station Review

The Zendure SuperBase Pro Portable Power Station is the fastest solar recharging IoT power station money can buy. Let’s take a look at what else it can do…

fastest power station

The Fastest Solar Recharging IoT Power Station: the Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000, is one of the best power stations money can buy. It’ll see you through from long camping trips, to days out with the kids, to charging up all your gadgets wherever you are in the world. If you’re looking for the best portable power station for van life, this is it.

It can recharge to 80% in just ONE hour with Solar + AC – meaning it’s also the best portable power station with solar panels. With the patented GridFlow technology, you can charge the SuperBase Pro up to 1,800W from an adequate AC outlet or generator.

fastest power station

It’s the best budget portable power station and is Dual MPPT. It’s 2400W max and has a rooftop solar panel 1800w AC +600w solar panel DC to XT60 input at the same time. It takes 1.5 hours for a full charge.

Solar panel with AC outlet

The Power Station can handle solar arrays of any size up to 1,800W*. Their patented PVMax tech means your solar setup can charge SuperBase Pro with the same superfast performance you’d get from conventional charging. That’s one hour for an 80% charge, and 2 hours for a full charge.

All about the Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 Portable Power Station

1. It’s automatic and equipped with UPS 

The SuperBase Pro has household grade Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS*) functionality built right in. Just connect the SuperBase Pro to a power outlet, connect essential devices to SuperBase Pro, and you’re done. If the power goes out, SuperBase Pro will switch over to battery power automatically.

* UPS is only applicable to electrical appliances below 2,000W. 

2. Power your home essentials during an emergency

You should always be prepared for a power outage. You can keep high-power equipment in your home running with SuperBase Pro2000 – such as an electric frying pan, kettle, toaster, coffee maker, hairdryer, blender and fridge. It can also provide up to 4,000W surge power for heavy duty devices that require extra startup current.

3. It’s the perfect power solution for camping and on-the-go events

Devices such as laptops, led lamps, drones, mini fridges and projectors can be powered by SuperBase Pro for a prolonged period.  SuperBase Pro can even be an emergency backup for your electric vehicle.

It’s the best portable power station for camping.

4. It works in most countries and regions

4. It’s adaptable and can power devices up to 3,000W

SuperBase Pro is even compatible with heavy-duty appliances and power tools, such as induction cookers, vacuums, chainsaws, drills and motorised devices.

5. It’s built to move with handles, wheels and is ready to roll

With industrial-grade wheels, a telescopic aluminium handle, and a low centre of gravity, SuperBase Pro is designed with ‘anytime, anywhere’ in mind. 

And as you’re rolling it across the terrain, you’ll find that it’s sturdy enough to stack another item on top if you need to.

Zendure SuperBase

You can choose Zendure SuperBase 1000M Backup battery with $200 OFF!

All the product info for the Zendure SuperBase

  • Price: $1599

The best bundle – currently the lowest price on Amazon – 30% cheaper than the others

  • 1* SBP2000+1* 200W Solar Panel = $1899 in total
  • Local warehouse in US and in store for fast delivery
  • Free shipping and 2 years warranty
  • Payment options through Affirm by instalments

After-Sale Service: [email protected]

1 200W solar panel, daily 5-6 hours can be charged to 50% , can meet the basic outdoor electricity needs, so the recommended purchase: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B5XMNND7.

If you want a budget option, buy the SBM series instead.

Lightweight and Space Saving

The SuperBase 600M is 62% smaller than products in the same capacity range. It’s easy to carry and fits comfortably in your car, leaving room for your essentials. 6kg weight make the SuperBase 600M is the most portable power supply ever built.

Stylish and Sturdy Metal Case

For those who love the outdoors, safety and security are paramount. The aluminum housing and its heat dissipation properties make the SuperBase M resistant to external shocks and temperature changes, and the internal 8-layer security system always provides optimum performance and long life.

Dust-proof Design

Many portable power supplies have internal fans to reduce heat, which means they have inlets and outlets, which isn’t ideal for dusty environments. However, the SuperBase M has no internal fan, and no exhaust or air intake, so no dust is drawn into the internal mechanism, making it ideal for outdoor use.

Bright Led Lights

The back panel of the SuperBase M features a 10W LED light with 4 levels of brightness and an emergency signal mode that works like a flashlight. A fully charged SuperBase 1000M will keep the built-in light on for up to a week.

Convenient in-car Charging

It’s small enough to fit in the centre console or in the passenger seat, and the 12.6V/8A cigarette lighter socket can be fully charged in 10 hours.

About  Zendure 

Zendure is one of the fastest growing EnergyTech start-ups located in the technology hubs of the Silicon Valley, USA and the Greater Bay Area Silicon Valley, China, and Japan.

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