What exactly is a digital nomad?

Back in November I went to Las Palmas in Gran Canaria to see the world’s first digital nomad cruise off, and ask some of my fellow ‘freedom fighters’ just that. While we were there, working away in the sun, they also told me what being a digital nomad meant to them and their top tips for anyone who’s interested on how they can live a life of location independence too.

Video with Transfer Wise
I was there thanks to TransferWise, an excellent money transfer start up where you can transfer cash internationally for less than any bank would charge you, up to 90% cheaper. It’s this ethos, about fighting the norm, that really resonates with the whole digital nomad scene. Banks have been charging what they please forever and now that more of us need such a service, I’m glad that there are people like TransferWise here to challenge the traditional way of doing things. Just like many of the location independent workers I’ve met on the road.

“Put your effort into finding out what you can add to the existing mass out there. And you should build a network”
– Joe

I spoke to quite a few digital nomads and whether they made the TransferWise cut or not, they were all fascinating, and all so passionate about their lifestyle. A few digital nomads, who originally felt shy when I asked them to talk on camera were soon excitedly relaying their thoughts, and I got the feeling each chat could’ve gone on a lot longer than they did.

A fascinating insight into the mind of the digital nomad movement.

The nomad cruise set sail for Brazil, with 10 days of workshops, meet ups, chat and general inspiration. From all the feedback I’ve heard, it was a brilliant experience. In fact, there’s another one setting sail from Colombia to Portugal in May.

The questions

  • What is a digital nomad?
  • What do you do?
  • What do you need to be a digital nomad?
  • Any advice for future digital nomads?

The digital nomads

TransferWise Nomad Cruise

  • Chris Shallcross
    Senior Software Engineer at Nova Ltd
  • Nicole Seelinger
    Connector at Ouishare

Thanks to everyone else who took part in this.

“Just book a single ticket, and go” – Lodi

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