I love a festival.

As the UK’s longest standing festival blogger,
I’ve been to 60 different festivals in 22 countries.

Have a browse of my experiences for top festival advice, and tips on getting the most from your festival life from Glastonbury to Tomatina to Coachella. I’m always interested to hear about new festivals, and to revisit old ones so let me know if there are any you think I should check out!

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weather at Wilderness Festival

VickyFlipFlop’s Festival History:
Month by Month

The festivals I’ve been to around the world.


Best festivals in January – 

Sapporo Ice Festival, Japan

Otaru Snow Light Festival, Japan

Dosijin Fire Festival, Japan

Hogmanay, Scotland

Tet, Vietnam


Kumbh Mela, India


Las Fallas, Spain



Coachella, USA

New Orleans Jazz Festival, USA

Hogs for the Cause Festival, USA

French Quarter Festival, USA

Seville Feria, Spain

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Cannes Film Festival, France

Manly Food and Drink Festival, Australia 

VIVID Sydney, Australia


Parklife Festival, England 

Glastonbury, England

Isle of Wight Festival, England

Eroica Britannia, England

Hayling Island Kitesurfing Festival, England

Field Day, England

Primavera, Spain

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EXIT Festival, Serbia

Latitude, England

British Summer Time Festival, England 

Lovebox Festival, England

Henley Festival, England

Bilbao BBK, Spain

Dour Festival, Belgium

Global Gathering, UK

Dawson City Music Festival, Canada

Knysna Oyster Festival, South Africa

Warriorfest, England

Atlas Festival, England

40 World Festivals for Your Festival Bucket List


Sziget Festival, Hungary

Victorious, England

Wilderness, England

Edinburgh Fringe, Scotland

Edinburgh Military Tattoo, Scotland

The Gin Festival, England 

Neverworld, England

MS Dockville, Germany

A Summer’s Tale Festival, Germany

Tomatina, Spain

FloVibe, England

Rock en Seine, France

Reading Festival, England

Leeds Festival, England

Notting Hill Carnival, England

90s Festival, England


Oktoberfest, Germany

Bestival, England

Festival No 6, Wales

Saas Fee Culinary Mile Festival, Switzerland

Bardolino Wine Festival, Italy

Lake of Stars Festival, Malawi

Voorkamer Festival, South Africa


Halloween at Dracula’s Castle, Romania


– Best festivals in November  –

Day of the Dead Festival, Mexico


Coolest festivals in December

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The Best Alcohol for Festivals

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festival blogger
festival blogger
festival blogger

festival blogger
festival blogger


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Healthiest Festivals in the UK




If you’re looking for more festival blogs, check out this list from feedspot.com. You can find tip offs about some of the biggest festivals, and festival blogs, in there. But if you’re looking for the best overall advice, from someone who’s been there and done that, then stick with me!


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The latest festival updates


8 years of travel bloggingWhy I blog about festivals

Funny story: back in many, many years ago I started a blog about festivals as my high school computer project. I was 16 and doing my GCSEs. I set up a geocities blog about festivals and wrote online about my experience at Reading Festival and Leeds Festival.

It was something like geocities.com/vixakillah. 

Unfortunately Geocities got rid of all the blogs. Makes me sad that I’ll never get to access that festival blog. Who woulda thought I would end up being a festival blogger for a career? Definitely not my computer teacher, that’s for sure!

But now I travel the world, bouncing around from festival to festival. I feel very lucky that I can say I’ve been to so many festivals as a blogger, and that I often get to go as press too. I love festivals, from the planning to the final act – maybe not so much the coming home. 

I’m planning an epic summer of festivals for 2020, so if you don’t see the festival you want to go to on this page right now, then come back next year and hopefully I’ll have been!

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  1. by Omozuhiomwen charles on May 3, 2016  8:02 pm Reply

    I love this blog and i want start a blog on festivals

  2. by Vicky on May 16, 2016  3:31 am Reply

    Thank you. Just let me know if you do, I'd love to check it out :)

  3. by anne Steel on August 24, 2016  2:13 pm Reply

    Hello! Have you heard about the Maui Waui Festival? It is 2-4th Sept in Suffolk (Theberton) - 5 stages - world music plus cabaret, circus and street performers plus the living art show http://www.mauiwauievents.co.uk/ A great family- friendly, all ages festival of the arts - very, very creative. Check it out!

  4. by Vicky on September 7, 2016  1:46 pm Reply

    Nope! Sounds cool. Looks like I've just missed it for this year but I'll keep an eye on it for next. Sounds interesting!

  5. by Kelly Stewart on January 6, 2017  10:55 am Reply

    I'm heading to a new one called Haven in Copenhagen this August, wondered if you'd ever been to any over there before?! http://havenkbh.dk/

    • by Vicky on January 7, 2017  3:58 pm Reply

      Nope! Would love to do a bit of a Scandinavia tour one day though. That festival looks AWESOME. I love The National, and Beach House. I want to go!

  6. by Kristijan on April 12, 2017  11:25 pm Reply

    Hello have you ever been to Croatia. there is SeaStar festival.

    • by Vicky on May 15, 2017  7:28 pm Reply

      Oh, I've not been to that one, or even heard of it actually. Any good?!

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  8. by Yvonne on April 4, 2018  10:46 pm Reply

    Hi Vicky,

    have you heard from the Folklorum? It's more or less a folk-world-music festval in Germany close to the Polish border. The festival takes place at a big wooden made playground... sounds strange but take a look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLI7RvN2s7Q

    • by VickyFlipFlop on April 5, 2018  8:35 pm Reply

      Ooo sounds fun. There are so many cool festivals around the world to try. I'm working hard to get through them :).

  9. by Adz Tayal on July 12, 2018  2:47 pm Reply

    Hi Vicky,
    Just thought id drop a msg. I'm looking to go to a Festival, either in the Uk or abroad in Europe, i don't actually have anyone to travel with this year. Do you know of any festival websites where i can chat to people or put up an Advert seeing if anybody else is interested in festivalling together?

    • by VickyFlipFlop on July 16, 2018  9:48 am Reply

      Hey Adz, great that you're still going to go. My advice would be to look at the particular festival's website, or their Facebook page to see if there's a solo festivaller's group or anything. Or, you could look on efestivals.co.uk – they often have groups for solo people. I've been to festivals alone before and although I'd rather go with someone it wasn't the worst. You'll meet people and get to see the bands YOU want to. Winner!

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  11. by Kunal on October 25, 2018  6:58 pm Reply

    Lovely blog...

  12. by Amy on January 16, 2019  8:27 am Reply

    I can't believe how many festivals there really are and how many you have been to! I want to go to them all too! We do festival makeovers for kids who sadly can't go to a lot of these festivals until they are old enough! However, they are boho inspired and love a bit of eco glitter so it works really well!

  13. by Stephany on April 26, 2019  5:44 pm Reply

    Hey there. I am not sure if this would be a festival you would like to go to, but there are many EDM festivals in the USA and around the world like EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival). It is super fun and you meet some of the best people out there, along with listening to wonderful music. Some of the artists even play at Coachella. Just thought I would let you know if you wanted to check it out.

    • by Chloe Alden-Dennis on July 16, 2019  5:06 am Reply

      You've done Isle of Wight but it's a chilled friendly one if they book some good bands.
      Lollapalooza in Paris looks great too ?

  14. by Stephen Heath on June 27, 2019  10:57 pm Reply

    We have also been to sziget twice and are gutted we can’t go this year to see foo fighters

    • by VickyFlipFlop on July 9, 2019  7:58 pm Reply

      Oh are the Foos there?! Amazing. Definitely one of the biggest and best gigs I ever went to, seeing them at Glastonbury a few years ago. They're awesome live!

  15. by Emma H on June 30, 2019  11:29 pm Reply

    I love festivals too! The one I'd most like to go to is Glastonbury as there's such a variety of acts, loads of choice and I'm sure the atmosphere would be amazing! Would love to win the tickets & visit the 80s, 90s festival too!

    • by VickyFlipFlop on July 9, 2019  7:57 pm Reply

      Glastonbury is a great festival. It's popular for a reason! I hope you make it there one day :).

  16. by Deborah Bird on July 3, 2019  8:41 pm Reply

    WOW! You have been to a LOT of festivals!! I would love to go to the Isle of Wight festival myself :)

    • by VickyFlipFlop on July 9, 2019  7:56 pm Reply

      Oh great choice. The Isle of Wight Festival is fab!

  17. by Hannah Whitling on July 4, 2019  7:21 am Reply

    Wow soooooo many festivals! You must have the most incredible memories from them all. I've only been to 1 about 18 years ago, before health issues kicked in preventing me for many years, but I would really love to go to Glastonbury one day, I'm determined to do so. Please count me in for the giveaway.

    • by VickyFlipFlop on July 9, 2019  7:56 pm Reply

      Oh Glastonbury is amazing. I'm fresh back from it – feel like I've only just recovered to be honest! Yeah I have been to quite a few – there's always more though!

  18. by Claire Austin on July 4, 2019  8:58 pm Reply

    Brilliant guide and such good tips! I would love to attend Wilderness :-)

  19. by Lisa Grasso on July 12, 2019  9:01 am Reply

    My Husband is American and I would love for him to experience Glastonbury festival. I have been 3 times but not since 2005.

  20. by aneurin on July 12, 2019  4:11 pm Reply

    sziget would be my choice - loving the idea of a great, international audience and festival site

  21. by judith anderson on July 12, 2019  5:46 pm Reply

    Henley, 'cos I can walk there from where I live and take the boat home...

  22. by Claire Woods on July 12, 2019  6:31 pm Reply

    Latitude, it's in my area.

  23. by Nye Osborne on July 12, 2019  8:40 pm Reply

    Reading Festival is my favourite

  24. by Clare on July 12, 2019  9:32 pm Reply

    Have always wanted to attend Isle of Wight. Great location, great people and fantastic music. Hard to beat!

  25. by Valerie Anderson on July 15, 2019  6:49 pm Reply

    VIVID Sydney, Australia...seems so exotically far-away...

  26. by Kristyn Harris on July 16, 2019  12:02 pm Reply

    I've only ever been to one festival which was V Festival and it was amazing! Being born in the 70's I would love to go to Back to the 80s & 90s Festival! I love Doctor and The Medics and would love to see them live - along with all the other amazing artists of course!

  27. by Cara-Jane Hunter on July 17, 2019  5:09 am Reply

    Coachella looks epic and is so on my list!

  28. by Ang Pickering on July 17, 2019  6:40 am Reply

    Would absolutely love to go to Glastonbury, it is definitely top of my list - although would go to any! Your list has inspired me!

  29. by Adrian Bold on July 17, 2019  6:37 pm Reply

    Reading Festival is my favourite.

  30. by Vishal Gavit on September 30, 2019  9:36 am Reply

    Knowing about new festivals is really great feeling thank you so much for this article.

    • by VickyFlipFlop on October 16, 2019  11:28 am Reply

      Ah no worries. I love writing about them!

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