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I’m your friend. I want you to have the best travel experiences possible. And I want to show you that it can be done on a budget, on your own, with friends, and with a bit of money to splash. The world is an incredible place, and I want to help you on your journey to enjoy where you go. 

Dressing up as a Geisha girlHello…

I’m Vicky, a travel writer and adventurer, and the creator of vickyflipfloptravels.com. I’m a trained journalist, have been to over 75 countries, and have worked with some of the biggest travel brands in the world. I’ve been doing this for almost ten years now and have seen a lot change in the industry, what hasn’t changed though, is my love and passion for travel and blogging. 

I’ve spoken on panels at huge trade fairs, festivals and universities. I’m often citied as one of the UK’s top travel bloggers, and according to the science I’m the 75th best blogger in the world (5th in England). 

I haven’t always travelled though… 

I grew up in a beautiful village in the middle of England until moving out at 18. Before this I hadn’t been far, a few holidays in France and a school trip to Turkey about covers it. And although I dipped my toe in the water with a holiday to Greece with friends the summer before university it wasn’t until I worked on a kids camp in New York that I truly got bitten by the travel bug.

It was those Ozzies that did it to me!

I became friends with an Ozzie (G’day Jules) and an Irish (Top o the morning Lisa) who I blame/thank for my itchy feet. There followed an 8-week tour round Australia meeting up with friends from camp, a second year at a camp in Connecticut, partying in Mexico, sunbathing in Portugal, teaching English in Madrid, Guinness in Dublin, 4 months around Europe with my then boyfriend, a tour of Morocco, a safari through the Serengeti, skiing in Canada and a few weekend jaunts here and there.

All this was done on a shoestring. 

Student loans and minimum wage jobs supported most of it, as well as my journalistic skills of course. I’ve worked on some top magazines (see my LinkedIn) before finding my calling as a travel writer.

I believe that with a bit of prioritising you can explore the world while holding down a full-time job, and without breaking the bank.

I hope to inspire you to do the same!

How I’ve Afforded All My Travels, in Short

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Me as a travel blogger

Since setting up my travel blog, in February 2011, I’ve travelled all over the world. I’ve been on over 50 press trips and had some of the most incredible money can’t buy experiences. Seriously, could you say no to these epic opportunities?

I know though, that press trips aren’t really the most natural way to travel, nor do they necessarily bring back the most adventurous stories. This is why I’ve combined my penchant for a press trip with some amazing independent travel over the years. 

I lived as a digital nomad for years, I travelled central America solo, spent five weeks in wintry Japan, ventured through Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi with my good friend Helen, travelled Nepal, cycled from north to south in Vietnam, went on a music odyssey through the USA and dipped into Europe more times than I can count. 

Future plans include travelling South America, as I’ve still NEVER been. And I also want to see more of the Middle East, and the wonderful islands of Europe too. Honestly, so many places I want to go.

My ‘to-see list’ is just never ending. 


Vuelio (‘the PR industry’s most powerful media database’) scientifically ranked all the travel blogs from the UK and mine came out from the thousands at number 9. Woo!

What it’s NOT

  • Just another solo female traveller blog – I’d rather travel with friends, but I won’t let being a female be an obstacle or issue if I have to go it alone. In fact, I travelled the world solo for three years, and plan to travel solo at least once a year for as long as I live. 
  • A revelation in how you can give up your life and travel nonstop forever and ever – I don’t want to do that either, but it suits me for now. I see this all over Facebook, ‘give up your travel, travel, be better than everyone else’ – that kinda vibe. That’s just not me. You do you. 
  • Sanctimonious – I don’t think I can save the world, nor sort out the world’s problems with just a trip to a country. I’d rather inspire you to do that while I learn from a destination, enjoy and move on.

On vickyflipfloptravels.com you’ll find me having fun on my adventures and reporting back in the hope of giving you the confidence and knowledge to do the same. From weekend city breaks, to days out in London, to two-week itineraries for some of the most popular long-haul destinations – I’ll write about whatever takes my interest.

Sometimes I have a bit of money to splash, like on my Coachella road trip. Other times I’m on a strict budget, like when I spent two weeks in Vietnam on £300.

What I always want to get out of my travels though, is value and experience.


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In February 2019 I started the So She Travels podcast. The whole point is to chat with female travellers of today and find out how they’ve managed to make travel such a big part of their lives.

Have a listen and you can expect advice on travelling with children, on a budget, in a relationship and a whole host of other issues that might stop some women from achieving their travel dreams.

Find out more about the So She Travels podcast here.

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My favourite posts

eating in japan

Disclosure: we all agree a girl’s got to eat right?

Sometimes I’ll include paid articles on this site, just like a magazine has advertorials and adverts to support the cashflow, so do I.

  • If I feature a competition they’ll more than likely have paid me to write about it, but I do actually love competitions so chances are I love that one too.
  • If an article is a ‘guest post’ I will have been paid a sum to feature it. If I don’t earn money I don’t travel.
  • And, very occasionally I may review a product I’ve been given for free.
  • I do get discounts and free stays in hotels but I will always give you my honest review.
  • Any links to Amazon are affiliate links and I’ll get a teeny tiny commission, don’t let it bother you.

If you’re worried about this at all just send me an email and I’ll explain.

So where next? 

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travel and wellness

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  1. Hi Vicky, lovely to meet you via Annabel’s blog. Just wanted to say that it was Aussies who also gave me a travel bug. When I was at uni and in a year off in Europe before I met loads of them and of all the nationalities the Aussies were the most fun. Anyway, I came to Sydney 25 years ago and found out the whole country is full of funny people. After coming and going and living here and there I am now settled with my family here in Sydney. Too settled, still have itchy feet but maternal duties call loudest for the moment. Off to look around your blog. Good to meet you.

    1. Wow, amazing that you stayed so long! Yeah, Aussies have the travel bug real bad. I hate to think what my life could’ve been like if I’d never met Jules. She definitely inspired me to think wider. Love the Aussies!

  2. AMAZING … for once us Aussies are getting a good rap somewhere!!! SO agree with your philosophy – too many people are waiting for retirement; or make travel their only priority. Then there’s the ones who won’t go without 5 star treatment! It can be a bit daunting AND make for dull reading when that’s not what you want for yourself!!

    Look forward to reading more!!

    1. A little bit of everything does you good 🙂 I enjoy my work, but I like to holiday as much as possible too. You definitely don’t have to choose one over the other.

  3. Hi,

    I have read an article on dailymail inspired by your blog….50 breakfasts from around the globe.
    Have you visited lebanon? The food here is to do for..you must come 🙂
    By the way, really enjoyed reading your blog!

    1. Aw, thank you Dona! No I haven’t yet. The closest I’ve been is a few Lebanese restaurants in London – which have been incredible! Glad to hear you’re enjoying my work 🙂

  4. Hi Vicky, I’ve just read about your blog in the Daily Mail, I love the breakfasts you have posted, really fascinating 🙂

  5. Hey Vicky, this is the first travel blog I’ve read that doesn’t make me feel like with a full time job I can’t travel much. I was bitten by the travel blog a long time ago but was too afraid to pursue it. Being East African (travelling for fun is uncommon) didn’t help the matter but now despite loving my job, I live to explore more of this globe :-).
    Just came from Capebtown and I can’t wait to leave for another destination as soon as possible!

    Thank you for the inspiration

  6. It’s fantastic !
    I don’t like either these travellers that think they are going to change the world, travelling.
    Your blog is very interesting.
    I agree with your way of travelling, mixing cheap tips and cool options. I think the in the perfect travel is that one wich you can live the local culture and life but also (in some places) cosmopolitan and cool experiences. So, is awesome sleeping in a hostel but be allowed to go to a three stars michelin restaurant or a local expensive club.
    I will keep getting tips.
    Cheers from Brazil

    “What it’s not
    Just another solo female traveller blog – I’d much rather travel with friends, but I won’t let being a female be an obstacle or issue if I have to go it alone.
    A revelation in how you can give up your life and travel nonstop forever – I don’t want to do that either. A year or two of travel will do me.
    Sanctimonious – I don’t think I can save the world, nor sort out the world’s problems with just a trip to a country. I’d rather inspire you to do that while I learn from a destination, enjoy and move on.”

  7. Loving your blog, recently discovered it via Twitter and really made me get itchy feet about wanting to book my next trip away – I always worry about money though and think it’s going to cost a fortune to get to, and stay, in some of the Asian countries for a couple of week. I’ve never done the backpacker thing, so never stayed in a hostel (alone) always been in decent hotels wherever I have been – but I think it’s just one of those things you have to be brave and do isn’t it! 🙂

    1. Yes! I’ve had some great times meeting people in hostels. Of course I’ve also had some bad ones too but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! If you’re a bit worried about staying in hostels straight away then go for a private room in a hostel rather than a dorm. It means you get the best of both worlds in all the benefits that come along with a hostel – the kitchen, the people, the Wi-Fi – and you still get your own space and don’t have to listen to snorers all night.

  8. Hi Vicky,
    It’s Judy, who you lodged with when you were on your journalist course in Harlow. Glad to see that you’re enjoying life and sharing your experiences. I hope you have been receiving the mail that I still forward on to you? I’m never sure whether the forwarding address you gave me is still relevant.

    A parcel arrived for you yesterday. It feels like a book. Would you like me to send it on to the address you gave me?

    1. Wow, hello Judy! Thank you for doing that – I’m sorry I still get post. Unfortunately I probably left that address about five years ago as my parents moved. I will email you my new one! How strange a book arrived – I’m intrigued!

  9. Glad I have discovered your fabulous and amazing blog, Vicky! I will absolutely to your newsletter. Will be looking around your blog for now and read some good quality articles you’ve posted in the past!


  10. Hi Vicki myself and my husband plane to travel Europe next year in a motor home starting in france.any advise would be helpfull .many thanks Mrs dart

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