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Award-winning UK travel blogger, specialising in festivals and adventure travel!

I create realistic travel itineraries for your trip, with price advice, and ideas of what to do, and where to go. I like to combine my travel advice with personal musings / rants, the occasional advice on how to be a travel blogger, and oodles of festival advice. This blog is here to help YOU travel more.

And, most importantly, to enjoy it as much as possible.

So, where do you want to go?

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I’m well known for my travel advice on Vietnam, help with backpacking the Philippines, and how to spend 3 weeks in India.

I love writing about how to create a travel blog, and of course, if you need Glastonbury advice, I’m here to help.

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After 7 years of blogging, here are a few of the posts you like best!

3 Weeks in India Itinerary: Delhi, Kerala, Goa and Mumbai

I went to India in April – a place I’d dreamed of visiting for years. As you’ll know if you followed along I had a few issues, but with the benefit of hindsight my 3 weeks in India were brilliant.Every day was something different, the people were lovely, the trains were an adventure and I was lucky enough to sample India in style with some awesome hotels[...]

The 52 Coolest Things to Do in Tokyo: No Messing About

I spent quite some time researching what to do in Tokyo. I wanted to see Tokyo's coolest things to do, the best places in the city to check out, and to see if I could explore a few places off Tokyo's beaten track.If you're anything like me – wants to see a city's big sights but mixed up with a few weird wonders too – you'll enjoy all 52 of the coolest th[...]

How to Be a Successful Travel Blogger

How do you define a successful travel blogger? 1. Huge number of visitors and endless propositions from companies?2. A few readers and you get enough work to finance your travels?3. Mum and dad love your blog, you have a full time job, nice holidays, and your blog is your main hobby?4. Something else?Personally, I think all of the above and [...]

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