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Where I’ve been…

A place for me to show off my travelling repertoire – and an easy way for you to find the destinations you want to read about.

I’ve organised my where I’ve been by alphabetical continent, and then alphabetical country. This is my most favourite page on my blog, I love the adventures I’ve been on, and I hope this page helps you find what you’re looking for!

Currently: Southsea (home)

Next trip?

Who knows. When will this END?

Video from July 2014-June 2015


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North America

I ♥ Canada


Central America

  • BELIZE: Belize City, Caye Caulker, Ambergris Caye, Benque
  • COSTA RICA: Tortuguero, San Jose
  • GUATEMALA: Lake Atitlan, Antigua, Semuc Champey, Rio Dulce, Livingston
  • HONDURAS: Roatan
  • MEXICO: Cancun, Guadalajara, Mexico City, San Pancho, Oaxaca, Puerto Escondido, Costa Maya



  • AUSTRALIA: Darwin, Cairns, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Alice Springs, Katherine, Brisbane, Gold Coast
  • NEW ZEALAND: Auckland, Rotorua, Taupo, Waitomo
  • SAMOA: Upolu, Sava’ii



So great it deserves it’s own category, don’t you think? 

GlastonburyLondon, Isle of Wight, Cambridge, Oxford, Manchester, Bristol, Leeds, Sheffield, Newcastle, Liverpool, Bath, Nottingham, Derby, Bournemouth, Brighton, Portsmouth, Stratford Upon Avon, Cornwall, Dorset, Devon and Southampton.

If you want to read more about England, check out my dedicated blog at Day Out in England.
Tips, guides and advice for all kinds of England adventures over there.

= 77 countries!

My top 5 countries for the future

TBH there aren’t many countries I wouldn’t want to go. But, I also don’t want to just wizz around the world collecting countries with no respect to stay and hang out and explore the traditions.

A few of the countries above have just been for the day – on cruises, or tours – and there is a belief that you can’t say you’ve ‘been’ to a country unless you’ve actually stayed the night.

It’s all fun to me.

where to next

– Cruising the waterways of Japan

There are still so many places I’d like to go, here are my top choices. I had planned to go to all of these in 2020, but y’know…

1. Jordan 

Argh, can’t believe I still haven’t been here yet!

One of my best friends is from there, and is currently living there, due to move to England any time soon so I really need to get my butt over there. I want to camp in Wadi Rum, see Petra and get stuck into some of the amazing cuisine I know they have over there.

2. Lebanon 

Lebanon looks incredible and seems like the perfect trip to add on after Jordan. I’d love to visit Beirut and to go hiking too.

3. Oman 

And Oman, I mean the pictures are amazing. I’d love to look around and experience the architecture for myself. It just looks like pure middle east opulence at its most incredible. I want to look round Muscat of course, but I’d also love to camp out in the sand dunes. Looks awesome.

4. Colombia 

I’ve still never been to South America! Crazy hey. I’ve only ever been down as far as Costa Rica, in Central America. I think next year it’s time to rectify that and after watching Narcos on Netflix, I’m kinda crazy for Colombia. Anyone I know who’s been has absolutely loved it and say it’s one of the best countries to visit. I want to see for myself!

5. Peru 

And then Peru – I mean, who doesn’t want to go to Peru? The scenery is a huge draw just in itself, but what about the culture, and the food too. I just want in on all of it.