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VickyFlipFlopTravels is a ten-year-old travel and festival blog for anyone in need of some inspiration and practical advice for their travels.

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I write about wellbeing, adventure, festivals and guides on how to uncover the best of your new destination, from first hand experience. I cover weekends, weeks, fortnights and long term travel.

My readers follow my adventures to see how to afford, arrange and enjoy the best holidays and festivals in the world.

VickyFlipFlop stats

– Page views per month: 360,000
Facebook: 4,500+
Twitter: 20,000+
Instagram: 10,000+
YouTube: 1 million views+ | 20,000 p/m | 2500+ subscribers

My readers are 68% female and 37% are in the 25-34 age bracket, 21% in the 35-44. They’re interested in movies, travel, employment, entertainment, apple products and music. They have money!

Over 32% of my readers are from the UK, 34% from the US, 4% from Australia and 2% from Canada. Many of my readers are from Ireland, New Zealand and India too.

Almost 70% of my readers use mobile, 4% use tablets and 26% read my blog on desktop.

(Last updated 23rd September 2022)



Media pack


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According to the Travel Blog Directory, by leading blogger Gary Arndt,
my blog is the 69th most popular travel blog in the English speaking world, and the 5th most popular from England.

“This list ranks the world’s top travel blogs on the basis of algorithmic authority.”

According to Feedspot I’m the number 1 UK solo female travel blog to follow.

“The Best UK Solo Female Travel Blogs from thousands of UK Solo Female Travel blogs on the web using search and social metrics.”

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VickyFlipFlop TripAdvisor

I’m one of Trip Advisor’s top reviewers, with my reviews going out to thousands of readers every month. And I was part of their BETA program, rolling out the new look Trip Advisor.

You can follow me on TripAdvisor here:

VickyFlipFlop TripAdvisor

About VickyFlipFlop

I’ve worked with some of the most popular brands in travel, both in house and on a contract basis under a few different guises. I have extensive experience as a Content Editor for and as Content and Social Media Manager for

I’ve also worked as a writer and sub editor on some of the UK’s biggest magazines, and on a freelance basis for a number of different travel brands in different ways. You can check out my LinkedIn here.

I’ve won a few awards over the years, as well as being nominated for a good few more…

As well as my blog I’ve been a contributor to In the past I’ve written for Thomas Cook, NetFlights, Flight Centre, The Big Issue, TravelettesIntrepid Travel, Round the World Experts and Busabout, among many other sites. I was the Travel Editor for the awesome Blogosphere Magazine too.

Most recently I’ve been writing about England for Lonely Planet, and have written the chapter on the South East for their upcoming Experience England book (out on February 1st 2023).

READ MORE: The Benefits of Cold Weather Paddleboarding on The Independent

About my readers

What my readers said about me in my last reader survey

– “How you write is so easy to read and possibly the best thing ever is that you don’t write the really, really obvious list posts that I keep seeing more and more lately, or in other words ones that just state the plan obvious/common sense.”

– “The layout and colours are eyecatching and easy to read while the content is interesting, informative and not too wordy or formal.”

– “It’s honest and includes plenty of anecdotes”

– “The witty writing style – it’s a lot more humorous compared to the other blogs I read, and that’s what sets it apart.”

– “Your passion”

– “Your blog posts about Iceland convinced me that I needed to get my butt into gear. And also, having followed your blog for years, it was one of the very first blogs I ever read which inspired me to start blogging! So…go you! :)”

– I DEFINITELY want to drive the PCH, go to Oktoberfest and Tomato festivals after reading about them on your site.”

– “I love how real you are about your travels and with your photos, they not all perfectly posed in front of that iconic sight. Reading your stories is like a friend telling you how it really was and going through their photos. 

– “Everything you post radiates your personality and that’s what a lot of bloggers are missing nowadays. So basically, go anywhere — I’d read it all! :D”

Many of my readers said that I was ‘authentic’, ‘relatable’ and ‘fun’.
I was proud of the feedback! 

I’m on YouTube too!

Would love you to subscribe to my channel!

I have over 2500 subscribers on YouTube, on my 60ish videos and receive over 20k views a month on them. 

My female travel podcast

Female travel podcast

Listen on iTunes 

Listen on Spotify 

I started a weekly podcast in February 2019 which ran for 10 weeks. Each week I chatted with another amazing female in travel about there where, why and how of her travels. The feedback was great!

Read more about my 
So She Travels Podcast

Follow me on Instagram @vickyflipflop

Instagram VickyFlipFlop

Available for work

If you’re working on any exciting projects, I can help with the following:

  • Writer
  • Speaker
  • Travel advisor
  • Content creation
  • Destination marketer
  • Festival marketer


So if you fancy working together on a short or long term basis, just get in touch at [email protected].


Friday 3rd of April 2015

Hello Chloe, you should take a look at my Travel Blogger High series – everything you need to know about being a travel blogger!

If you have any specific questions, just let me know.




Wednesday 16th of January 2013

Hello Vicky,

I recently launched a website more for travel advice than blogging. Although there is blogging in there its more focused on Australia and information that no-one really knows but everyone asks.

Just wondering if you've got any ideas for getting me website 'out there'

Any advice would be great!

Thanks, Chloe