Such an amazing resource for my festival packing!

I’d recommend How to Do… Festivals for anyone unsure about how to handle their first festival. This really helped me to know what to pack, and how to prepare. The tips on sleeping were invaluable!

KELLY, Southampton

How to Do… Festivals

Welcome to my ultimate festival guide. Featuring everything you need to know about how to prepare for festivals, and how to enjoy them as much as possible. If you’re feeling apprehensive about your festival plans, then this is the book you need. This comprehensive festival guide is designed to help you make the most of your precious festival adventure.


I’ve included everything you need to plan the best festival experience. With my recommendations and tips you’ll find it easy to enjoy your festival experience with friends. Here’s a chapter by chapter breakdown of what to expect:

Chapter One: About Me

Just a little insight into why I love festivals so much, and why I’ve written this guide for you.

Chapter Two: Packing

The most important part of getting ready for any festival – the packing. Here you can find all my tips and advice on how to prep for the festival, and what to pack. I’ve included a packing list that’ll work for any festival, especially for you.

Chapter Three: Alcohol

Strategic advice on how to get alcohol into festivals, when you’re not really meant to bring it in. Also, top advice for the best alcohol to bring in, when you are.

Chapter Four: Top Tips

How to save money, how to keep clean, and what not to forget are just a few of the top tips I wanted to include in my book about festivals.

Chapter Five: Camping

Want to know how to sleep well and where to find the best spot? My tried and tested advice from 13 years of festivals is right here for you to peruse. Festivals are so much better when you get at least a little bit of sleep!

Chapter Six: Best Festivals by Season

If you want to know the best festivals going on around the world at any time, then this is the list for you.

Chapter Seven: Life Changing Festivals

Some inspiration for your festival life, right here. Here are the best festivals around the world, based on my travels. Although there is that one that’s always alluded me, but I didn’t want to miss it out…

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“Choose the right festival, get a good group together, be excited, pack well, have fun, and take lots of photos (of your friends, not the stage).”