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Virtual Travelling: Live Webcams Worldwide Make It Possible

As many of us can now confirm, following the advice to ‘stay inside’ behind the COVID-19 pandemic can result in a severe case of cabin fever. We have the impression that the world has stopped and that we are all in limbo.

Web cams

Who knows when we will be able to fly halfway around the world and explore world-class cultural institutions, natural wonders, and iconic sites. The best thing we can provide you during this time is these superb live webcams which enable you to (virtually) travel to incredible places without moving out.

Although it may appear that the pause button has been activated, these videos are an opportune reminder that life continues. And it can be amazing.

Start your virtual journey with live webcams right now

The live cams world has become a popular medium in the last few years. Introducing live streaming video has opened an unprecedented door to the planet. We no longer rely on base still photographs to get a glimpse of distant places and events. Now we are in a position to watch our dreams live from the comfort of our own homes.

World Cams was created as a way of bringing these live streams in one place for your viewing pleasure. Are we the leading providers of video streaming? Not yet, but with the wide array of incredible live videos from all over the world, it’s just a matter of time. 

With a large selection of videos, you’ll never get bored!

Go to Norway with Finse Railroad Station Cam

With more than 100 years of history, the Finse train station is run by the Norwegian State Railways. Situated in the small mountain village of Finse, this railway station serves 7 express trains daily in both directions. It is also known for its Naval Museum. Furthermore, one of the most popular hiking trails in the country begins at the railway station.

Get to know the Netherlands Mierlo-Hout rail crossing view

The Mierlo Hout crossing at Helmond, The Netherlands, is a privileged place for transportation. Westbound trains are in Eindhoven in 6 minutes, eastbound trains are to Germany’s border crossing at Venlo at only 40 minutes. This area is frequently used by freight and passenger trains.

Watch Temple Bar in Dublin

There are numerous reasons for visiting this city, and this place is one of the predominant. Situated along the River Liffey in the heart of the city, the bar is a focal point of Irish nightlife. The streets are lined up with a multiplicity of taverns and cafes as well as abundant cultural aesthetic establishments such as the Irish Film Institute and the Irish Stock Market.

So get lax and take advantage of World Cams bringing the whole globe to your fingertips. Just a quick reminder – watching our live views can be very addictive, so you can experience long hours of fun watching videos day after day. So if you’re stuck, you can’t say you weren’t warned about it.