21 Coolest Things to Do in Panama City Beach, FL, in 2023

There are so many wonderful things to do in Panama City Beach, FL. Let me take you through my amazing few days there, to help you plan your trip.

Things to Do in Panama City Beach

Panama City, Florida, is known for being a beautiful beach, with plenty of Panama City Beach shopping, and restaurants and bars to keep you as busy as you want to be. 

After an incredible few days in Destin and Okaloosa Island in Florida, I took a road trip to Panama City Beach and the drive was stunning. You can drive the whole route in just and hour and a half but, as you should do on all good road trips, I stopped along the way to explore. You can read more about my road trip from Destin to Panama City Beach at the end of this article, but for now, let’s concentrate on some of the coolest things to do IN Panama City Beach to make the most of your trip.

Road trip Panama City Beach

Where is Panama City Beach?

PCB is on the south coast of the USA, in Florida. It’s well known for being one of the sunniest parts of the USA and the tourist board congratulates themselves for having ‘the world’s most beautiful beaches’ (their slogan). 

PCB driving route
where is PCB

Panama City Beach has, on average, 320 days of sunshine per year. 

Panama City Beach is located on the Gulf of Mexico coast. In Panama City Beach there are over 27 miles of coastline, with over 100 inlets, access points, and beaches to choose from.

Tropical vibes all round!

21 Things to Do at Panama City Beach

If you want to know what to do at Panama City Beach, read on! All the best things to do in Panama City Beach are here…

1. Go on a PCB Helicopter ride

The views from the helicopter above Panama City Beach are incredible. I’ll let the photos and video do the explaining – although what you can’t see from them are the dolphins jumping and playing below us.

Rides with Panhandle Helicopters start from just $40 – absolutely necessary to get the lay of the land, especially if you only have 2 days in Panama City Beach to see as much as possible.

Going up in a helicopter is definitely one of the coolest Panama City Beach attractions to enjoy while you’re there. Do it!

2. Look round St Andrews State Park

Panama City Beach

There’s a huge State Park in Panama City Beach, perfect for relaxing ‘at one’ with the surrounding nature. St Andrews State Park is 1200 acres – loads of wide open space for fishing, cycling, walking, hiking and areas and picnic benches to bring your BBQ or picnic and just eat among the pine forests, white beaches, wetlands.

3. Join an e-Bike adventure

The Panama City Beach Biker Gang Happy Hour E-Bike Adventure looks brilliant. You’ll join a biker gang and ride an e-bike on a guided adventure around the St. Andrews Bay area of Panama City Beach. Once you’re done with all that supported physical exertion, you can finish off your day with a happy hour with your group.

Just join the tour and then meet your guide at Papa Joe’s Bayside. Here you’ll get outfitted with a biker helmet and goggles so you can look the part on your adventure. And after a quick tutorial of how to use the bike, off you go!

4. Visit Gulf World Marine Park

Explore a world of underwater animals at Gulf World Marine Park – one of the most popular things to do in Panama City Beach. Enjoy a fun day out for all the family where educational tours and animal encounters abound. Learn more about your favourite animals and experience them up close.

During your visit, get the chance to watch 3 daily educational presentations featuring dolphins, sea lions, and more. Explore the indoor and outdoor gardens, see tropical birds, and get up close and personal with the park’s friendly stingrays and even pet them.

Enjoy the shows and explore the exhibits for as long as you like. Take advantage of the flexibility in your ticket to linger longer and wander around the grounds.

5. High-Speed Speedboat Thrill Ride

The Panama City Beach High-Speed Speedboat Thrill Ride is a great way to see the skyline and sights of the city from the water. Join this tour and you can spark your adrenaline on a white-knuckle speedboat ride across the water from Panama City Beach. You’ll feel the thrill of bumping and swerving on a high-speed ride — it’s not for the faint of heart!

Your vehicle, known as The Scream Machine, is a twin-engine jet boat whose speed, 360-degree turns, and nose dives make it feel more like a rollercoaster on water. No long taxi times, no dolphin watching, just pure adrenaline. This Scream Machine is a 30′ – 800 hp thrill ride powered by a set of twin Turbo Yanmar 350 diesel engines. Expect fish tails, nose dives, rocket launches and 360 degree power slides.

6. Go to Panama City Beach Winery

Panama City Beach Winery makes wine with 100% Florida fruit. There’s no additional preservatives or flavours and so you know if you enjoy some wine here, it’s 100% local. 

They run complimentary wine tastings every day, with the confidence you’ll like it so much you’ll buy some to take home, of course. Try the wine slush – perfect for the beach!

This is one of the most popular attractions at Panama City Beach among Europeans – enjoy!

7. Go shopping at Pier Park 

Shopping is one of the best things to do in PCB

Pier Park has so many cool shops, over 120 in fact. I was determined not to buy anything when I went to go for a looksee but of course, a jumper from American Apparel later and another $40 out the bank account.

Love the way Americans do their outdoor shopping malls. I felt like I was in a film set – especially with all the Christmas decorations that were hanging. Thanks to this mall, Panama City Beach shopping has plenty of choice. 

If you’re looking for things to do in Panama City Beach that involve the shops – this is the place for you.

8. Relax at Carrillon Beach Resort Inn

Panama City Beach

This is a cool place to stay if there are a few of your coming to Panama City Beach. You can rent these cool houses for a few days / weeks / months (oo get you) and then you have a home right by the beach.

Some of the houses – the more expensive ones on the beach – have their own balconies and you can watch incredible sunsets like these. If they’re not quite in your budget, or you’re staying somewhere else, there are public spaces with tables and chairs where you can set yourself up to watch it go down without the cost.

what to do on Panama City Beach

There’s a cute little downtown area at Carillon, although I went after hours so didn’t get to peek in the shops. I went to a yoga class at Yoga Elements, which was billed as restorative yoga. It restored me so well I pretty much went to sleep right there and then.

9. Go out to Shell Island 

Wondering what to do in Panama City Beach? Shell Island could be your answer.

It’s a short boat ride away but Shell Island at Panama City Beach is one of the most popular things to do there. Shell Island is about 7 miles long and is an absolute favourite for visitors and locals thanks to its natural state. 

The barrier island runs from east to west, between the Gulf of Mexico and St Andrew Bay. 

Check out this video of Shell Island on Panama City Beach

At Shell Island you’ll find sand dunes, an inland lake, ghost crabs and many endangered species including Choctawhatchee Beach Mice, piping plovers, snowy plovers, and loggerhead and green sea turtles.

You can get there easily using the Shell Island Shuttle from St Andrews State Park in Panama City Beach.

This is one of the great attractions Panama City Beach is so well known for.

Or, you could try this Shell Island and Water Park Adventure. Looks like a LOT of fun!

10. Panama City Beach Conservation Park 

One of the most popular Panama City Beach activities to enjoy is the Panama City Beach Conservation Park. Here you can walk, cycle and run and enjoy the outdoorsy life surrounded by wildlife and birds. It’s the perfect spot to pick up a picnic and enjoy right here, in amongst our beautiful, natural world. 

If you’re wondering what is going on in Panama City Beach, this is a great place to explore.

11. ZooWorld Zoological and Botanical Conservatory

Looking for more fun things to do in PCB? How about visiting the Panama City Beach Fl ZooWorld Zoological and Botanical Conservatory?

sloth panama city beach

Here you can go axe throwing, see the many animals, and even kiss a giraffe!

12. Visit Camp Helen State Park

Here you can hike or cycle through the wilderness regions of the Camp Helen State Park. It’s one of the largest coastal dune lakes in Florida.

“The park is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico and by Lake Powell, the largest coastal dune lake in Florida. 

This 180-acre park is for day use only. Activities include swimming, beachcombing, nature study, hiking, and both freshwater and saltwater fishing. 

Prehistoric middens and mounds indicate that humans inhabited the area more than 4,000 years ago.”


13. Stroll down Panama City Beach Boulevard

Stroll down the Panama City Beach Boulevard and you’ll enjoy swaying palm trees looking out to the sugar sand beaches. Panama City Beach Fl is a tropical paradise that attracts thousands of visitors year-round, from every corner of the world.

14. Go on the Panama City Beach Sky Wheel

Panama City Beach
– The Sky Wheel is one of the coolest things to do in Panama City Beach

You can’t have an amazing waterfront town without a sky wheel, can you? The Panama City Beach Fl Sky Wheel gives you a stunning view across the white sand beach and waters. The glass-enclosed carriages spin 200 feet in the air with unparalleled views of the Gulf of Mexico, Pier Park, and the Panama City Beach skyline.

Also, the pods are air conditioned so enjoy on a hot day. This is one of the most popular Panama City Beach attractions.

15. Eat at the Yard Milkshake Bar

The milkshakes at The Yard Milkshake Bar are epic. If you want some foodie pics for your Instagram, then this is the place to be. You can get cupcakes in your milkshakes, waffles peeking out of the whipped cream and all sorts of sweet treats.

Not a place for healthy eaters, but one of the best things to do in Panama City Beach if you want a feast!

Eating is definitely one of the best Panama City Beach activities to indulge in.

16. Go shipwreck diving off Panama City Beach

There are over a dozen wrecks off Panama City Beach, waiting to be explored. You can enjoy the artificial reefs created around them. This is one of the more unique things to do in Panama City Beach.

Get yourself an underwater camera especially!

17. Take a dolphin sunset cruise

Fancy seeing some dolphins at sunset?

what to do panama city beach

Sign up to a Island Time Sailing cruise and you’ll enjoy a 2-hour cruise through the Grand Lagoon and onto the Gulf of Mexico. Drinks and snacks are served on board.

Definitely one of the best activities at Panama City Beach!

You can also check out the dolphin watching catamaran cruise here with GetYourGuide too. You’ll embark on a journey into the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico to observe the grace and beauty of bottlenose dolphins from the comfort of a catamaran. Sounds pretty good hey?!


Please check if you need as ESTA under the USA visa waiver programme. And, if you do, apply in plenty of time.

You will need to be approved for entry into the USA before you fly to Florida, which will involve filling in the information on the form. I’d recommend applying for your visa as soon as you’ve booked your flights.

18. Watch the sunset on the beach

One of the best things to do on Panama City Beach is just to sit, with a soft drink, and admire the sunset as it goes down. Chill on Panama City Beach at sunset and you’ll really see the best of the beach. There’ll be bonfires and parties, and you can join in.

Please take the time to enjoy Panama City Beach at night!

Condos at Panama City Beach

Stay at Majestic Beach Resort by the Resort Collection

Panama City Beach

I stayed in a HUGE apartment at the Majestic Beach Resort. It had three rooms, each with a bathroom, a huge lounge and kitchen and a cool balcony looking out over the sea. Condos are a big thing here and Americans will use them for summer and then rent them out the rest of the time – just like AirBnB but through an agent there.

The views of Panama City Beach from my balcony were great, I was near all the shops and restaurants of PCB, and I had a wonderful place to retreat back to after a tough day sightseeing. If you’ve got the money, I can definitely recommend.

READ MORE: How about a road trip from Miami to Key West?

More accommodation at Panama City Beach 

Airbnb has some unique condos, houses and rooms to rent along Panama City Beach, meaning you can try something different to suit your budget. You can book an airbnb on CozyCozy to compare the best prices.

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5 best restaurants in Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach is well known as the ‘Seafood Capital of the South’. Here are the best places to eat in Panama City Beach.

1. Get fancy at Firefly Restaurant

Ooo Firefly was fancy – all fairy lights, Sunday Best and dramatically table clothed tables. It’s since been named as one of the ‘most romantic restaurants’ by Open Table.

Drinking at Firefly Restaurant

– Those Martinis – pheweee, strong!

I enjoyed the red snapper fish, as recommended by the head chef who came out to see what we were having. What a guy. I was about to order sushi but he told me this was the best dish in the house.

He was disgusted when I ordered sorbet for dessert though, telling me the chocolate torte was much better, but I was stuffed.

Those portions were huge!


Reader Scott Deal says…

“Firefly was a great choice but when you finished there you could have walked right next door to Dee’s Hangout or Dee’s Hideaway. The absolute best Cajun food and homestyle eating on the Gulf Coast. Large orders at a good price of fresh Gulf seafood. Don’t take my word just ask “Siri”. World renowned Smoked Tuna dip!”

what to do panama city beach

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2. Sushi at Oishi

If you go to Panama City Beach for 2 days, make sure to check Oishis out. Huge portions of sushi, reasonably priced, all served with cute little umbrellas stuck in them. 


This was definitely a more chilled place to eat in Panama City Beach, especially compared to Firefly. 

3. Amazing breakfast at Liza’s

Panama City Beach

Ok, this was my favourite food of the 2 days in Panama City Beach. You just can’t beat brunch can you? Especially when you find a local little place like Liza’s Kitchen. This beast was stuffed full of avocado, bacon, cheese and tomato. So many of the good things in life in one sandwich – yum.

Just a minute walk away, just behind Liza’s, was a cool coffee shop. Definitely check that place out too. Maybe go for a juice at Liza’s and then your coffee there?

It was Panama City Beach hipster central.

4. Be healthy at Zen Garden

Panama City Beach Food

My first stop was the Lotus Café at Zen Garden.

Zen Garden is a cool multi-faceted space, currently home to a café, a coffee shop, a gift shop and a group of people playing Christmas songs on various instruments. Not busking – just chilling. A normal occurrence here.

After a delicious artisan coffee and a crab cake salad, I was whisked off to Panhandle Helicopters, for a proper look round Panama City, from the sky. 

If you want more amazing places for breakfast in Panama City Beach, click for my list.

5. Donuts at Thomas Donut and Snack Shop

Panama City Beach

I was instructed not to leave Panama City Beach without trying Thomas Donut and Snack Shop – billed as America’s only beachfront donut shop. I got up 30 minutes earlier just to give it the respect it apparently deserved.

However, I don’t really understand the obsession with donuts. Where’s the meat?

Instead, I went for a bacon and egg bagel with a bit of hot sauce. Oh yes. Freshly made, served hot and ruddy dee-licious.

– View from the lift in my hotel 

You could also pop over to the Emerald Coast, and check out some of the best restaurants there.

21. Rent a car in Panama City Beach

The best way to explore Panama City Beach and the surrounds is to hire a car. You can drive to North Florida Beaches Airport, 20 minutes away.

This is where I dropped my Hertz car off after my Emerald Coast road trip. I’d never actually dropped a hire car off by myself before and didn’t have a clue what I was doing.

Turns out you just hand the keys over, sign the papers, and as long as you haven’t done anything to the car – that’s about it. 

What car rental service is the best to choose?

If you are looking for the best car rental service – HERE IT IS! Rentalcars is an international car rental booking service that is present all over the world.So, you may be sure, that you will find the best car for your perfect trip!

Book your car here and now
Airport North West Beaches

Here’s a run down on what you can see on a road trip from Destin to here, and a look see into some of the great things to do on Panama City Beach too. 

Road trip from Destin to Panama City Beach

Here’s a run down on what you can see on a road trip from Destin to Panama City Beach. 

When you drive from Destin to Panama City Beach you drive along 30A – one of the coolest stretches of road in the US. And most Brits, have never even heard of it.

Travelling Panama City Beach

There’s a cool festival along the route every summer called Digital Graffiti. They use the best in digital art to project stories and images onto the white buildings, making entire towns into canvases for the most modern of all the arts.

It wasn’t on when I was there in December, but the little beach communities of 30A are cool enough without the festival running. I stopped off in Alyss Beach for a little look round. It was a quiet place, with a few knick after a quick look around I carried on, all the way to Panama City Beach.

If you have more time I’d recommend stopping off at them all – Rosemary Beach, Watercolour, Seaside, and more – to take a look. 

The beaches of 30A flowed into Panama City Beach with blue skies the whole way. This was one of my favourite road trips I’ve done in the USA.

FAQs on what to do at Panama City Beach

1. Where are the best places to visit in Panama City Beach?

When you’re in Panama City Beach, make sure you drop by places such as St. Andrews State Park, Gulf World Marine Park, Camp Helen State Park, ZooWorld Zoological Park, M.B. Miller County Pier, Pirate’s Island Adventure Golf, and Rick Seltzer Park

With ratings of over thousands, these spots represent Panama City the best in their own unique ways. These are just some of the great attractions Panama City Beach is so well known for.

2. What outdoor activities can I try in Panama City Beach?

There are loads of outdoor activities in Panama City Beach – mostly revolving around water. These include cruises, snorkelling, dolphin sightseeing, fishing, and sailing.

You can see the best of the outdoor activities on Panama City Beach at GetYourGuide here. There are a lot of Panama City Beach activities to enjoy!

3. Are there any indoor activities in Panama City Beach?

When the rain’s got in your way to do outdoor activities, you might enjoy the indoor activities that Panama City Beach has in store! 

For starters visit museums or theatres, (Todd Herendeen Theatre, Merchant Logo Emerald Coast Mirror Maze & Laser Craze, WonderWorks Panama City Beach), try wine-tasting (Panama City Beach Winery), and play bowling or escape rooms (Royal Escape Rooms and Rock’it Lanes).

4. What is Panama City Beach known for?

Panama City beach is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world with clear waters and white sands. You’ll never get enough of the beauty that stretches the Gulf of Mexico in Panama City Beach. 

5. Which restaurant do locals eat at in Panama City Beach?

Vibe with Panama City Beach locals at their favourite restaurants such as Dee’s Hang Out, Local Steamer Seafood Market, The Back Porch Seafood & Oyster House, and Pineapple Willy’s Restaurant. Have some great food and find new friends all in one place!

You can see more of the top Panama City Beach restaurants here.

6. What are the best things to do in Panama City Beach with family?

You and your family will enjoy group activities such as visits to museums and theme parks, dining out together, bowling, all the beach activities and just wandering around. Panama City Beach is a great destination for families, safe, fun and open. And, a lot of fun!

There are many great Panama City Beach attractions to do with your family – you definitely won’t run out!

What can you do at Panama City Beach?

Ok, last attempt to open your mind to the wonders of the unique things to do on Panama City Beach. 

PCB is part of Florida’s stunning Emerald Coast.

The area boasts one of the highest concentrations of wild bottle-nose dolphins in the world, which I saw from the sky on the helicopter. Definitely one of the best Panama City Beach things to do!

Scuba diving is really popular here, thanks to the amazing marine life, but also the many, many shipwrecks in this part of Florida. I didn’t get to go, with only having two days, but it’ll definitely top my list of things to do in Panama City Beach next time. 

What to do Panama City Beach

I had a brilliant time on this trip – a few friends have done the same trip since and also really enjoyed it. Panama City Beach is a great place to visit if you want the excitement of water based fun and sports, within a decent range of each other. 

You really don’t have to travel far to have fun when you’re in PCB! 

What are the best tours in Panama City Beach?

The best tours in Panama City Beach are:

*I was in Florida as a guest of Visit Panama City Beach with car hire provided by Hertz.co.uk.


All the best Panama City Beach things to do…


  1. I was there when Hurricane Ian hit Fort Myers so bad. Thankfully Panama City just had some winds but not bad. Saw some of the water on the beach get sucked away from the shoreline. That was crazy. It was my first time to Panama City Beach but I am going back for sure!

  2. What about ‘vendor markets’? Treasure Box. Pieces by the Beach, Turtle Girls, Beach House. Coastal Cottage, etc all great places for a view of the beach locals art, jewelry making, etc

  3. I recommend staying in condos on Thomas Drive, which is the east end where St. Andrew’s State Park is. Thomas Drive is the quiet area.

  4. Panama City in Florida is a great place for families if you are looking for straight beach fun and those crystal clear waters and white sand is so welcoming, how could you pass it up! I was just in Florida with my own family and had a great time going from beach to beach and trying all the different sea food!

    1. Yeah I’d definitely say it was well geared up for families. There’s so much cool stuff to do there and with a car it’s so easy to get around. Really enjoyed driving there. Glad you and your family had fun! 🙂

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