5 Inevitable Conversations When You Reveal You’re a Travel Blogger

Being a travel blogger is awesome, as I may have mentioned a few times. Being in the job I am and my friendship circles in London I think I sometimes forget what life is like not being a travel blogger, and it’s only when I go back to my parents’ or meet friends of friends who aren’t travel bloggers that I realise just what a confusing profession it is.

Me on Coral Island (1)

I’ve sensed jealousy, bewilderment, disbelief and fascination among other emotions when I reveal exactly what I do, but no matter what the reaction I am sure to be asked one of the following conversations, if not all five.

1. Money

How do you make money?

Same way as you my friend, hard work, initiative and a little bit of charm.

Most people are only asking this because they’re intrigued, I know. But being a Brit I can’t help find it a little rude. I usually reply ‘advertising’ and that’s enough for most people. If they delve a little further I like to confuse them with internet, WordPress and hosting speak I know they won’t understand – works for both mum and dad’s friends and mine. You only realise how complicated the internet is when you work in it. Blows my mind when I think about it too much.

Sometimes they even like to ask ‘how much?’

You show me yours and I’ll show you mine (pay check I mean).

2. Free stuff

I’m going to [insert destination] can you get me any discounts?

Only if I go with you!

I’m being serious on that one. If you take me with you it’s possible I could maybe get the odd discounted night here and there. But as for getting free holidays for everyone and their grandson I’m not sure there’s anyone that could do that. Definitely not a poor little travel blogger like me. Would you be able to sort me out with any deals from your work? Exactly.

3. Favourites

So, I have to ask, where’s your favourite place?

Who’s your favourite child?

This question is kind of ridiculous, but I have been known to ask it myself. There is no easy answer to this. You’ll often hear me say ‘New York’ as I spent two happy years working as a camp counselor there, and an awesome week with my best friend when I was 18. But I haven’t been on holiday there for eight years and what’s my favourite may not be yours. Porto would be my favourite city for a weekend away from the UK, Havana was an absolutely incredible experience, but then I could also list Montpellier, Barcelona, Cape Town, Dublin, Halong Bay, and so many more. It’s too difficult and hurts my brain.

And your worst?


4. It’s easy, right?

So you just buy a domain name and set one up?

Yep. And work on it for a bazillion hours a week, become obsessed, let your health and friendships fall by the wayside and hyperventilate when you can’t work on it for a day or two. Then you’re halfway there. 

You can definitely ‘just buy a domain name and set one up’ and then you will join the millions of blogs in the world with 1-10 posts on them. And there’s nothing wrong with that at all. But if you do want to get to a stage where someone other than your mum and aunty read it you’re going to need to put a bit more effort in there my friend.

5. The future

Where are you going next?

Here’s my card. Visit my blog and you’ll soon find out.

I don’t really do that, but it might be good to get a few extra views on the page. I do actually like this conversation, gives me a chance to talk about the future rather than the past and usually ends in me giving some advice on where they should go for their next trip.

And by the end of this part of the conversation people are either sick with jealousy, bored, don’t believe me or someone else has intercepted and the conversations start all over again.

Got any questions for me? Just ask in the comments section below… 

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  1. by Helen on January 31, 2014  9:52 am Reply

    So true!

    Number 4 especially...


  2. by Jp on February 2, 2014  12:48 pm Reply

    Nice post, such a refreshing, honest attitude to how much hard work blogging can be. You write really well :)

  3. by Scarlett on February 3, 2014  3:30 pm Reply

    Lol this is all so true. If anyone asks my what I'm upto I always tell them to read my blog. I sound like an arsehole but, oh well x

  4. by Hannah on February 3, 2014  9:16 pm Reply

    Oh Vicky Pea. You've worked SO hard to get where you are now. I do hate being asked the same old questions about being gay so I guess I know how you feel! Love your blog. So proud of you bird xxxx

    • by Vicky on February 4, 2014  10:12 am Reply

      Oh hey there Hannah Barbara, thanks for stopping by. I was just wondering how gay people have sex and which one of you will have a baby first - hope you don't think that's horribly rude and highly personal? Like that you mean? Love your face. Proud of you too. xxxx

  5. by Rusja Foster on February 4, 2014  6:18 am Reply

    Haha this is so true! Especially number 5, which I can NEVER answer...I don't even know what I'm doing tomorrow!

  6. by Kiara Gallop on February 13, 2014  8:30 am Reply

    My boyfriend is already complaining about how little he sees me and I'm only just starting out really! Yes it's hard work!

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  8. by Daidri | Thee Getaway Gal on February 28, 2014  5:04 pm Reply

    I loved reading this, it made me laugh and I can relate. I especially love when someone says to me "____ keeps asking me what you do, she just doesn't understand it" why don't they just ask me? I guess we all handle our curiosities differently. Thanks for sharing!

  9. by john on February 28, 2014  5:38 pm Reply

    I really like this .....awesome

  10. by Britany on February 28, 2014  5:50 pm Reply

    Ha. I've definitely had every one of these conversations, more than once. I feel like the comment I'm usually left with after trying to explain is, "I just don't get it."

    Which is totally fine. Sometimes, I don't get it myself. I just know I love it. :)

  11. by Mike of Mapless Mike on February 28, 2014  6:05 pm Reply

    I'm new to your blog, and I'll definitely be sticking around. I started a blog about teaching English in Spain and to my surprise have kept it going. I thought I would have lost interest, but I really enjoy doing it!

  12. by Anna from The Blonde Banana on March 1, 2014  4:16 am Reply

    This post is too funny. Also my day job as a publicist is quite confusing to my family and their friends as well so basically I'm just one big ball of confusion. My parents tell everyone I work in advertising.

  13. by Sarah on March 12, 2014  4:04 am Reply

    Made me laugh a few times. Do you never get 'is that a real job'?

  14. by Bren on March 14, 2014  4:31 am Reply

    Number 4! It's crazy how insanely unhealthy blogging is, tucked away in the dark with your laptop fiddling with your widgets. But it's fun, so who cares :)

  15. by Hotel The Vine on April 4, 2014  9:14 am Reply

    Nice post. It's true that most people consider travel blogging not even as a job, but it is hard work. We've just welcomed a team of bloggers and they were super busy, writing a lot, working overnight to write their posts of daily activities. It's a must for travel industry and someone has to do it, right? Then, it better be you! We've noticed your mention to Porto, an absolutely lovely Portuguese town deserving a visit. We hope Madeira Island will one day be your choice too ;)

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