My Top 29 UK-Based Travel Bloggers

As a travel blogger based in the UK I know a thing or two about my fellow bloggers. When you look at the top ‘whatever’ lists of bloggers you’ll usually find them full of American travel bloggers, but I think us British based travel bloggers deserve more credit.

There doesn’t seem to be another list of UK-based travel bloggers out there so I thought I’d compile my top 25 worth checking out. The “quote” is taken from the said bloggers’ Twitter profile and you can click through for more details on their social spaces.

*These bloggers are based in the UK, not necessarily from here.*

So in no particular order, here goes…

1. Victoria Philpott from Vicky Flip Flop Travels

best uk bloggersThat’s me!

It might look like I’m here there and everywhere but I am actually based in the UK, and will be even more over the next few months. You know me, I blog about festivals, holidays and making the most of your time off.

“Travel and festival blogger | Holidays make me happy | Love life; especially exploring, music, London + breakfast.”

My contact and social media details


Check out the latest on Instagram @VickyFlipFlop

2. Helen Davies from Helen in Wonderlust

Best UK based bloggersI first met Helen at a travel blogging conference in Dublin and by the end of our first drink together we had a mutual appreciation for one another. That shouldn’t sound weird if it does. Helen also works at Kelloggs but wasn’t responsible for the Choco Krispies / Coco Pops renaming debacle, which was my first question. She features in my video on Blogstock.

“Liverpool based Travel Blogger, Mischief Maker. Loves Africa, Live Music and Adventure. Proud Auntie.”

Helen’s contact and social media details

Based: Liverpool

3. Paul and Karen from Global Help Swap

UK travel bloggersKaren and Paul are brilliant. Together with me, Jen and Alicia we form the originally Midlands consortium of UK travel bloggers, although Karen is originally from Malta. They’ve recently set up house down London way though they’re well-known for their worldwide house sitting skills. If you want a laugh, and a good story, get some Global Help Swap in your life.

“Responsible, Local and Authentic Travel. Real Travel, Real Experiences. Tips for memorable and meaningful travel.”

Paul and Karen’s contact and social media details

Based: London

4. Emily Luxton from

Emily is great fun and one of my favourite travel bloggers to travel with. She’s an excellent photographer and writer, and loves to get the most out of every trip she goes on. She’s so passionate about travel and often goes off on multi-month adventures, most recently to Central America. She claims she’s a shy girl who found herself travelling, but usually when I see her she’ll be making friends with a glass of wine in her hand.

“Award winning full-time travel blogger and solo traveller championing deeper travel. Blogging about adventure, food, and personal development through travel.”

Emily’s contact and social media details

Based: Southsea

5. Jen Lowthrop from She Gets Around

Top UK travel bloggersMe and Jen go way back, in travel blogger terms. Now she’s one of my favourite people in the UK travel blogger world – we’ve had some great times in London, Porto and Brighton at various conferences. She’s all about the volunteering, and the dating, and is a great person to talk to to chew the fat on either.

“Travel blogger on a journey to find my element, through #travel, adventure, writing, drama, food, love and community.”

Jen’s contact and social media details

Based: London

6. Monica Stott from The Travel Hack

Best UK Bloggers Monica is one of my favourite bloggers and people on the list, if I’m allowed a favourite. She’s got a beautiful baby and life up in Chester somewhere and one of those dogs that people like too. She’s all about the stylish travel and I don’t know anyone who enjoys Twitter chats more than her. We used to work together what seems like an age ago, but now we just talk a lot on Facebook Messenger instead.

“Travel blogger with a love for adventure. Top 10 UK travel blog.”

Monica’s contact and social media details

Based: Chester

7. Emily Ray from The Cosy Traveller

Top UK travel blogsIsn’t she lovely hey? Emily is a sweetheart and is enjoying her lovely life with the help of a good brew and with the presence of an animal now and then. I just went on her blog to find her social media details and for her latest post she’s photoshopped her face onto someone holding a koala. That’s just the way she rolls over on The Cosy Traveller.

“Travel blogger and content writer. I blog about comfort, tea and animals all over the world.”

Emily’s contact and social media details

Based: London

8. Chloe Gunning from Wanderlust Chloe

Best UK travel bloggersChloe is great. We’ve been skiing in France together, and lived it up on St Kitts where we drank so many rum cocktails I’m pretty sure we were sick of them by the end of the week. Anyway, her blog is awesome and she’s an ambassador for Lonely Planet and Visit England, and probably other stuff I don’t know about too. She used to work as a producer with Emma Bunton – Baby Spice!

“Travel blogger, creative producer, foodie and adventurer showing you the world. Happiest when holding a mojito! Regular Lonely Planet + Metro contributor.”

Based: London

9. Macca Sherifi from An Adventurous World

Best UK travel bloggersMacca and I used to work together. Oh the FUN we had. He’s a good friend, and I especially enjoy his company after we’ve both had a little drinky drinky. Last time I went out with him he was singing McFly songs at full volume at the bar. As for being a blogger, he’s super passionate about his work, and seeing the world. His photography and video skills are amazing.

“Travel blogger | Photographer | Presenter. Capturing the world one destination at a time. Warning: Will do anything for adventure!”

Based: London

10. Lloyd and Yaya from Hand Luggage Only

Top UK travel bloggersLloyd and Yaya were crowned Vuelio’s Travel Bloggers of the Year in 2017 & 18. Meaning, they’ve actually got the highest views of any travel blogger in the UK. Their blog is AMAZING. It’s the fun and the photography that makes it so good. They’re two of the best people I know and after our awesome weekend in Hamburg together, I just think they’re both brilliant. They deserve every success they have. Think they should probably sit down and take a rest though – travel much?

“Travel & photography blog by Yaya & Lloyd | Lovers of travel | Dance ninjas extraordinaire | Will travel for cake.”

Based: London

11. Jess Gibson from The Travelista

Best UK Travel BloggersJess looks incredible wherever she goes and whatever she does. I love seeing what she’s wearing around the world – pretty sure her Canada trip was some of her best outfits. She’s not just all about fashion though, her travel tips for England, Europe, the US and her Asian adventures will help you travel in style. Jess has just welcomed her son Theo into the world and I’m so excited to see her embrace their journeys together.

“A Luxury Travel Blog from Yorkshire via The World | Travel Mama-to-be”

Based: Leeds

12. Neil Barnes from Backpacks & Bunkbeds

Top UK bloggers Great guy. Neil is not ashamed of a pint or two and has some great stories of his travels both off and online. Went on a night out with him and his girlfriend once, she’s a hoot. He’s one of the few guys on the list and whatever London event we’ll be at he’s usually outnumbered.

“London based budget travel blogger, instagrammer, WordPress geek, football fan, burger and pizza fiend.”

Neil’s contact and social media details

Based: London

13. Abi King from Inside the Travel Lab

Best travel blogs in the UKAs one of the most well known and experienced on this list of UK based travel bloggers Abi has been featured in the likes of Grazia, Conde Nast, the BBC and Stylist Magazine. Ooo, the blogger did good. And once upon a time she was a doctor, which explains all the ‘lab’ influence. Just realised she’d be a great person to go on a press trip with, what with all that medical knowledge.

Travel writer and photographer who swapped a career as a doctor for a life on the road…Exploring unusual journeys…”

Abi’s contact and social media details

Based: London

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top UK travel bloggers

14. Julie Falconer from A Lady in London

UK travel bloggersJulie’s been a featured Instagrammer on Instagram and runs all kinds of workshops on travel blogging. Although she’s from the US her blog style is elegantly English featuring her sussing out the best of the things to do around the world, not just in London. Julie’s also got a travel planning business, if you need.

“Top 5 UK travel blogger. Social media consultant & speaker. Expat Californian in London. 100 countries & counting!”

Julie’s contact and social media details

Based: London

15. Arianwen Morris from Beyond Blighty

Top UK travel bloggersArianwen is an original member of The Travel Chicks but left to go and explore South America for a year. Then she came back, lasted a few months, and went travelling round New Zealand. She’s now in London but the last time we went for a few glasses of red wine, I could tell her feet were definitely getting itchy. I’ll give her a few months before she’s off again on another #scaredbritless adventure (her #, can’t take the credit!).

“Adventure travel blogger, marathon runner and professional editor. Enjoys photography, travel literature and high-adrenaline activities.”

Arianwen’s contact and social media details

Based: London

16. Alicia Drewnicki from Alicia Explores

UK Travel bloggers best ofI’d say Alicia would be the number one call if you’re looking for someone to present something – a TV show, awards, podcast – anything. I first met Alicia when she had to interview me for a Jack Wills Adventure Travel night in store. We hit it off right away and always have a good laugh together when we hang out. Love her.

“Travel, Dating & Lifestyle Writer, Video Host & Videographer | #TravelMassiveLondon Chapter Leader | @WeLoveDatesColumnist |”

Alicia’s contact and social media details

Based: London

17. Char Taylor from Taylor Hearts Travel

Top UK travel bloggerIf you don’t follow Char’s weekly competition update you’re missing out. I’m pretty sure I won my upcoming September Cuba trip by entering one of the competitions on her page, although I can’t be sure. I love the design of Char’s blog, and the content too.

“Stylish, unique & exciting travel for you, your home & wardrobe. Travel lifestyle blogger. Shortlisted for ‘Best Female’ Blogger Awards 2014.”

Char’s contact and social media details

Based: London

18. Victoria and Steve from Bridges and Balloons

Top UK travel blogger

Victoria and Steve are a dream team. They run their blog alongside their passions, for Victoria that’s her charity work and for Steve it’s his Planetary Collective film, shown at SXSW. It’s thanks to them that I visited one of my favourite places, San Pancho in Mexico, last year. They’re such lovely people on their blog and off, I hope I get to be like them one day. Oh and they’re getting married soon too.

“Semi-nomadic couple with a fondness for cake, indie bookshops and cosmic wonder. Can be found writing and making films in beautiful places. Home is #Peckham

Victoria and Steve’s contact and social media details

Based: London

19. Beverley Reinemann from Pack Your Passport

Top UK based travel bloggers

I met Beverley once she’d move to London, after hearing a lot about her through my fellow London travel bloggers. She’s great. I really enjoy reading her thoughts on London, and how she copes with living in one of the craziest and most intense cities in the world after her time in New Zealand.

“Freelance writer | Travel & lifestyle blogger | Feminist | Feet in London, heart in Sydney | Dreams of living in a campervan | Also; PR @Distilled

Beverley’s contact and social media details

Based: London

20. Dylan Lowe from The Travelling Editor

Top UK travel bloggers

Oh Dylan, he’s such a sesquipedalian (see previous reference). Dylan was one of the first travel bloggers I met back in April 2012 after I’d just started. He was so friendly and welcoming to me and now I know I can call him a friend. He’s well known among the travel blogging community as the hostess with the mostess, well, maybe not in those words but he’s the go to man for bloggers in need of some London accommodation.

“Travel writer, photog, blogger. Brit. Storyteller. Designer. Food geek. Self-editor. Creator of @RippleMovement.”

Dylan’s contact and social media details

Based: London

21. Kat Burrington from Travel with Kat

Travels with KatKat and I went to Gambia together back in December 2012 on a press trip. She’s part of the Travelator Media group, a group of travel bloggers aged 40+ ready to create content. Kat writes about sustainable travel and human rights, among other topics, and has won the AITO Responsible Tourism Award for her work in Gambia.

“Travel photographer, writer & blogger. Co-founder @TravelatorMedia. @PlanUK Digital Ambassador.

Kat’s contact and social media details

Based: London

22. Jodie Young from The Little Backpacker

Top Uk travel bloggersI went to the Gold Coast with Jodie as she won a competition with my old work I was responsible for chauffeuring her and the other two winners around, except the hilly route was so windy and scary I decided it would be much better left to Jodie. She saved my bacon. Really like Jodie, she’s got a great life attitude and her blog is both informative and fun, love your work. And yeah, she’s actually really little.

“Small and Adventurous Travel Blogger. Student in London. Lover of photography, travel, roadtrips, ice cream & the ocean.”

Jodie’s contact and social media details

Based: London

23. Paul Dow from Trav Monkey

UK top travel bloggersPaul is a straight talking Manc who knows how to make a beautiful video. His site is a platform for all bloggers to submit content with him looking over it all. It was actually on here that I wrote my first guest post, under the ‘VickyFlipFlop’ guise. Paul is also responsible for the awesome Traverse events, and the annual Blogstock along with Micheal Ball and Ruth Haffenden too. Interesting fact for you; I once threw a capirinha in his face after a misunderstanding. He’s never let me forget it (definitely deserved it).

“Pro Travel Blogger, YouTube creator. Have a wallet full of strange currency. Snapchat: Travmonkey”

Paul’s contact and social media details

Based: London

24. Simon Heyes from Simon’s Jam Jar

 UK travel bloggersSimon Heyes, what a guy. Even though he pipped me to the post to go to Papua New Guinea and be their blog ambassador, I still like him. We’ve had some great nights out at travel events in London together and he’s very entertaining. He recently, actually I think it was a while ago now, did the 24 Peaks Challenge in 24 hours to raise money for a charity close to his heart.

“Digital Marketer / World Traveller / Storyteller / Foodie / Winner ‘Best Male’ Travel Blogger Awards 2014 / Co-Founder at”

Simon’s contact and social media details

Based: London

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Best UK travel bloggers

25. Ed Rex from Rexy Edventures

Top UK Travel BloggersI know Ed from the London blogger meet ups. He lived in London, then he didn’t, then he did, didn’t, and now he’s back again. We travel bloggers just can’t make our minds up – so much world to explore. Visit his blog and expect to see lots of photos of him in tiny shorts on beaches.

“Adventure and Travel Blogger and Writer; Yorkshire Tea Lover; The Journal Columnist; Digital Marketer; Deaf; Goofy; Handsome Egotist.”

Simon’s contact and social media details

Based: London

26. Sophie Collard

UK travel bloggerSophie has a few different projects in the pipeline (don’t we all) but she’s best known for her trainspotting and her love of death tourism. Yes. Known across all the social media as ‘SophonTrack’ Sophie will do all she can to avoid taking a plane anywhere – very eco, well done. She also runs the TravelDarkly site with a friend which focuses on this strange obsession people seem to have with visiting devastation sites. From haunted pubs to old operating theatre museums, she’ll have covered it.

“Travel writer and copywriter. Social media type. Ride trains and blog about them. Write about macabre destinations over at

Sophie’s contact and social media details

Based: London

27. Virginia Stuart-Taylor from The Well-Travelled Postcard

best UK travel bloggersVirginia knows how to sail and she runs marathons – she’s cool, and tough. Check out her blog for language learning inspiration, fitness motivation and just to see what cool and fancy London adventure she’s up to next.

“Travel blogger, linguist, digital strategy, ambassador for #OYW & @PlanUK. Loves: travel, foreign cultures & languages. Dislikes: staying in one place too long.”

Virginia’s contact and social media details

Based: London

28. Flora Baker from Flora the Explorer

Great UK travel bloggersFlora is one of life’s good people. She’s so lovely and travels in a way that reflects what’s important to her. I was gripped as she travelled South America, learning Spanish and meeting people as she explored. She’s now based in London and is planning on walking the Camino de Santiago this year.

“British traveller, blogger & freelance writer. Left handed Latinophile. Perpetual story searcher.”

Flora’s contact and social media details

Based: London

29. Victoria Brewood from Pommie Travels

Best UK travel bloggersVictoria has been travelling and blogging since 2008, making her one of the more veteran UK travel bloggers on the list. Bit jealous that she’s been travelling ever since she finished university – good on her. She’s well into her YouTube channel and I’ve spent the last 30 minutes catching up with the last few weeks. I enjoy the comments about her accent – love a northerner.

“Award-winning travel blogger  & YouTuber. Entrepreneur, dreamer and major foodie. See the world, I dare you!”

Victoria’s contact and social media details

Based: Manchester

I hope you’ve enjoyed this introduction to my favourite UK based travel bloggers.

If you need any more information, on anyone, or on me, just let me know.

UK travel bloggers are the best kind of bloggers. True story.

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  1. by Beverley | Pack Your Passport on June 2, 2015  9:43 pm Reply

    Thank you so much for including me, Vicky! I'm so proud to be part of the UK travel blogging and I'm definitely in good company :)

  2. by Emily Ray on June 2, 2015  10:02 pm Reply

    Wowee, thank you SO much for mentioning me amongst such awesome bloggers, I'm chuffed to bits! :) like Beverly, I'm also very proud to be part of the UK travel blogging community! X
    (p.s. That's definitely me holding a koala, not Jodie...cough)

    • by Vicky on June 3, 2015  3:48 pm Reply

      Yeah I just wanted to compile a list to show people us UK-based bloggers are a force to reckoned with :)

  3. by Jodie Young on June 3, 2015  1:26 pm Reply

    Thanks for including me Vicky :) It's so nice to be included in a list with some of my fave bloggers. Oh and as Emily said her koala picture is me underneath from that day on the Gold Coast.

    • by Vicky on June 3, 2015  3:47 pm Reply

      Ha, I didn't recognise your torso there!

  4. by Helen on June 3, 2015  8:49 pm Reply

    Aw, thanks for including me Vicky! Great list, awesome bunch! :)

    Need to see you all soon!!!!!!!! x

  5. by Kathryn Burrington on June 19, 2015  11:31 am Reply

    Thank you so much for including me in your list Vicky - a great bunch of bloggers to be amongst!

  6. by Brenna on July 6, 2015  9:35 pm Reply

    How am I only seeing this now?! I don't know how I missed this but - oh Vicky - thank you so much for including me and for those extremely kind words! I am so honoured to be among such awesome people. Hope to see you again soon. xx

  7. by Taylor Hearts Travel on July 8, 2015  12:19 pm Reply

    High-five to you and the other amazing bloggers on this list! Thanks so much for including me and for taking the time to round-up such a cool list. X

  8. by Gemma on July 9, 2015  4:08 am Reply

    Awesome list, I already follow several of these blogs but it's great to find more awesome ones for travel inspiration! I'm also from the UK, and it's good to see a list of UK based bloggers, it makes a refreshing change from the eons of Americans!

    • by Vicky on July 13, 2015  8:28 am Reply

      Yeah, that's why I wanted to compile it. I felt like it was those Americans who get all the attention and wanted us UKers to get some limelight!

  9. by Khweza on July 15, 2015  4:17 pm Reply

    This is a great list, thank you very much for looking into UK travel, not much is said about UK travel. Oh we've been looking!

  10. by Rob on August 21, 2015  8:18 am Reply

    Brilliant list Vicky, thanks so much for sharing...
    I really didn't know there are so many UK based travel bloggers out there!
    Plenty of reading for me.

    • by Vicky on August 25, 2015  8:31 am Reply

      Yes, that lot will keep you busy!

  11. by viswa on September 3, 2015  4:50 am Reply

    Great List and Very Useful Information,great bunch of bloggers, really helpful for us....

  12. by Victoria on September 21, 2015  12:06 pm Reply

    Hello! Thanks you so much for including us and saying such lovely things! Hope to see you soon x

    • by Vicky on September 21, 2015  7:26 pm Reply

      No worries! Love your work :)

  13. by GonzalezRevo on September 26, 2015  6:34 pm Reply

    Hi, Vicky..i come to your blog for the first time its really awesome & informative..Thanks a ton for shearing with us....

    • by Vicky on September 29, 2015  11:44 am Reply

      No worries Gonzalez, glad you like it! Thanks for letting me know :)

  14. by Arianwen on October 28, 2015  4:08 pm Reply

    How did I miss this?! I loved this article so much! It made me miss everyone heaps though, because yes, I did jet off again not long after we went for that drink in London! Oops! x

    • by Vicky on October 28, 2015  11:59 pm Reply

      Ha, as you should. Jealous of your travels now! x

  15. by Liz Stark on November 23, 2015  4:04 pm Reply

    Seems I'm late to the party, as I just came across your article today - found it really inspiring! Attempting to branch out in to this space myself and it's good to see such an array of amazing people in my own country to keep up to date with. Great write up, thanks!

  16. by Travelsito on November 30, 2015  12:56 pm Reply

    Thank you Vicky so much for this great overview.

    • by Vicky on December 6, 2015  10:52 pm Reply

      No worries, glad you enjoyed it!

  17. by Erastus on January 15, 2016  9:05 pm Reply

    You got a great list here. I've just found it the time I needed UK based bloggers. Thanks Vicky

    • by Vicky on January 17, 2016  4:38 pm Reply

      Happy to help Erastus! Anything else I can assist with? I know a lot of bloggers :)

  18. by georgiana on February 20, 2016  10:03 am Reply

    Great List here its should be very helpful.......have u any more suggestions.....?

    • by Vicky on February 20, 2016  12:32 pm Reply

      Thank you :) There are thousands, but these are my favourites :)

  19. by Fabio on March 2, 2016  10:19 am Reply

    Thanks for this list, Vicky! I've been on the hunt for UK travel bloggers since I'm starting out myself :)

    • by Vicky on March 9, 2016  3:31 pm Reply

      No worries – hope the list has introduced you to a few more excellent bloggers!

  20. by Mike on May 23, 2016  2:41 pm Reply

    Fantastic list Vicky! we've been following some but still have a lot to go through with your list above. It's great to see these bloggers doing what they love most! not everyone has the courage to do so!

    • by Vicky on May 29, 2016  3:31 pm Reply

      Thanks Mike, agreed!

  21. by Bryony Clapperton on September 7, 2016  8:04 pm Reply

    Slowly making my way through this list. Some incredible blogs here :)

  22. by Hayley on October 24, 2016  8:52 am Reply

    I LOVE this post girl! As I mentioned I needed some more travel blogs to follow so this will be my plan this afternoon, to make my way through this list with a cup of green tea!


    Hayley xo

    • by Vicky on November 2, 2016  4:55 pm Reply

      Thanks Hayley! It was difficult to choose these guys, think I need to do an updated one. Miss you too ☺.

  23. by Syam Trekker on December 3, 2016  11:50 am Reply

    Thank for list Top 25 UK-Based Travel Bloggers, Nice blog

    • by Vicky on December 8, 2016  3:44 am Reply

      No worries. Thanks for reading Syam :)

  24. by National on May 29, 2017  4:05 am Reply

    Thanks you very much for your comment all

  25. by Sharif Uddin on June 1, 2017  9:54 am Reply

    Amazing posts:)

    • by Vicky on June 12, 2017  9:42 am Reply

      Thank you!

  26. by Antonio on April 5, 2018  10:33 pm Reply

    I love this post. A lot of this bloggers are my model. I used to follow them and decided to put myself on my own and set up a blog. I met a lot of them at the events and I find new faces and new blogs thanks to this post, I will follow them. Thank you and keep going.

  27. by Sarah on June 24, 2018  5:55 am Reply

    This is actually a really great list! Really refreshing after reading a lot of American bloggers!

    • by VickyFlipFlop on July 4, 2018  10:30 pm Reply

      Yeah sometimes I don't think the British bloggers get the cred they deserve, just because we're from a smaller island. We're important too!

  28. by Scott Spencer-White on July 19, 2018  11:53 am Reply

    Awesome list Vicky! Your blog is lovely - keep up the great work!

  29. by Akinosi Babatunde on September 3, 2018  8:55 am Reply

    Great list of UK travel blog! It is very useful...

    • by VickyFlipFlop on September 17, 2018  10:33 am Reply

      No worries, glad to help! I need to add a few other favourites in here actually. So many good bloggers around!

  30. by Shawn Grace on January 10, 2019  12:22 pm Reply

    Nice blog. I loved reading it.
    Keep the good work up.
    All the best

  31. by GSE Solutions on January 17, 2019  9:16 am Reply

    Hi Vicky, first great name, we named our daughter Victoria. Anyhow, thanks for writing and sharing this article. I often travel for work with GSE Solutions, and am always on the hunt for little gems to travel too. I've followed Abi King in the past and can vouch that her blog is super informative. If i come across any others not listed, i'll drop you a message. Thanks!

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