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There are so many brilliant UK travel bloggers…

I feel like we don’t get the recognition or klout of our American friends who shout their successes from the rooftops.

So, I’m here to highlight some of the best UK travel blogs for you to plan your trip by. Let’s look at the best travel blogs, UK style. Think of this as my travel blog awards, to the best UK travel bloggers (IMO).

There are a few other lists out there, featuring the best UK travel influencers, but I’ve met almost each and every one of these British travel bloggers personally. I can totally vouch for their skills, their personalities and their outlook, AND their dedication.

This article will introduce you to some of the top UK travel blogs. Whether you’re looking for UK travel bloggers to follow, work with or keep an eye on – these are the best.

List of the best UK travel influencers

All the top UK travel bloggers are based in the UK, not necessarily from here.

So, in no particular order of best UK travel blogs, here goes…

The Top UK Travel Bloggers

Read on for the best UK travel blogs in the WORLD. Some of these UK travel bloggers would call themselves ‘influencers’, others, ‘writers’, but I like to say ‘UK travel content creators’.

1. Victoria Philpott from Vicky Flip Flop Travels

Coffee in London

That’s me!

It might look like I’m here there and everywhere but I am actually based in the UK. You know me, I blog about festivals, holidays and making the most of your time off.

I’ve recently set up a new England travel blog at Day Out in England. I hope it will become the best UK blog out there!

“Travel and festival blogger | Holidays make me happy | Love life; especially exploring, music, London + breakfast.”

top uk bloggers

 “Whether it’s travelling on a shoestring or splashing the cash to see the world, travel writer Victoria Philpott reports back on her adventures in the hope of giving her readers the confidence and knowledge to embark on their own. She’s a full time traveller now, visiting some of the world’s most interesting destinations and coolest festivals to inspire you to make the most of your annual leave.””

Website | FacebookInstagramTwitter | Pinterest | YouTube

Email: [email protected]

Find out more about My Story and how I got into travel blogging here


2. Helen Davies from Helen in Wonderlust

Best UK based bloggers

I first met Helen at a travel blogging conference in Dublin and by the end of our first drink together we had a mutual appreciation for one another. That shouldn’t sound weird if it does.

Helen used to work at Kelloggs but wasn’t responsible for the Choco Krispies / Coco Pops renaming debacle, which was my first question.

Now she runs tours in Africa with her company Rock My Adventure Tours, and lives there half of the year. Her travel blog Helen in Wonderlust, is the leading course of info on backpacking Africa. You can find out more about Helen in the podcast chat I had with her. I’ve also travelled to Malawi, Zimbabwe and Zambia with Helen, and most recently, went camping in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland with her.

One of the most fun travel bloggers in the UK!

“Liverpool based Travel Blogger, Mischief Maker. Loves Africa, Live Music and Adventure. Proud Auntie.”

UK travel bloggers

“Helen Davies is a an adventurer, part-time traveller and full-time Africa lover. Not one to do things by halves, Helen can usually be found on or planning an epic trip. Having spent a year in Africa, she’s keen to encourage others to explore her favourite continent. She writes about her travels (in Africa and elsewhere), and about the people she meets along the way on her blog.”

3. Paul & Karen from Global Help Swap

UK travel bloggers

Karen and Paul are brilliant.

Together with me, Jen and Alicia we form the originally Midlands consortium of UK travel bloggers. They’ve recently set up house down London way though they’re well-known for their worldwide house sitting skills.

If you want a laugh, and a good story, get some Global Help Swap in your life. I’ve been to Costa Rica with Paul on a press trip, and had an amazing time at two years of Glastonbury with them too.

“Responsible, Local and Authentic Travel. Real Travel, Real Experiences. Tips for memorable and meaningful travel.”

Uk travel bloggers

“Paul and Karen have visited over 50 countries and are certainly not tired of travelling yet. A recent trip to Mexico was a pleasant encounter with fun loving, generous Mexicans and a few cervezas. When they are not on the move, you can find them deep in a good book with a bottle of red wine close at hand.”

Website | FacebookInstagramTwitter | Pinterest | YouTube

[email protected]


4. Emily Luxton from

Emily is great fun and one of my favourite travel bloggers to travel with. She’s an excellent photographer and writer, and loves to get the most out of every trip she goes on. She’s so passionate about travel and often goes off on multi-month adventures, most recently to Central America.

Emily Luxton Travels claims she’s a shy girl who found herself travelling, but usually when I see her she’ll be making friends with a glass of wine in her hand. And I see her quite a lot as we’ve lived together for three years now. We’ve had a lot of adventures together – including paddle boarding in Hampshire, in Trentino and in Chang Mai in Thailand too.

“Award winning full-time travel blogger and solo traveller championing deeper travel. Blogging about adventure, food, and personal development through travel.”

“In a nutshell, my travel style is Deep Travel. That means travelling slower when possible, and travelling intelligently. My mission is to get to know the world; not just travel it all or see it all, but to try to understand it as much as possible – and have some fun doing it! I blog mainly about culture, food, art, people, and landscapes… always focusing on connecting with a new place as deeply and honestly as I can.”

Website | FacebookInstagramTwitter

[email protected]

Do YOU want to be one the UK’s top travel bloggers?

Check out my totally free course on how to be a travel blogger: Travel Blogger High. I break it down into 20 totally free and easy to follow lessons, so maybe you can be on this list one day.

If you want to be one of the best UK blogs, then this course will give you the best stepping stone to get started.

Working on my laptop


5. Dan from DanFlyingSolo

top uk travel bloggers

Dan is absolutely one of my favourite travel buddies and UK bloggers. His photography is incredible and I love the videos he makes too.

Dan lives in Portugal and the UK, in between jetting off around the world. He loves a goat, an adventure, and an opportunity to try something new.

Last year we went skiing for the first time, for him, and although it didn’t go to plan, he stayed positive and did what he does best instead – took photos and made a video.

“Happiest lost with a camera | Travel photographer, writer + blogger | Flag of Portugal Immigrant | Flag of United Kingdom Born | @lonelyplanet ambassador”

best uk travel bloggers

“I’m obsessed with exploring the world, meeting amazing people (and goats) and getting as lost as possible with my camera. I was on the road for 1467 days between 2014 – 2018, taking a chance on changing my career from restaurants to capturing the world and somehow it all worked out…”

Website |  Instagram Twitter

6. Jen Lowthrop from She Gets Around

Top UK travel bloggers

Me and Jen go way back, in travel blogger terms. Now she’s one of my favourite people in the UK travel blogger world – we’ve had some great times in London, Porto and Brighton at various conferences.

She’s all about the volunteering, and the dating, and is a great person to talk to to chew the fat with too.

We had a great summer trip sailing in Croatia one year, and she’s another one in the Glastonbury crew.

“Travel blogger on a journey to find my element, through #travel, adventure, writing, drama, food, love and community.”

UK travel bloggers

“For Jenny, there is nowhere too typical, too outrageous, too hot or too cold to travel to. From a tranquil walk around the Taj Mahal to a nine-month trek across Asia to a hectic but momentous 48-hour bus ride in Northern India, she travels for the people and the stories.

The unparalleled experiences, rare moments and genuine human connections feed her passion for exploration, which is hinged on learning cultures, eating exotic delicacies like sugar-fried crickets and living like a local wherever she goes. Jenny says she loves the world too much to let time go by without her next adventure planned.”

Website | FacebookInstagramTwitter | Pinterest

7. Monica Stott from The Travel Hack

Best UK Bloggers

Monica is brilliant, and one of the UK’s top travel bloggers. She’s got three beautiful children and life up in Chester somewhere and one of those French bulldog dogs that people like too.

Her top UK blog all about the stylish travel and I don’t know anyone who enjoys Twitter chats more than her. We used to work together in social media what seems like an age ago, but now we just talk a lot on Facebook Messenger instead.

She has one of the best blogs UK has to offer.

We’ve been to the Florida Keys together, to Levi in Finland and many, many UK travel blogger conferences too.

“Travel blogger with a love for adventure. Top 10 UK travel blog.”

UK top travel bloggers

“”Monica is a full time blogger and one of the UK’s top 10 travel bloggers. She runs The Travel Hack, a blog about stylish adventure travel and will soon be blogging about travelling with a baby as she’s expecting her first child. Monica began blogging in 2009 when she travelled around Asia and Australia for 2 years. She studied to become a journalist but got swept up in the big, bad world of blogging and never left.”

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | PinterestYouTube

Email: [email protected]

8. Emily Ray from The Cosy Traveller

Top UK travel blogs

Isn’t she lovely hey?

Emily is a sweetheart and is enjoying her lovely life with the help of a good brew and with the presence of an animal now and then. I just went on her blog to find her social media details and for her latest post she’s photoshopped her face onto someone holding a koala. That’s just the way she rolls over on The Cosy Traveller.

Emily is definitely one of my favourite UK travel bloggers.

“Travel blogger and content writer. I blog about comfort, tea and animals all over the world.”

uk top travel bloggers

“Emily Ray is a London-based copywriter who seeks to make the most of weekends and her annual leave to explore everything the world has to offer. After completing her journalism studies, Emily re-launched her blog The Cosy Traveller in June 2014, which focuses on everything that makes her happy, including animals, tea and luxury. She’s also a published travel writer, with work appearing in TNT, Time Out and Flight Centre’s online blog.”

Website | FacebookInstagramTwitter | YouTube


9. Chloe Gunning from Wanderlust Chloe

Best UK travel bloggers

Chloe is great. We’ve been skiing in France together, and lived it up on St Kitts where we drank so many rum cocktails I’m pretty sure we were sick of them by the end of the week.

Anyway, her blog is awesome and she’s an ambassador for Lonely Planet and Visit England, and probably other stuff I don’t know about too. She used to work as a producer with Emma Bunton – Baby Spice!

“Travel blogger, creative producer, foodie and adventurer showing you the world. Happiest when holding a mojito! Regular Lonely Planet + Metro contributor.”

Based: London

10. Macca Sherifi from An Adventurous World

Best UK travel bloggers

Macca and I used to work together too, with Monica. Oh the FUN we had. He’s a good friend, and I especially enjoy his company after we’ve both had a little drinky drinky.

Last time I went out with him he was singing McFly songs at full volume at the bar. As for being a blogger, he’s super passionate about his work, and seeing the world. His photography and video skills are amazing. He’s one of the top UK travel vloggers.

We haven’t ever actually travelled together – need to rectify that.

“Travel blogger | Photographer | Presenter. Capturing the world one destination at a time. Warning: Will do anything for adventure!”

Based: London


11. Lloyd and Yaya from Hand Luggage Only

Top UK travel bloggers

Lloyd and Yaya were crowned Vuelio’s Travel Bloggers of the Year in 2017 & 18. Meaning, they’ve actually got the highest views of any travel blogger in the UK. Their blog is AMAZING. It’s the fun and the photography that makes it so good.

They’re two of the best people I know and after our awesome weekend in Hamburg together, I just think they’re both brilliant. They deserve every success they have. Think they should probably sit down and take a rest though – travel much?

Theirs is the most popular travel blog in the UK!

“Travel & photography blog by Yaya & Lloyd | Lovers of travel | Dance ninjas extraordinaire | Will travel for cake.”

Based: London

12. Jess Gibson from The Travelista

Best UK Travel Bloggers

Jess looks incredible wherever she goes and whatever she does. I love seeing what she’s wearing around the world – pretty sure her Canada trip was some of her best outfits.

Her UK blog isn’t just all about fashion though, her travel tips for England, Europe, the US and her Asian adventures will help you travel in style. Jess has just welcomed her son Theo into the world and I’m so excited to see her embrace their journeys together.

We had a great time on a Princess Cruise press trip together.

“A Luxury Travel Blog from Yorkshire via The World | Travel Mama-to-be”

Based: Leeds

13. Shu Lin from DejaShu

top uk vloggers

I love Shu. She’s a ball of energy and fun, yet really knows her stuff when it comes to travel and food too. I’ve learned a lot from her, especially about air fryers.

Shu doesn’t actually have a blog, as she’s a YouTuber and Instagrammer but I couldn’t write a list of the best UK travel influencers without her. She’s also a BBC star with a documentary about Chinese food in England that you need to check out.

“British-Born Chinese 📷: sharing meals and life stories 🍜: London based food + travel vlogger and presenter 💌: [email protected] 👇🏽: 📍: #london

top uk vloggers

“Dejashu is a visual diary of each chapter of my life and celebrates all the things that I love in life: food, travel and those seemingly little moments that end up leaving the deepest memories.”

YouTubeInstagramTwitter | Facebook

Email: hello(@)

14. Abi King from Inside the Travel Lab

Best travel blogs in the UK

As one of the most well known and experienced on this list of UK based travel bloggers Abi has been featured in the likes of Grazia, Conde Nast, the BBC and Stylist Magazine. Ooo, the blogger did good. And once upon a time she was a doctor, which explains all the ‘lab’ influence. Just realised she’d be a great person to go on a press trip with, what with all that medical knowledge.

Travel writer and photographer who swapped a career as a doctor for a life on the road…Exploring unusual journeys…”

Top UK travel bloggers

“Abigail King is an experienced journalist and photographer who works with both print and online media. She has circled the globe twice, camped in the snows of Kilimanjaro and Patagonia and tracked down tigers, turtles and panda bears. She’s then had a hot shower and embraced the city life of New York, Rio, Paris and Tokyo. Her work has appeared in Lonely Planet, the BBC, CNN, National Geographic’s Intelligent Travel, France Today, easyJet Traveller, The Huffington Post and more. She’s also written countless city and regional guides.”

Website | FacebookInstagramTwitter | Pinterest

web (at)


15. Eulanda & Omo from Hey! Dip Your Toes In

uk travel bloggers

Eulanda and Omo like to describe themselves as your ‘everyday kind of couple’ but I’ve met them and they’re way cooler than that.

They enjoy discovering the stories behind the stories of the people they meet and the places they visit. They say that thanks to their travels they’re always building on their identity and they want to inspire their readers to explore themselves through travel too.

Eulanda & Omo Osagiede are London-based freelance writers and award-winning social influencers who run the popular travel, food, and lifestyle blog HDYTI (Hey! Dip your toes in).

Website | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

16. Julie Falconer from A Lady in London

UK travel bloggers

Julie’s been a featured Instagrammer on Instagram and runs all kinds of workshops on travel blogging. Although she’s from the US her blog style is elegantly English featuring her sussing out the best of the things to do around the world, not just in London. Julie’s also got a travel planning business, if you need.

She’s one of the top travel bloggers in the UK and has one of the best blogs about travel.

“Top 5 UK travel blogger. Social media consultant & speaker. Expat Californian in London. 100 countries & counting!”

Top travel bloggers in the Uk

“Julie Falconer is a London-based travel writer and consultant. She writes an award-winning travel and lifestyle blog,A Lady in London, for which she has traveled to over 90 countries. She is also an online strategy and social media consultant, public speaker, and freelance travel writer.

Julie’s writing has featured in National Geographic Intelligent Travel, Time Out, Lonely Planet, and other leading publications. She also teaches regular classes on social media and blogging in London, and has lectured and given talks about travel at Cambridge and other universities.”

Website | FacebookInstagramTwitter | Pinterest | YouTube 

lady [at] aladyinlondon [dot] com

17. Arianwen Morris from Beyond Blighty

Top UK travel bloggers

Arianwen is an original member of The Travel Chicks but left to go and explore South America for a year. Then she came back, lasted a few months, and went travelling round New Zealand. She’s now in London but the last time we went for a few glasses of red wine, I could tell her feet were definitely getting itchy. I’ll give her a few months before she’s off again on another #scaredbritless adventure (her #, can’t take the credit!).

“Adventure travel blogger, marathon runner and professional editor. Enjoys photography, travel literature and high-adrenaline activities.”

Top UK Travel bloggers

“Arianwen Morris is the publisher of the travel blog Beyond Blighty – a collection of anecdotes, tips and advice for the independent and adventurous budget traveller. She recently completed a six-week adrenaline-fuelled tour of New Zealand and is now chilling in London until she works out her next move.”

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

[email protected]

18. Mollie from Where’s Mollie

best uk travel bloggers

Mollie is one of the youngest on the list, and is well known for her action adventure camps around the world. She unites her readers with her Where’s Mollie Global Travellers Meet Ups, in England, Croatia, Australia… wherever she fancies. She’s partnered up with all kindsa brands including GoPro, Herbal Essences and car brands too.

She was also on the Princess Cruise press trip – so lovely! She’s definitely one of the leading travel influencers in the UK and has one of the best blogs about travel.

“Photographer, videographer, travel personality and founder of @wmglobaltravellers ☼ Instagram  | 

Follow Mollie on Instagram

Based: London

19. Lavina from Continent Hop

Lavina has so much passion for travel and energy for life, she’s a total joy to be around. Love seeing her at a travel conference or meet up!

She works full time as a business analyst but has still worked out a way to visit 46 countries, including camping in the Sahara and haggling in the Marrakesh souks. Now she loves to share stories and advice on her blog with photo essays, guides and destination advice. Her blog is really interesting and goes beyond just the who, what, where.

Website | Instagram | Twitter

20. Alice from Teacake Travels

Best UK Travel bloggers

I love Alice’s attitude to life, and to travel. She’s done so much and is totally inspiring. I’d love to travel with her one day. She’s so strong and kickass cool, total solo female traveller inspiration right there!

Check out her blog for more on her adventures, and you can also listen to our podcast chat about solo female travel here. Hers is the UK travel blog for you if you’re looking for a strong female to tell you what life on the road is really like.

“Solo female traveller inspiring women to face their fears, push their boundaries & reach their full potential through travel.”

Follow Alice on Instagram 

Based: Leeds

21. Delahaye from Hues of Delahaye

Delahaye is a part time UK travel blogger, who also works as a scientist. Pretty cool mix hey?! Her blog is full of helpful tips for prospective travellers, including budgeting for a trip, day trips, city breaks and weekend getaways.

Check out her blog for colourful pictures and videos, and thorough yet fun advice for travelling in her footsteps. I love her Instagram vibe too – totally making me want to get back to London.

Website | Instagram | Twitter

“Travel & lifestyle blogger. Seeing the 🌎 one weekend & holiday at a time. 📸the moments in between #travelblogger #travel.”

22. Terry & Sarah LiveShareTravel


Terry and Sarah run the award winning luxury travel blog LiveShareTravel. They want to inspire their readers to travel luxuriously but deeply around the world, enriching their lives as they go.

They also share their top travel deals and stories from their trips. Sarah and Terry are both member of the Captivate and iAmbassador blogger collaboratives – cementing their spots as two of the best UK travel bloggers, and longest running too.

Website | Instagram | Twitter

“Liberating luxury for the smart traveller. Places to go, travel deals, tips, stylish hotels, spas, and more from the authors of The Luxury Travellers’ Handbook.”

23. Alicia Drewnicki from Alicia Explores

UK Travel bloggers best of

I’d say Alicia would be the number one call if you’re looking for someone to present something – a TV show, awards, podcast – anything. I first met Alicia when she had to interview me for a Jack Wills Adventure Travel night in store. We hit it off right away and always have a good laugh together when we hang out. Love her.

“Travel, Dating & Lifestyle Writer, Video Host & Videographer | #TravelMassiveLondon Chapter Leader | @WeLoveDatesColumnist”

Top UK based Travel bloggers

“Alicia Drewnicki is a freelance writer and video presenter based in London and is a regular features writer for Skyscanner UK.

Alicia has a passion for travel and loves sharing her best travel tips and experiences. She has backpacked around the world, travelled from West Coast to East Coast USA and has visited over twenty-five countries.

As well as being a travel expert, she has also appeared on TV, radio and online media as a dating expert.” 

Website | FacebookInstagramTwitter | YouTube 

[email protected]


24. Char Taylor from Taylor Hearts Travel

Top UK travel blogger

If you don’t follow Char’s weekly competition update you’re missing out. I’m pretty sure I won my upcoming September Cuba trip by entering one of the competitions on her page, although I can’t be sure. I love the design of Char’s blog, and the content too. If you’re looking for a UK travel blog with a realistic idea of what it’s like to travel with children, you need Char.

“Stylish, unique & exciting travel for you, your home & wardrobe. Travel lifestyle blogger. Shortlisted for ‘Best Female’ Blogger Awards 2014.”

UK top travel bloggers

“Shortlisted for “Best Female” in the lowcostholidays Blogger Awards 2014, and featured in Company Magazine’s High-Street Edit as a favourite bloggerTaylor Hearts Travel is a stylish travel blog to inspire amazing travel; from ideas for epic bucket list ticks to suggestions for local weekend trips.”

Website | FacebookInstagramTwitter | Pinterest

[email protected]

25. Victoria & Steve from Bridges and Balloons

Top UK travel blogger

Victoria and Steve are a dream team. They run their blog alongside their passions, for Victoria that’s her charity work and for Steve it’s his Planetary Collective film, shown at SXSW.

It’s thanks to them that I visited one of my favourite places, San Pancho in Mexico, last year.

They’re such lovely people on their blog and off, I hope I get to be like them one day. Two of the loveliest UK travel bloggers you’ll find!

“Semi-nomadic couple with a fondness for cake, indie bookshops and cosmic wonder. Can be found writing and making films in beautiful places. Home is #Peckham

UK travel bloggers

“Sometimes we go for a weekend, other times for six months, and once for three years. We seek out all things special – the unique, the cosy and the creative – the kinds of places and experiences you want to tell people about. And that’s what this blog is for – a place to share our finds and our stories from along the way. It’s yours for inspiration.

Things we love, and that you can expect to read about on here, include: special places to stay; whiskey cocktails; mountains; glamping; hipster coffee shops; vegetarian brunch; yoga; street food markets; cakes; festivals; beaches; independent bookshops and cosmic wonder. I also tend to share a lot of my personal journey – the ups and downs from along the way. I try to write things I’d like to read.”

Website | FacebookInstagramTwitter | Pinterest


26. Tanaka from Tanaka Travels

best uk travel bloggers

Tanaka is a super stylish UK travel blogger. She describes herself as “your visual travel mood board” and has some amazing photos around the world.

She lives in London but travels all over, and runs female only trips too. She’s been publishing some great UK travel content just lately, and has totally made me want to go to Southend!

Tanaka also some great advice on checking out Iceland for cheap – go check it out!

Website | Instagram Twitter

“The mission is to change the way women travel, focusing on accessibility and safety. After showcasing my solo adventures, 2018 birthed Tanaka Travels group trips. Every year I host a women- only group trip.”

27. Amar Hussein from Gap Year Escape

Best UK travel bloggers

Amar’s a great guy. He’s probably one of the people I’ve known the longest on the list. His blog is filled with practical advice for newbie travellers to make the most out of their adventures.

If you’re looking for someone who’s really travelled, before all this ‘travel influencer’ stuff came along, then check out his blog at Gap Year Escape.

“Editor-in-Chief of , 7 continent world traveller since ’09, author, digital nomad, pug lover and peanut M&M connoisseur.”

Follow Amar on Instagram.

Based: Warwick

28. Bejal from Be-Lavie

top uk travel bloggers

Bejal is an experiential boutique traveller with a big focus on sustainability. She covers local travel, as well as international and has travelled to 54 countries over 6 continents.

Veggie food, coffee shops and street art also feature strongly on the blog, as well as Bejal’s home city of Leicester.

Boutique Sustainable Travel Blog 🌎 Guides I Hotels I Resources 📷 Lifestyle l Food l products 🏡 Support Local 🥇#PinterestUk Winner

Website | FacebookInstagramTwitter

“Be-lavie is a space for the experiential, boutique, culture hungry traveller with a focus on sustainable luxury experiences.

I am excited to share with you my handpicked, tried and tested hotels, destinations, tours and responsibly sourced experiences through my sense of adventure and thirst for exploring locales in the world.”


Top 5 British Travel Bloggers

Of course, this list of top UK travel bloggers is my opinion, based on who I’ve met, worked with and heard about. If you want a scientific calculation of the best travel blogs in the UK, check out this blog directory from Gary Arndt.

He’s one of the world’s top travel bloggers and looks at many different stats to come up with his list from all around the world. When I last checked, in April 2020 these were the top 5 UK travel blogs

1. A Luxury Travel Blog
(he has 100s of writers, so I don’t consider it a blog for this list of best UK blogs, but Gary does).

2. Hand Luggage Only

3. The Travel Hack

4. ME – Vicky FlipFlop Travels

5. Abi, Inside the Travel Lab

29. Kat Burrington from Travel with Kat

Travels with Kat

Kat and I went to Gambia together back in December 2012 on a press trip. She’s part of the Travelator Media group, a group of mature UK travel bloggers aged 40+ ready to create content. Kat writes about sustainable travel and human rights, among other topics, and has won the AITO Responsible Tourism Award for her work in Gambia.

“Travel photographer, writer & blogger. Co-founder @TravelatorMedia. @PlanUK Digital Ambassador.

Top UK bloggers

Travel with Kat began in 2011 but Kat has always been a travel writer and beauty lover. She received her first camera at the age of 10 and, since that moment, she’s never abandoned it. Through her blog she’d like to share with readers the joy of discovering new lands, cultures and friends whether exploring Britain (her homeland) or on her travels many miles away.

Website | FacebookInstagramTwitter


30. Jodie Young from The Little Backpacker

Top Uk travel bloggers

I went to the Gold Coast with Jodie as she won a competition with my old work I was responsible for chauffeuring her and the other two winners around, except the hilly route was so windy and scary I decided it would be much better left to Jodie. She saved my bacon.

Really like Jodie, she’s got a great life attitude and her blog is both informative and fun, love your work. And yeah, she’s actually really little.

“Small and Adventurous Travel Blogger. Student in London. Lover of photography, travel, roadtrips, ice cream & the ocean.”

UKs top travel bloggers

“The Little Backpacker is a travel blog about adventurous and budget travel. Follow along for advice on travelling on a budget, tips for taking a gap year/working abroad and lots of pretty pictures to inspire you.”

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | PinterestYouTube


31. Paul Dow from Trav Monkey

UK top travel bloggers

Paul is a straight talking Manc who knows how to make a beautiful video. His site is a platform for all bloggers to submit content with him looking over it all. It was actually on here that I wrote my first guest post, under the ‘VickyFlipFlop’ guise.

Paul is also responsible for the awesome Traverse events, along with Micheal Ball too.

Interesting fact for you; I once threw a caipirinha in his face after a misunderstanding. He’s never let me forget it (definitely deserved it).

“Pro Travel Blogger, YouTube creator. Have a wallet full of strange currency.”

UK travel bloggers

“TravMonkey has been going for around 8 years and first started when Paul was half way through a 2 year stint of travel around the world. These days he covers his travels and London life with a focus on the quirky and adventurous.”

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | YouTube

[email protected]


32. Simon Heyes from Simon’s Jam Jar

 UK travel bloggers

Simon Heyes, what a guy. Even though he pipped me to the post to go to Papua New Guinea and be their blog ambassador, I still like him.

We’ve had some great nights out at travel events in London together and he’s very entertaining. He recently, actually I think it was a while ago now, did the 24 Peaks Challenge in 24 hours to raise money for a charity close to his heart. He’s one of my absolute favourite English travel bloggers, although I feel like I’m saying that about everyone now.

“Digital Marketer / World Traveller / Storyteller / Foodie / Winner ‘Best Male’ Travel Blogger Awards 2014 / Co-Founder at”

top UK travel bloggers

“Up to 2012, Simon had an international role as a digital marketer. He took over 100 flights a year. After 9 hard working years, he chucked in the towel and decided to travel on his own time. Simon recently completed a six month trip to South America, Australia, New Zealand and China, and plans to explore Indonesia, Bali, Central America and Antarctica at some point in the next few years.”

Website | InstagramTwitter | YouTube

[email protected]

33. Ed Rex from Rexy Edventures

Top UK Travel Bloggers

I know Ed from the London blogger meet ups. He lived in London, then he didn’t, then he did, didn’t, and now he’s back again. We travel bloggers just can’t make our minds up – so much world to explore. Visit his blog and expect to see lots of photos of him in tiny shorts on beaches.

“Adventure and Travel Blogger and Writer; Yorkshire Tea Lover; The Journal Columnist; Digital Marketer; Deaf; Goofy; Handsome Egotist.”

top UK travel bloggers

“Ed Rex writes about RTW Budget Travel, Deafness and British Backpacking, and Goofy Travel. He loves hats, hates slugs and above all, is passionate about travel.”

Website | FacebookInstagramTwitter

[email protected]

34. Sarah Toyin

Top Uk travel bloggers

I loved reading Sarah’s articles about Korea, having had a flying visit there for a week. She spent two years there and so has that great insider knowledge that can only come from actually living in a place.

As well as South Korea, Sarah is a fountain of knowledge on Ghana. If you’re planning in travelling there then check it out. Here videos are great too!

British Nigerian | Jesus💕 I’ve lived abroad twice (Korea and Ghana) and travel solo often | I enjoy kdramas, nollywood + docs 📧

Website | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

35. Sophie Collard

UK travel blogger

Sophie has a few different projects in the pipeline (don’t we all) but she’s best known for her trainspotting and her love of death tourism. Yes. Known across all the social media as ‘SophonTrack’ Sophie will do all she can to avoid taking a plane anywhere – very eco, well done.

She also runs the TravelDarkly site with a friend which focuses on this strange obsession people seem to have with visiting devastation sites. From haunted pubs to old operating theatre museums, she’ll have covered it.

“Travel writer and copywriter. Social media type. Ride trains and blog about them. Write about macabre destinations over at

UK top travel bloggers

“A train travel expert and pioneer of using social media in the community (she was responsible for #riotcleanup), Sophie On Track has written about her travels for The Sunday Times and TNT Magazine.”

Website | Facebook | InstagramTwitter


36. Virginia Stuart-Taylor from The Well-Travelled Postcard

best UK travel bloggers

Virginia knows how to sail and she runs marathons – she’s cool, and tough. Check out her blog for language learning inspiration, fitness motivation and just to see what cool and fancy London adventure she’s up to next. As well as her UK travel blog she’s also got a super important job in international development – you’ll have to ask her what that is though.

“Travel blogger, linguist, digital strategy, ambassador for #OYW & @PlanUK. Loves: travel, foreign cultures & languages. Dislikes: staying in one place too long.”

UK top travel bloggers

“A Modern Languages graduate and advocate for all things year-abroad and languages related. Virginia is currently working for Telefónica on their European Leadership Graduate Programme, as well as running her award-winning travel blog, The Well-Travelled Postcard and her other blog, Worldly Minded, which encourages young people to gain intercultural skills.”

Website | FacebookInstagramTwitter | YouTube

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37. Flora Baker from Flora the Explorer

Great UK travel bloggers

Flora is one of life’s good people. She’s so lovely and travels in a way that reflects what’s important to her. I was gripped as she travelled South America, learning Spanish and meeting people as she explored. She’s now based in London and is planning on walking the Camino de Santiago this year.

As well as being one of the top British travel bloggers Flora is also an author – I’ve read the Adult Orphan Club, and although it’s super sad and I dread the day I’ll actually need to read it again, it’s a super useful resource for anyone who’s lost their parents.

“British traveller, blogger & freelance writer. Left handed Latinophile. Perpetual story searcher.”

UK top travel bloggers

“‘Flora the Explorer’ is a place for aspiring travellers, avid volunteers and those who want to explore the world through meaningful interaction with local people and their cultures. Over the last six years the site’s founder and writer, Flora Baker, has lived in Florence and San Francisco, worked in India and Iceland, volunteered in Nepal and Lithuania, and more recently, spent eighteen months attempting to become fluent in Spanish while journeying around South America. Through the site’s stories and photographs about her long-term, slow travel experiences, Flora evokes the sense of adventure and curiosity we all have – both for the world itself, and our place within it.”

Website | FacebookInstagramTwitter

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38. Victoria Brewood from Pommie Travels

Best UK travel bloggers

Victoria has been travelling and blogging since 2008, making her one of the more veteran UK travel bloggers on the list.

Bit jealous that she’s been travelling ever since she finished university – good on her. She’s well into her YouTube channel and I’ve spent the last 30 minutes catching up with the last few weeks. I enjoy the comments about her accent – love a northerner.

She has one of the best UK travel sites on the internet.

“Award-winning travel blogger  & YouTuber. Entrepreneur, dreamer and major foodie. See the world, I dare you!”

Top UK travel bloggers

“Victoria is originally from Manchester in the UK but has visited 32 countries on 5 different continents since 2008. After graduating from university, she decided there was more to life than the hours between 9 and 5, so she packed her bags to travel the world as a digital nomad. Pommie Travels is a solo female travel blog featuring travel tales, photos, videos and practical tips for the various destinations she has visited.”

Website | FacebookInstagramTwitter | YouTube

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39. Charlie Marchant from Charlie on Travel

Best Uk travel bloggers

Charlie is one of the UK’s greenest travel bloggers. Her Zero Waste Guide has totally just made me buy some eco friendly toilet paper (50% of profits to charity!). She’s an advocate of house sitting and describes herself as an ‘eco-conscious backpacker with big dreams’. Along with her boyfriend Luke they run Charlie on Travel as nature lovers, vegetarians, green advocates and sustainability enthusiasts.

“Travel Blogger • slow traveller • vegetarian • house sitter • eco tourism • responsible travel | @HuffPostUK contributor | Travelling in UK” 

Follow Charlie on Instagram 

Based: Brighton

40. Nishi V

UK travel bloggers

Nishi covers affordable luxury travel and lifestyle, with a special focus on London.

Read about her travels in Greece, Denmark, Sweden, Bali, and beyond with her stories from 30 countries.

She’s stayed at some nice hotels, check out her blog!

Travel & Lifestyle Multi Award-Winning Blogger, a serial plant killer, coffee addict & lipstick lover | •”

Website | Instagram | Twitter |

41. Becki from Global Grasshopper 

UK travel bloggers

“ is a travel blog that likes independent travel, discovering places away from the usual tourist haunts and unique hotels. We display beautiful images bridging the gap between a photography blog and a travel guide.”

Website | FacebookInstagramTwitter | Pinterest


42. Jai from Savoir There 

Jai from Savoir there

Jai! Love her. Jai was one of the first travel bloggers I became proper friends with. We were part of a Travel Chicks Collective we made up. Everything was great until we all disbanded to travel. Jai ended up meeting the love of her life on the Rocky Mountaineer and living in Canada for a few years. She’s been back in the UK for a while now and writes about stylish travel around the world. 

Freelance travel writer, editor & blogger. Lux travel expert. PR/marketing gal. English-Egyptian. Honorary Dane & Canadian. Pun Addict.”

Follow Jai on Facebook and on her blog.

43. Jayne from Girl Tweets World 

jayne gorman girl tweets world

Jayne – my travel blogger inspiration. I took over Jayne’s job from her at when she went freelance, and eventually went to live in Australia. She’s had some great adventures Down Under but a few years ago moved back to England to start a family and enjoy life back in the motherland. She’s a great person to follow if you want luxury travel experiences, served up with some humour. 

“Travelling, Tweeting, Brunch-eating. Affordable luxury travel blogger. Loves boutique hotels & hotcakes. Londoner who was living Down Under.”

44. Kirsty Leanne from

Kirsty Leanne UK travel blogger

Kirsty Leanne is on a quest to change the way travel looks. Quite rightly she’s sick of just seeing the same old looking slim white girls as the face of travel, and is determined to get the travel industry to have more of a realistic representation. I wholeheartedly support this. She works hard as a plus size travel blogger, to get others who might normally be put off to travel more. She’s also one of the most fashionable on this list!

“Plus Size Travel Blogger ✈️ International Speaker 🌍 Changing The Way Travel Looks👏🏻#plussizetraveltoo ❤️”

Check out her blog at

45. Scott Tisson from Intrepid Escape

Intrepid Escape

As well as travel, Scott loves his health and fitness, as you’ll see on his social channels. Over the last few years he’s travelled all over the world, and his main goal is to help his readers to escape their routine as much as he can. Scott was once a finalist for one of Australia’s Best Jobs in the World, and although he didn’t win, he learned so much about content creation he went on to create his own best job in the world. 

He’s one of the best adventure bloggers in the UK.

“🇬🇧 UK Travel Blogger, Presenter & Videographer. 📍 Berlin 🇩🇪 🔜 Québec 🇨🇦 Loves ➡️ 🏃🏻‍‍ 🚴🏼‍♂️ ⛷️ 🎥 🏁 ⚽. IG & Facebook = IntrepidEscape”

Check out his blog at

46. Roma & Russ from Roaming Required 

Roma and Russell Roaming Required

Ozzie born Roma has been living over here for years, definitely earning her place on this list of the top UK travel bloggers. Her and her husband Russell run the site for anyone who wants to make the most of their time off. They have a special interest in historical travel, and from travelling with Russ myself, I know that he loves a castle. 

“Aussies in London. Short break experts. Roadtrip fans. FB & IG: RoamingRequired | 53 countries”

Check out their blog at

47. Larch from The Silver Nomad

Larch is known for her awesome drone photos – she’s a qualified pilot. She blogs about travel, lifestyle, and getting older on the Silver Nomad, along with her partner who takes the occasional drone pic too.

As well as the travel topics, it’s also really interesting to learn more about her disability which started from cleaning out a hutch. Everyone has their stories behind why and how they travel, and you should check out Larch’s to learn hers.

“UK based travel content creator World Traveller & CAA Drone Pilot. Brand ambassador for @womenwhodrone”

Check out Larch’s blog at

48. Bisola from Bis to the World

top uk travel bloggers

Bisola’s one of the top UK travel bloggers, thanks to her awesome site. She’s from Nigeria but now lives in the UK.

Bisola is a full-time railway engineer who makes the most of her time off and wants to inspire her readers to do the same. She’s passionate about helping people to travel more, whether it’s frugally or with a little bit of luxury. Check out her blog for the latest on how Brexit will affect UK travellers, and her fitness and cooking advice too.

“Engineer & Travel blogger • Helping you to navigate affordable luxury travel • Life Liver • Banter Lover.”

Check out Bisola’s blog at

49. Joyce from DIY with Joy

top uk travel bloggers

Joyce wants to help you to travel smart and cook nutritious food from around the world.

She’s one of the UK’s top travel bloggers with some fantastic photos from around the world. Joyce has a tasty focus on mixing food with travel and lots of great content on how to make her favourite recipes. Check out her blog for her unique take on travel, from a foodie perspective!

“Sharing #travelsmart tips & global nutritious recipes |Recipe Developer • Food & Travel blogger/Writer • Travel Consultant

Check out Joyce’s blog at DIY With Joy.

50. Steph from Big World Small Pockets 

Uk travel bloggers

I first met Steph when we travelled to Samoa together on a press trip. We had a great time, and oh how we laughed.

Steph is great fun, and, as well as that, is an intrepid traveller and awesome UK blogger too. Last year she won the Teletext Travel Blogger of the Year Award at the Travel Media Awards.


She has one of the best travel blogs in the UK, and is a great person to match!

“Voted The Best British Travel Blogger 2019 💸 Expert Thrifty Mover 💃🏻 Solo Female Adventurer 🍃Travelling Without Flying in 2020”

Check out her blog at Big World Small Pockets.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this introduction to the best UK travel bloggers IMHO.

If you need any more information, on anyone, or on me, just let me know.


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