27 Great Things to Do in Tallinn, Estonia

Looking for all the best things to do in Tallinn? I’ve been twice now and thoroughly enjoyed both times. Here’s what I think you should do to really make the most of the city…


Loved Tallinn. I was expecting drunk stag groups and grim Soviet vibes but instead I found a quaint and unique city filled with interesting boutique shops, healthy restaurants, hipster bars, stunning parks and a full schedule of year round festivals.

I’ll definitely be going back.

I took a lot of photos in my four days in Tallinn, seeing as I’d just got my new camera, so here are 31 of my most favourite, guaranteed to make you want to book that cheapo flight and get yourself over to Estonia.

Great Things to Do in Tallinn

Enjoy this list of what you really need to do if you’re visiting Tallinn anytime soon!

1. Visit the many healthy restaurants

Tallinn is home to a surprising number of healthy restaurants, and Salt is one of them. Serving fresh seafood, such as octopus and scallops, this restaurant serves delicious entrees based on a fusion of different international cuisines. 

Things to Do in Tallinn

Another fantastic healthy restaurant is NOP Cafe and Shop, which is committed to sustainability and the environment. The rotating menu features organic staples like avocado toast, kale salads, and quinoa-based dishes. 

2. Go to the Tallinn Wine Museum, for samples


The Museum of Estonian Drinks Culture is one of Tallinn’s remarkable hidden gems. At this museum, you’ll learn about Estonia’s wine-making history, taste delicious wines, and tour the 800-year-old wine cellar. For only 8 euros, you can purchase a ticket to the museum, along with two wine tastings. 

3. Enjoy the stunning viewpoints

Tallinn boasts several picturesque views, the most famous being the Khostuosa Viewing Platform. Showcasing the backdrop of the city, this scenic view is a must-see. This Instagram-worthy photo opportunity reads, “The Times We Had,” although no one actually knows the history behind the phrase.


Another stunning viewpoint is located in the Danish King’s Graden, located opposite St. Nicholas’s Church and Toompea. Don’t forget to pose next to the sign that reads “Breathe Baby.”

4. Go to the Tallinn waterfalls

While you can find an abundance of greenery and small waterfalls in the city centre, there are several other major waterfalls near Tallinn. The Jagala waterfall is one of Estonia’s most famous and tallest waterfalls.


Only a half-hour drive from Tallinn, Jagala is incredibly gorgeous in the winter when it partially freezes. Other waterfalls near Tallinn include the Treppoja waterfalls, Keila waterfall, and Joaveski waterfall.

5. Book in with the hipster barbers

With hipster barbershops, flea markets, vegan restaurants, and an abundance of artists, Tallinn is a hipster’s dream! If you’re a fan of this sort of atmosphere, visit the Telliskivi Creative Centre, located in the Kalamaja area of Tallinn.


From street murals to artisan shops, this old Soviet factory complex is an up-and-coming neighborhood. While you’re here, check out the Renard Coffee Shop, situated in a multipurpose building with another barbershop, mechanic shop, and jewelry store.

6. Enjoy some al fresco dining by Tallinn castle

While visiting Tallinn, be sure to eat at Katharinethal Castle Cafe, a cafe and bakery located right next to Kadriorg Palace. After you walk through the park and museum, sit on the cafe’s outdoor terrace and satisfy your hunger with delicious pastries and coffee drinks.


For dinner, check out Restaurant Rataskaevu, only a three-minute walk from Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Top-notch cuisine and an outdoor terrace create a lovely dining atmosphere.

7. Chill at the beautiful parks surrounding the Old Town

Green spaces abound near Tallinn’s Old Town. Snelli Park, near the centre of Tallinn, runs along an ancient moat that fortified the city. You can relax and enjoy the outdoors, take a walk on the paved paths, watch the ducks, or savour the medieval atmosphere of this area. 


Another great park near Tallinn’s center is Kanuti Garden. This small garden, showcasing a serene fountain, is an excellent place to relax and enjoy the outdoors any time of year. Deer’s Park is situated under the city walls of Tallinn, creating a unique atmosphere for walking or sitting on one of the many benches. The park also hosts a fantastic playground that’s perfect for the kids.

8. Explore the enticing passages

Tallinn’s Old Town is a maze of cobblestoned passageways, narrow streets, and quaint buildings. Along the way, you will see impressive cathedrals, colourful houses, historical museums, and several local businesses. As you wander through this area of Tallinn, it will feel as though you have been transported back in time.


9. Enjoy the views of pink houses overlooking parks


10. Admire the cool cars in cool bars


11. Visit the beaches 5 mins away on the bus

Located next to the Baltic Sea, Tallinn has several beach areas. Just a few minutes away by bus, you will find Kalarand. This beach is home to several large rocks, clean water, and beautiful seaside views.


Another nearby beach is Linnahali Rand, a quiet coastal area ideal for relaxing and watching the waves. 

12. And even more beaches 10 minutes away

A few minutes further, you will find Russalka Rand, a beach area with captivating sunsets. While swimming isn’t allowed here, Russalka is the perfect spot for a leisurely stroll at dusk.


A bit further east, you will find Pirita Beach. Even though this is a longer drive from Tallinn, it is entirely worth it. White sands, beautiful forests, and sparkling waters are just a few highlights of this coastal area.

13. Relax by the park pagodas


14. Visit Kadriorg Palace aka ‘Catherine’s Valley Palace’


Kadriorg Palace dates back to 1718, when Peter the Great of Russia bought a small house for his wife. The impressive existing palace results from a massive renovation headed by Nicholas I of Russia in 1827. Today, this majestic building houses the Kadriorg Art Museum. You can admire the abundance of art while enjoying the rich interior.


15. Wander round the gardens in Kadriorg Park

Kadriorg Palace is surrounded by lush gardens and impressive landscaping, known as Kadriorg Park. Peaceful fountains, colourful flowerbeds, and Japanese gardens abound throughout the 70 hectares of this area.


The most substantial body of water in this park is the Swan Pond, surrounded by flower gardens, making this a picturesque location for walking.

16. Enjoy the Old Town architecture

17. Go on the Tallinn train


18. Explore the Tunnels that connect the city


19. Wander the colourful streets


20. Climb the towers and turrets eyeing the city


21. Visit this tower, which is a museum


22. Drink at the many hipster bars

Tallinn’s Old Town is home to an impressive number of hipster bars. NoKu, which used to be a members-only club, is now open to everyone – if you can figure out how to get in. With no signs or labels, it may take you some time to figure out its location. However, NoKu’s door is blue and red, and is usually surrounded by smokers. There’s also a building code, which may or may not be 2580 (sometimes it changes). Other notable bars include Must Puundel, Koht, and Von Krahl.


23. Relax in the cute little market square

Tallin’s charming Town Hall Square is picturesque no matter the time of year. In the summer, it holds several outdoor cafes and medieval festivals. The Town Hall Square is decorated with hundreds of twinkly lights and Christmas decorations during the winter, with a massive spruce tree at the centre.


These decorations create an enchanting backdrop for the Christmas market every holiday season, which dates back to 1441.

24. Explore the many viewing points


25. Visit this restaurant that overlooks the previous view


26. Check out the Presidential Palace 


27. Sit here for a coffee


Best things to do in Tallinn, Estonia

As you’ve read, there are loads of great things to do in Tallinn. It’s also one of the cheapest destinations in Europe for a cheeky weekend away. Hope this has shown you there’s more to Tallinn than the main square. Just let me know if you have any questions about Tallinn in the comments box below.


  1. Vicky, just absolutely magical. You have a great eye for beauty, fantastic job on photographing. Estonia is breathtaking. Thank you for taking the time to share a window into such a gorgeous, quaint, historic country. Who knew such a treasure exists.

    1. Thank you Hayley 🙂 I’m really happy that you like my photos. I loved my long weekend there and as a lot of people have suggested I’d love to come back at Christmas to see more.

  2. My hometown, as in the photos you can see…… the place
    Thank you Vicky! As I stay often out of Estonia too long, its so good to see the gorgeous photos of our little cpital.
    The sky is amasing, good catch.

      1. Vicky ! You should defenetly come back in winter ! But on a days when there is fresh snow, like mid winter. It will be amazing !!
        I did read your comments and some said don’t come bicause it’s cray and ugly….. It’s only like this for people who can’t see the beauty in things! I always walk in old town when there is Christmas Market and it really is loveley. It will be worth it, I promice ! Hope to see winter pictures 🙂

        1. Yeah, there’s no way I’d describe my time in Tallinn as ugly! I thought it was a beautiful town with lots of interesting things to do. I’m definitely interested in coming back around Christmas – I’d love to see it looking magical 🙂

  3. I live here, so this all is usual to me but now when I see my little town thru somebody’s else eyes, it look so good, magical. Thank you for reminding how beautiful it is.

    And yes, Rummu is MUST SEE place here in Estonia as well.

    1. I loved it Mannu! So many more photos that didn’t make the cut – I might have to do a part 2 🙂

  4. As a first generation American born to immigrant Estonian parents who escaped the Soviet occupation and ethnic persecution, I’m sorry to say I’ve never been…. But with those pictures, I’m getting closer to going. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Go Endel! It’s such a great place to spend a few days, and you can hop on over to Finland or Latvia too 🙂

    2. Hi Endel,

      you must go The place really is as lovely as the photos. we’ve been sending travellers to the Baltics for 15 years now and hope you’ll be one of them;

  5. this is the ugliest capital i know. all those pics are HDR edited, so why dont you put the original pics then?? u cant cuz this is a shithole

    1. These are the original photos Jeenis. And thank you for taking the time to comment on my article with your negativity. Not entirely sure why trolls like you bother, but I can only imagine what kind of sad, boring life you lead to take the time to publicly call a whole city a shithole.

      1. you tell me that i have lived a boring life and then start impressing me with Tallinn :D:D:D your seriously desperate i can think. I have traveled 50 countries all over the world, so i think i know a little bit better than you. and back to the photos. no wonder they look nice, even you would look pretty if you would be HDR edited. Go back to ur doghouse in Tallinn and be happy there, cuz I know estonians arent, there are tens of beautiful cities in estonia and ju have just commented the ugliest one here. And it is a shithole, it really is. Have you been to Helsinki, Stockholm, ST. Petersburg? They are all near capitals (Petersburg was a capital) and compare those 3 to tallinn???? YOU CANT!! cuz Helsinki, Stockholm and ST. Petersburg are very beautiful cities with nice historical places, that are actually looking nice. All that tallinn has is and undone work attached to undone work. They promise local people free transport and now they are in dept… i dont know if tallinn isnt a shithole what is then? i recommend u to visit more countries and actually start noticing the real beauty God has given to us……..

        1. What a small minded person leaves behind a comment like that… If you didn’t like it or didn’t find anything impressive about it then it is only your opinion, which can be expressed in so many better ways. I guess travelling around the world has still not tought you any manners. Everybody values diffrent things about countries, obviously you’re not the person to value Estonia and believe me, they’re not losing anything by not having a person like you around.

        2. I’ve been to 55… https://vickyflipfloptravels.com/about-vickyflipflop/travel-bragging/… don’t be so ridiculous. Yep, been to St Petersburg, have to say I was more impressed by Tallinn. Stockholm and Helsinki are both definitely on my list of places I’d like to see but I’m pretty booked up this year with France, Germany, Denmark, Italy and Cuba.

          I don’t live in a doghouse in Tallinn. I travel the world for a living so I don’t have a permanent address. Thanks for your comment, you sound like a really great person.

  6. Awesome pictures! I live myself in Tallinn but if I wouldn´t I`d definitely put it in the list of “must visit”.

    1. I have lived in Estonia for all my life but i was really impressed by your photos. That is how all people all around the world should see Estonia and on the photographs there is only Tallinn but there is so much more. Thank you 😀

      1. Ah thank you Ellen. Everyone seems to think I’ve done some technical jigegry pokery, but that’s Tallinn! It was a beautiful weekend that I was there, back at the start of June 🙂

      2. Just curious, my father’s family came from Estonia. His sir name Laas, his mothers Kerbes. Know of anyone by those last names.

    1. Oo nice I want to go to Tartu too – I’ve heard it’s really fun and chilled there. Have you been?

    1. Oh wow! I just checked his page. Thanks so much for letting me know. I think my blog is about to crash!

      1. What a beautiful, magical city Tallinn is! It’s like wandering through a child’s Fairy Tale book of yesteryear….no litter to besmirch the streets: just streets that echo with the whispers of happy people!

        1. I really loved it. Such a sweet Old Town and so many beautiful parks surrounding it too. It’s a great place!

  7. Lovely pics, but labelling them “easter-european” can bit quite offensive towards Estonians. I’ve been living in Estonia for 3 years now and this country is nothing but northern-european in nature, in essence and in mindset.

  8. Amazing pictures, love the camera quality on the sky, with the, blue and dark black mixture color. Hope you had a great trip and also visited the freedom square in Tallinn, in nights the cross is mystically beautiful.


  9. I’ve been there a couple of times now 1997 and 2014, they are bringing out the true light of the Estonian people, beauty, laughter singing dancing and humor. These photos are just a peep into that beautiful country they are restoring

    1. Thanks for checking out my pics Mary, I’m happy that they bought back some memories for you 🙂

  10. Loving the look of Tallin! What is it about the use of quirky colours in cities that make them look so enticing? Or is that just me?! Nice job on the photos

  11. Gorgeous photos! Very tempted by Tallinn, but not sure if I’d enjoy it more in summer or winter? Maybe I should just try both.

    (Also, is that a cat I see hiding in photo no 9?!)

    1. Estonia is beautiful in every season. Summer is full of tourists and new coffee shops, spring time wakes us up, autumn is very colourful since we have lots of forests and winter is cold and White and snowy.

      1. I’d love to come back in winter and see it looking totally different – maybe I will! I could do the Winter Edition 🙂

    2. Definitely come in summer, winter here is not for the southern people. Besides, Tallinn is so much more vibrant and alive during summer, besides, if you come from southern parts of world, you have the chance to see how sun basically never sets (there is only 4-5 hours of dark time during the night which looks more like twilight time than proper night). Winters here are gray, dark and endless, sun never shines (honestly, you can go three weeks without even a glimpse of the sun) and it may get cold. I mean really really COLD.

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